Konami opens Los Angeles game development studio

Video game developer/publisher Konami is expanding its North American physical presence with the opening of a new development studio in Los Angeles.

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Batzi1562d ago

It's more like Kojima Productions studio

andrewsqual1561d ago

Lol let the Americanisation (americanisation development I mean) of Metal Gear begin. Resident Evil and Silent Hill are already dead. Lets kill another iconic series.

Gimmemorebubblez1561d ago

I think Kojima will keep mainline entries in the series under his DIRECT super-vision. Their’s no reason to worry yet...

EdoubleD1561d ago

It isn't being westernized though. Quit yer bitching.

One_Eyed_Wizard1561d ago

How does opening a LA studio "Americanize" Metal Gear? You do know they're only working on Metal Gear Online, right? Kojima even said they'd work on separate projects.

NarooN1561d ago

Don't be such a little weeaboo.

There's nothing being "Americanized" here. And apparently you forgot MGS4, where Kojima and Ryan Payton made it a point to change the controls a bit to more suit modern times (especially so for the multiplayer component), but I guess you forgot about that.

It was a good thing, because while the MGS series is pretty awesome, it has had shitty controls for a long time. They got better as the series went on, but still.

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DeadlyFire1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

LA home for the best talent? I am doubtful of that.

I can't name 5 games I have played that I have loved that are from a LA studio.

1561d ago
thejigisup1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Amercanisation awesome were are still locking ourselves into regionalism? Racism? Who cares as long as something good comes from it. A single minded look at things never beats getting fresh ideas and what's wrong with LA. Don't really answer that bc there's a lot wrong with la

DEEBO1561d ago

it is always good news when a gaming studio is opening.what we don't need is gaming studio's closing down. congratulations kojima.