PLAYSTATION 3 Call of Duty 4 Double XP and 'Play With Infinity Ward' Planned

While the exact release date for the Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack on the PLAYSTATION 3 is still unknown, Infinity Ward says Double XP and "Play With Infinity Ward" events are planned when it is released.

From "I got word today that the Variety Map Pack for PS3 has went amazingly well through Certification at Sony and they plan on having it available on the brand spanking new PSN store in the coming weeks."

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SUP3R3896d ago

I hope it comes out this Thursday.
This will definitely hold me over until GTAIV.
Time for me to hit at least 6th or 7th prestige.

TheHater3896d ago

dude GTA 4 comes out in two weeks. The new maps are said to come out some time around the 24 of this month. I think people can play the old maps for 4 days before GTA hits. :)

SUP3R3896d ago

Oh...well if it comes out on the 24th they can forget about my purchase.
COD4 will R.I.P from the 29th.
It was a fun game, it had a great run, but it's time to move on.
GTAIV followed by Haze followed by MGS4 followed by Bad Company....yup COD4 is definitely done for me.

3896d ago
BulletToothtony3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

*yes i got the maps a week ago.. my system it's so much better.... i hate you ps3 (inside i know i want a ps3 but i just can't afford one)*

i hate freaking fanboys..

FourtyPoundSteak3896d ago

too bad the maps are coming out with so much other stuff around the same time... i was really looking forward to them, guess ill wait until the price drops on em while playin GTA

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TheHater3896d ago

So this is their way of making it up to the ps3 owners for screwing them over with the new maps? I really don't think many ps3 owners will care about the new maps because GTA 4 is coming in two weeks, and I am sure they could care less about the new maps. I personally think Infinity Ward made a bad choice by releasing version of the maps weeks after the Xbox got the new maps, and on around the same time GTA 4 will be coming out. I personally was going to get the map, but after I realize that GTA was going to be release around the same time. I would be wasting my money on the new maps, when I am not even going to play them. So yeah, I prefer to play GTA 4 over some maps which add nothing new other than two or three new multi-player maps.

jackdoe3896d ago

It isn't their way of "making up" with PS3 owners. They did this for the 360 map pack launch as well. The only way for IW to make up with PS3 owners is to start being honest with them. For example, finally explaining why the hell the PS3 version maps came out three weeks later. They could also apologize for it. Simple things, I know, but IW still hasn't done it.

Snukadaman3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )


butterfinger3896d ago

As much as I love GTA, I will definitely be able to take a break for COD4 from time to time. The double XP weekend should definitely help me power through a couple more levels of prestige mode:P

EastCoastSB3896d ago

Too close to GTA to even think of wasting money. This game got boring last month.

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