5 Reasons Microsoft will Win the Next Generation

BGG - Despite a bumpy start at the first announcement of the system, Xbox One already has a tremendous fan base powered by the tremendous success of Xbox 360, as the most purchased and played console of the current generation.

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majiebeast1506d ago

Oh my god at reason 2 if this was written by Microsoft PR i would not be surprised holy shit.

Kayant1506d ago

^True like she just got a press release and copy & pasted it again. She makes some good points but it just comes off too much like a PR spokesperson with no much of an opinion.

Reason 2 is just stupid *Flexibility* rite. If they didn't change their plans they would have been in for a rude awakening with sales figures considering how many countries they would completely eliminate from radar.

Lmaooo at *1.75 GHz GPU*. See.

CrossingEden1506d ago

You people say "oh it's just PR talkh hurrrrr dduuuurrrrrrepppp" About everything that is positively said about xb1, find something more productive to do.

Kryptix1506d ago

But you're here going almost the same way with everything that is negatively said about the Xbox One.

Reason 2: Flexibility
"Xbox One was revealed to be the first video game console that would require an always online connection and a used game policy that wouldn't allow players to trade in their old games as they have become accustomed to. Microsoft's original plans for the Xbox One were trashed shortly after public outcry following E3 earlier this year, but some analysts in the industry viewed this as a weakness and instability in the company, while it was really a sign of the flexibility the company sustains to alter its plans to remain one of the best gaming consoles around. Meanwhile, the quick turnaround for the upset fan base shows customer loyalty to Microsoft and Xbox One is strong as ever."

It does sound like PR talk. See how she points out that analysts viewed that changing stances on their original plan showed weakness and instability but then she tries to spin it into a good thing? Not only that but she even mentions it was a quick turn around though Microsoft took from May 21st till the first week preorder results after E3 to announce the removal of that DRM.

It's not flexibility, just constant backpedaling with almost no support to their original plan because money talks a lot more than their fans. Fans demanded a clear explanation to their choices before the change but they only gave their fans more confusion. Because of this confusion, pre order numbers and demand were embarrassingly low. Even Major Nelson lied to the whole Xbox community that the DRM cannot be switched off but a week or two later they changed it up.

Till this day, a lot of us don't view it as flexibility, we still don't trust Microsoft. It's not because of the DRM alone, but all the bad explanations given to their actions and all the PR talk covering their tracks.

And don't get me wrong, Sony made the same mistake when the PSN infrastructure went down and Sony were bad at explaining what happened. But during that time, a lot of people lost some trust in them. It took them a while to gain it back and some apologizing. The reason why it's all good now is because after all that, Sony did learn from their mistakes and became better at supporting the community. And till this day it shows that Sony respects their consumers and keep giving what they want, a lot of AAA exclusives. It will take Microsoft a while to be on the good again while having no broken promises. But after 3 years with not a lot of Xbox 360 core gamer support, I don't know. We'll see if they start to learn and if they keep those promises.

SkippyPaccino1506d ago


Dude, I read the entire thing and...Reason number 2 Lol! (top 5 reason why xbox one is the best. N2 they tried to screw over everyone and they decided not too and are now acting better.)

Thats not a reason LOl! thats just something that really happened...

No one's ever going to say ..."I'm buying a xbox one because they did a reversal...I don't even like the games that they have coming out, but I can't pass up a good reversal LOL!

devwan1506d ago

I think they forgot the /s tag on this article

DragonKnight1506d ago

Reason number 2 is pretty bad, but also... Kinect? Really? Kinect is a reason Microsoft will win the next generation? The as of yet still unproven peripheral device whose real purpose in the Xbox One isn't even games? That's why MS is going to win?

And then reason number 1. Exclusive games. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She hasn't paid attention this gen has she?

sonarus1506d ago

A lot of these opinion base articles try to reach beyond their limits. I don't know or care who wins the generation so far as i get good games to play i don't own microsoft stock nor sony stock.

But based on the evidence we have seen so far as far as pre orders, sony will beat Microsoft at least initially. 360 beat ps3 initially but ps3 caught up with the help of europe and other regions so not saying Xbox one has no chance but they will have to work hard like sony worked hard pumping out new game titles and not relying on...HALO 5.

Some of the stuff said here are quite silly too like dead rising being one of the most anticipate zombie games? Dead rising 3 when first showed looked like crap to me. Sure it looks better now after optimisation but the last few dead rising games i played were crap as well so i have no real reason for optimism that the game wnt be crap but could be wrong. I certainly don't see it being a system seller. Titan fall an forza maybe but certainly not ryse or dead rising.

Ritsujun1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Poor Microsofie, Xbosh, Xbone180, and BHb0ts.

abzdine1506d ago

give it the time to be available in all territories before talking BS like this :D
X1 will not be available before february march next year in lots of country while PS4 will already have a confortable install base at that time..

Also, PS4 is destroying X1 worldwide in terms of pre-orders without any of Sony's massive exclusives being announced yet while MS have showed all they had and didn't have.

qzp1506d ago

This is the more ridiculous article I've ever read and on n4g that means something.

1. "Dead Rising 3 is one of the most anticipated zombie titles ever" I can think of a few dayz being one of them. I don't know anyone who cares about dead rising.

2. "Microsoft is one of the most successful companies in the world" doesn't mean anything they make is good in fact they are failing right now losing in almost every market they are in, just lose a ceo because of it.

I could go on and on really picking apart this article. A nonamer website with a glowing review of the hated xbox one. I have to wonder how much did they sold out to Microsoft for..

xKugo1506d ago

Yea that part is just plain dumb. They didn't even take the time to read through this before publishing it. Had no idea GPU worked off of gigahertz, lmao.

Some of the "journalist" in today's gaming industry should really try to do some independent research instead of 'copy and paste'. In the REAL world, that shit is called plagiarism and will get you in major trouble.

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black0o1506d ago

MS had a whole year better 3rd party support for the 1st 2 years and a cheaper price tag then Sony did with the PS3
and yet PS3 out selling x360

so dear writers how on earth do think MS will beat Sony with ps4 being cheaper and better spec ???

mt1506d ago

cheaper + better spec + released on the same time. I can't imagine what would happen if the xbox1 released year after ps4.

buynit1506d ago

You are looking at the small picture... Do you not realise how much market share ms took from sony in one generation! Even after ditching the xbox, rrod and the huge ass whipping the ps2 did..

Its hard for you kids to give credit when its due isnt it..

Pixel_Enemy1506d ago

MS NEEDS more articles like this one. The PS4 is selling just fine on it's own without writers telling you why you need to buy it.

1506d ago
stuna11506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


Sure Microsoft took away a large market-share from Sony, but with the start of each generation everything resets to zero! Fanbase, Profits and Support, and market shares.

Due to the fact that Sony has the clear advantage as far as popularity goes, not only in the US, but worldwide! It's not beyond reason to believe that Sony will not only regain market shares, but will garner the most this generation.

At this point Sony would have to majorly F-up to stop the momentum they are currently experiencing, and Microsoft would have to travel back in time to before their initial unveiling and have a near perfect presentation to even be on equal ground.


I agree it has been a humbling experience for Sony this generation! But them being humbled, it was taken to heart, which is obvious by how Sony is ending this generation, and beginning the next generation.

So what's Microsoft excuse for the last three years of this generation, and how they tried to bring in the start of next generation!?

Seems to me like Sony should have saved a slice of their humble pie, to give to Microsoft!!!!.....

black0o1506d ago

@buynit/fox2 it's all thx to that stupid 599$ price tag, Cell and Wii if sony did with the launch of ps3 what they are doing right now with ps4 it'd been another story

1506d ago
PunisherRevenge1506d ago

@black0o.....It's funny that people like you keep on saying that the PS3 is out selling the Xbox360, but yet y'all can't provide any real concrete numbers from Sony.

SkippyPaccino1506d ago

@ Fox2

So you're basically saying that Playstation is on pace to sell over a 100 millions consoles for its 3rd generation in a row?

...and xbox hasn't even done it once yet (360 potentially will) plus all total xbox sold from each generation put together barely makes it over 100 millions sold.

When you join the 100 millions club is when xbox will get that credit that you think it deserves...even then

n4rc1506d ago


By screw up do you.mean not living up to the unrealistic bs that some of their fans are bragging about already?

Because that's almost a given... Sony would never make some of the claims fanboys make... The people that truly believe all the hype are in for a disappointing holiday..

Sony is playing it cool... Its fans however, are not.. They are making claims Sony can't deliver on..

n4rc1506d ago

Yeah... Its really hard to sell 100m when you have virtually no competition...right?

Wii selling what it did was impressive... 360 gaining as much ground as they did it note worthy..

But ps1 and 2? Who didn't own them? Now that they have direct and legitimate competition, sales are evening out.. Its clear as day

rainslacker1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


I provided concrete numbers directly from Sony in this comment a while back and analyzed it to compare it with Xbox 360 sales. Won't repost it here, so here's a link.

One thing to note since people are bringing up market share, Sony is only down I believe 7-8 million units sold for the same time frame of the PS2's lifetime. Not quite the blow that everyone makes it out to be. Also, everyone is using the term market share incorrectly.

Next time before making statements that insinuate something isn't true perhaps use google to see if they aren't true. It took me less than 5 minutes to come up with that information, as it's readily available on Sony's own website. If you wish to disprove me, do so with a little research, or just click disagree...that'll teach me I guess.

DragonKnight1506d ago

@fox2: It's not a contradiction. Sony's PS4 is currently the most popular console right now, so that's where the indication lies. You can live in the Past all you want to, but it's true that a new gen is also a clean slate and so far the writing on this slate is that PS4 is what people want.

@n4rc: People owned PS1s and PS2s because they had the games they wanted, but if you're trying to say that Nintendo and Sega, then eventually Microsoft, were not direct competition then you have literally no idea what you're talking about and should stop talking until you do.

bigboirock1506d ago

Because everyone already owns the 360 and now wants to try the ps3 and I bet a lot would agree that the best games are for both systems anyway like ac4. Ac4 looks funner then both xbox and ps4 exclusives at l launch

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Insomnia_841506d ago

One whole year of advantage, huge marketing that led the 360 to become popular, cheaper, and still PS3 sold more worldwide with negative press at the beginning, more expensive, and a year later than the 360. How anyone thinks that the Xbox One will do better than the 360 is beyond my understanding. $100 more expensive, lower specs, huge negativity, and the lack of games with big impact like Gears did back then, far more less exclusives, lack of consumer trust, no one year advantage, releasing in much less regions than PS4 at launch, their old policies DRM and restrictions coming back at a later time.

I seriously don't see this happening. Try to make sense here fanboys!

Death1506d ago

Do you ever get tired of making excuses or seeing only what you want to see? Microsoft had a one year advantage? Sony had a fanbase with over 100 million systems sold for 2 consoles generations in a row against Microsofts install base of 24 million. You see that as a level playing field? You were surorised by the PS3's release a year later? You missed the PR media storm of BS before the systems release?

Everything you said, everything you believe is complete BS. You think people lost trust in the Xbox brand, you think price is an issue, you think it's specs. You have no idea why the Xbox 360 gained marketshare while your chosen console has lost it tremendously. You think it was they year they had 8 million unchallenged sales and a media nightmare with the red ring?

You have no idea what you are talking about. You see what you want to see.

MRMagoo1231506d ago

Nice try with the spin there death lol but MS lost the last 2 gens and thats all there is to it no matter what you think, MS will lose next gen as well but i can bet you all the money in the world it will be by a larger amount than even MS thinks it will lose by, and i suspect they even know how bad its looking for them.

Death1506d ago


The problem you and many hardcore Sony fans have is you have no idea what winning really is. You think winning is selling more units than the next guy. That's a hollow victory at best when you lose as much market share as Sony has. Microsoft has gone on to sell 60 million more consoles this gen than they did last. Sony has sold 70 million less this gen so far. You see that as a win. Nintendo sold 75 million more. That is a huge win. Nintendo prints cash, Microsoft has done pretty well for themselves and Sony didn't have to borrow money to keep the lights on this year thanks to them selling off some of their headquarters.

The only win we have seen from Sony and as gamers the only win we should worry about is the fact Sony has released some pretty damn good exclusives this gen. Props to Naughty Dog for really finding themselves and taking their craft to the next level. As for the rest, if you call that a win, I'm glad you are not on my team.

rainslacker1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

You'd be quite surprised at how there are a lot of people who will want the X1 just because they had the 360 this gen. Not everyone, in fact the majority, aren't as fervent in their console decisions as we are. To many, the fact they are 360 gamers now means the X1 will be appealing to them because it's what they know, and it'll likely have the games they like to play. It is quite likely that many of these buyers are completely oblivious to all the politics that have surrounded the pre-launch of both these consoles. They see "New Xbox" or "New PlayStation", and that's all they need to know.

The massive shift we've seen in forums over popularity aren't completely reflective of the overall spectrum of console owners. These people mentioned above aren't necessarily fan boys, they just stick with what they know, or get what their friends get. We still haven't even seen the major push from MS when it comes to advertising, and anyone who counts out MS is a fool.

I say this as a Sony fan, and think you, as well as some others really take an insular view on the way these systems sell over their entire lifetime. Nothing is set in stone, and to date, we haven't even begun to see these two companies really go after the market. They're going after the gamer, but the rest of the market is much bigger, and cares much less about what we talk about.

mcstorm1506d ago

Wow there must be a lot of people on here with shares in Sony the way they are talking. Who gives a flying f**k how many consoles are sold? Do you just buy a console because it has more power than any other or a console because it is selling more than the other? If you do then you are not a gamer. Every gamer buys a console for one thing and that is games. If you want halo, forza ect you need a Xbox one if you want kz, gt ect you need a ps4 if you want Mario, Zelda ect you need a Wiiu. If you are only interested in 3rd party games then get the one that has all your 3rd party games on or if your just interested in playing online with your mates get the one your mates have the most of.

DragonKnight1506d ago

@Death: "Sony had a fanbase with over 100 million systems sold for 2 consoles generations in a row against Microsofts install base of 24 million. You see that as a level playing field?"

Once again, new generation = clean slate. Prior success is never a guarantee thus your usage of this argument is flawed.

"Everything you said, everything you believe is complete BS. You think people lost trust in the Xbox brand, you think price is an issue, you think it's specs. You have no idea why the Xbox 360 gained marketshare while your chosen console has lost it tremendously. You think it was they year they had 8 million unchallenged sales and a media nightmare with the red ring?"

This sounds like Xbox fanboy crying.

"That's a hollow victory at best when you lose as much market share as Sony has. Microsoft has gone on to sell 60 million more consoles this gen than they did last. Sony has sold 70 million less this gen so far."

Take a look at rainslacker's post above. You don't know what you're talking about. Plus, to follow your logic, the PS3 is still on track to sell 100 million consoles making it the 3rd time Sony has done so with a home console. How many times have Microsoft done it?

"and Sony didn't have to borrow money to keep the lights on this year thanks to them selling off some of their headquarters."

More fanboy tears?

"As for the rest, if you call that a win, I'm glad you are not on my team."

So confirmation that you're an Xbox fanboy then right?

Jazz41081506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Do you really think the arrogant Sony for so many years just turned humble. They did it for survival. If the ps4 is not successfull Sony will be gone. They are not doing this for you or for gamers they are doing this to stay alive and it dont take a fanboy to understand that. What sony has going for them is there fans believe anything they say and there financial mess has stayed off sites like n4g for a while now and people forget. There is a war coming between these two consoles and ms could end it today if they wantes to flex there buying power but sony is only a dent in a small fraction of billions of dollars of product they are into and sony has pretty much just the gaming line keeping it alive. If this was ms windows line being attacked and ms stock was declared junk like sonys dont you think ms would be doing everything right to fight for there existence. I hope i put this inperspective to all those that think sony just took a 180 and became humble and acts like you are everything to them. What they are doing is somewhat true but not for the reason Sony fans want you to believe. I welcome any discussion that proves me wrong. I will own both consoles because im a gamer not because i listen to the fudd from both pr departments and live on gaming websites as that would be fiction. Now lets learn the truth asto why sony and ms are acting the way they have been.

seedaripper19731506d ago

Microsoft are cunts...ask Nokia.

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GT671506d ago

5 reason microsoft will win this generation

PR people must be drunk or paid well to manipulate blind uneducated gamers thinking this will actually happen.

"where is my OLD ENGLISH 40 OZ i'll believe it then."

stuna11506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )


Man! Where you from? Lol, those were the good old times. Do they still make that?

OT: You are right though! We all know the Xbox1 is going to sell, they have garnered a fanbase, no matter how mis-guided and deluded they may seem at times! I'm sure we appear that way to them as well at times.

What people don't seem to take into regard is..... There are some glaring differences as to how each console maker treats their fanbases, and they all have made their mis-steps in the past, but sizing each one up in comparison to another, Microsoft has been the most anti-consumerist out of the bunch with their policies.


Explain to me how that is a contradiction!? As of now isn't the PS4 leading in pre-orders!? Are not developers praising the capabilities of the PS4!? Is it not garnering the most positive reaction from gamers in general!? Has it not insome ways caused Microsoft higher ups to model the Xbox1 to mimic certain aspects after the PS4, so as be able to compete!?

If you can say yes to any of those questions, then it can't be a contradiction.

walkincarpet1506d ago

yup, number 2 is definitely on the strange side. I would have replaced it with best controller or xbox live. Other four points are good but lacking details why X1 dominates in those categories.

mistertwoturbo1506d ago

Yeah it's 1.75ghz cpu not gpu. Shows how informed these bloggers are.

johndoe112111506d ago

"the tremendous success of Xbox 360, as the most purchased and played console of the current generation."

The minute I saw this line I stopped reading. Nothing to see here.

ToffeeNoseNelson1506d ago

Same here as soon as I read that I closed the page down because I knew it would be nothing but lies/spin.

Anon19741506d ago

Is it just me or do these "Xbox One is going to win" articles always appear to come in waves? Am I just imagining that or has anyone else noticed? There will be nothing and then over a couple of days you'll see 5-6, then nothing again for weeks, then 5-6 in a day or two. More negative articles seem to be a bit more consistent, but the overly positive ones seem to come in spurts.

Maybe it's just me.

Anyway, this article is just ridiculous. I have nothing against these type of articles if you want to objectively look at the features and compare them to the competition to make your case, but this entire article seems to believe the Xbox One exists in some kind of bubble where it's competition either doesn't exist or doesn't have anything that's comparable. It's just half assed, in my opinion.

Innovation. Because of it's ability to run multiple apps, because graphics are improved, smartglass and hdmi input? Really? Really?

Kinect 2.0! Yeah, perhaps wait and see how it's utilized before you go bragging about how it's a game changer. It's not. It has potential, but so did Kinect 1.0. It sold a lot, then sold nothing and we saw a lot of dance games. Seen anything you'd care to share as to why we should suddenly expect differently?

Resources! So basically, Microsoft is awesome is your argument here? Ok then.

Flexibility! Everyone hated it, but then they changed everything. See how they're flexible? This is a good thing that they had it so very, very wrong from the start?

Exclusives! The XBox One is the only console with exclusives! Game over! Hate to break it to you but other consoles have exclusives to, and it just comes down to a matter of taste.

Seriously, I'm far from an Xbox One booster but I could come up with a better, more thought out list of advantages the Xbox One has over it's competition in my sleep.

Just amateurish all around.

rainslacker1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Maybe MS PR team is taking a 3 day weekend so they have to push out some extra stuff into the media?

However, in this case, I think this blogger is just a fangirl who can't really analyze the situation deeply enough to really say anything of merit. Number 2 was the most ludicrous reason I've ever seen. When has MS ever been flexible? Hell it took almost 2 years to get a start menu back in Windows.

stuna11506d ago


That was just plain wrong! Lol
You didn't have to chew that article up like that.

You probably would have been better off writing up the article! It kind of reminded me of the old Duck Hunt game with the light gun, the way you were shooting down her points.

Studio-YaMi1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Seriously I just lol when I read number 2 !
Who employed this girl to be Microsoft's spokesman(woman) !?

She sure sprinkled that second reason REALLY good.

PSVita1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

The "reasons" aren't reasons at all!


no they realize people were smart enough to not buy a console with a completely unclear policy on used game and that required you to connect every 24 hrs in order play the games you already own.

"Allocation of resources"

Hardware has been the key to the xbox's success....really?

I could go on but the title should say why the Xbox will be fine next gen not that lll win. That's just laughable.

ShwankyShpanky1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

5)"The console is the first gaming console to feature an HDMI input device [okay], the first system to announce external storage support [date of implementation: TBD] and has added an improved 1.75 GHz GPU late in the console's production cycle [PS4 clock still TBD]. Xbox One will support plenty of new features including important enhancements like quicker loading times [PS4 won't?], greater graphical output [PS4 won't?], an ability to switch between apps and games effortlessly [PS4 won't?] and even an ability to run multiple programs at once [PS4 won't?]. The company has recently announced even more features that will make Xbox One a unique console to own such as Smart Glass integration [PS4 doesn't have 2nd screen apps? Vita? Remote Play?] and cloud-based gaming [which is different from OpenStack because?]."

3) So I'm not really clear... is the author implying that I should buy an Xbone because MS came up with Achievements, or because they have a lot of money?

2) "the quick turnaround for the upset fan base shows customer loyalty to Microsoft and Xbox One is strong as ever." [denial ain't a river in Egypt, hun]

1) Same old subjective "better gaemz!" noise.

But this one's gotta be the best:

4)"1:1 movement ratio recognition that will make the device virtually lag free between players' movements and what is registered in games"




Sorry, but I've seen the Fighter Within demos.

I would be pretty surprised if it was *not* written by a PR agency. The the vague and misleading (listing a bunch of features the competition also has as reasons MS will "win the next generation") writing style oozes propaganda in the original vein of Bernays.

ShwankyShpanky1506d ago

P.S. OpenStack:
"More than 200 companies joined the project among which are AMD, Brocade Communications Systems, Canonical, Cisco, Dell, EMC, Ericsson, Groupe Bull, HP, IBM, Inktank, Intel, NEC, Rackspace Hosting, Red Hat, SUSE Linux, VMware, and Yahoo!"

negative1506d ago

Butthurt thanks to the truth. Eh N4G????


nosferatuzodd1506d ago

indeed boy Microsoft suck ups are coming out their hiding places like roach

Volkama1506d ago

Here's my 5 reasons I don't really care who "wins":
1. I just want to play new games on both consoles.

Ok I only have 1 reason. Is it November yet?

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ZodTheRipper1506d ago

And fanboys gonna defend, so what?

ZHZ901506d ago

You never get bored from this do you, Ksar?

Get a life.

corvusmd1506d ago

Says the kid trolling an article based on a system he doesn't like

YNWA961506d ago

C'mon, for someone who has no intention in getting an Xbox1, spending all day in Xbox articles telling someone else to get a life...... Who cares if Ps sells more... Not the end of my world, but I wonder if all you guys would jump off a cliff if Xbox sold more.... Tragic..and you called me a troll ZHZ??

ZHZ901506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

That is not your concern about me being in Xbox articles, you trolled me with your 1st PM btw. Grow up you are being so sensitive because I called you that.

@corvusmd, I am not trolling. Ksar has been doing it writing comments that tries to make fire with PS fans every time.

M-M1506d ago

I really wish trolls like you get banned. At least some of the other trolls are funny, it looks like you're just wasting your own time to be honest.

rainslacker1506d ago

What's your point? That's like saying Lovers gonna love.

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ps3vita4life1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

LOL! You're kidding, right? You don't possibly think xbone is going to win because of exclusives. A company known to abandon the hardcore gamers and bank off of two or three franchises. Please, try harder!

thrust1506d ago

What your not getting is hardcore gamers are a very small minority, there are billions of people out there look at the wii!

Chevalier1506d ago

Hatdcore gamers spend way more money then the casual crowd so I don't see how that helps your arguement. Casual gamers buying 10 million kinect didn't even help 360.

duducus1506d ago

Wii was still focused on games... Eyyyy!...

thrust1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

Spend way more money? He was talking about the console not the software!

I still stand by what I said hardcore gamers if there is a thing (pretty sad go out get a girl/boy to be wife/husband) are a very very small minority, casuals and family's are a far far bigger market any business that ignores this is stupid.

The wii casuals all bought that and it won current gen and that is a fact makes your argument helpless.

Duducus yes but motion games like what kinect is doing, kids love it which = family's buying it for family fun.

AceofStaves1506d ago

@Thrust - true, but I doubt casuals are going to fork over $500 for XB1 if there are cheaper alternatives. Casuals aren't interested in specs. They won't care about PS4's RAM or XB1's dedicated servers or Cloud power. They'll want the cheapest system they can play CoD/FIFA/Madden on. Not to mention that Sony is releasing in more territories at launch.

MS also has an uphill battle justifying the higher price outside the U.S., since it's entertainment/sports/TV deals are primarily only for the U.S.

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walkincarpet1506d ago

don't forget muliplats will always be better on xbox because of the controller and xbox live except now the gap will widen further with Kinect and Cloud. As far as exclusives go Sony gets the nod with its sheer volumes. MS claims they are focusing on 1st party and they are, but I want to see how this plays out in three years when Sony releases its big guns. Both systems will rock!

AceofStaves1506d ago

Preference for a console's controller is a personal opinion, though. Playstation's controller isn't better than XBox's controller, and vice-versa. You may find one more comfortable, but that's subjective.

T21506d ago

There are plenty of custom controllers out there, worst argument ever

NatureOfLogic1506d ago

"Haters gonna hate" ...... Hate on inferior hardware with less features and games. Yes, something surely to be truly envious of./s