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Violent Video Games Fail to Fuel Aggression in At-Risk Teens


Violent video games do not increase aggression in teens with depression or attention deficit disorder, suggests a new study published August 24 in the online Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

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Community1053d ago
The story is too old to be commented.
drizzom1053d ago

Stating the obvious at this point but yeah, keep the articles coming, the more proof through scientific study, the better.

JunioRS1011053d ago

Amen to that!

I was so worried after the Sandy Hook deal that legislators would try to use violent games as a scapegoat for real crime.

There was actually a proposed bill somewhere that suggested a sin tax on violent video games... *barf* yeah right buddy you ain't getting another dime out of me. You already take 30% of all our paychecks!

gamer421053d ago

A "sin tax"? What ever happened to the separation of church and state?

JunioRS1011053d ago BadLanguageShow
Eonjay1053d ago

At risk teens are fueled by family problems, poverty and failing social structures that make life feel like a hopeless nightmare.

If anything, videogames are a offer temporary release.

drizzom1053d ago

Yes its somewhere IN THERE or a combination of all of those things that cause the violent behavior. I completely agree.

YodaCracker1053d ago

What a refreshing read! If I see one more deeply misinformed article about games causing violence and GTA "awarding players points for killing cops" I am going to lose it.

cyhm31121053d ago

ban the guns!! not the games!! Jesus Christ, so stupid!!

Hazmat131053d ago

i say we ban ice cubes. i dont trust them.

Hazmat131053d ago

ive been playing games all my life the worst " violent " thing i ever did was tell my boss to shut up im working. aprat from that went to school no troubles graduated got a job and getting money sounds pretty normal right?

Ittoryu1053d ago

How many times are they going to waste money on these studies to keep finding the same thing out. This is only like the 100th study they done on video game violence.

mayberry1053d ago

I agree! I read studies that prove that violent games actually help curb violent tendencies, especially with boys.

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