Kojima’s Financial Focus Creates Shoddy Characters

"With Corporal Wonderbra being shoved in your face, it’s difficult to notice pretty much anything else accompanying the awfulness. One thing seems to have been overlooked, though: Kojima said he designs characters with the primary intent “to make u [sic] want to do cosplay or its figurine to sell well”."

Jack Bromley points out that, sexism issues aside, Kojima's defense of his latest character shows a sterile, money-driven approach to writing and visual design.

"If Metal Gear Solid V is to be remembered on its own merits, creating characters around the idea that people should want to put them on display isn’t the way to go. I never got into the Metal Gear series, but I know that the best way to create a character is to create a character. Not to create something you can sell. This kind of paint-by-numbers design is off-putting."

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ABeastNamedTariq1653d ago

Is "you" honestly spelled "u" in that description? 0_o

Anyway, whoooo cares? Good googly moogly. It's a friggin game.

NYC_Gamer1653d ago

Kojima said he designs characters with the primary intent “to make u want to do cosplay or its figurine to sell well”."

That part is a direct from Kojima..

ABeastNamedTariq1653d ago

Gots you, gots you. A [sic] would've helped on the submitter's part haha. Well, maybe.

JackBrommers1653d ago

Updated with a '[sic]', thanks for the suggestion and apologies for the confusion!

DanielForth1653d ago

YEAH! how how are is is to spell a three letter word lol.

CryofSilence1653d ago

We know practically nothing about her. Let's reserve judgment for when it's due. Pseudo-journalism.

AznGaara1653d ago

Not to mention the game isn't even out yet so how in the world is the character "shoddy." Just because you expose skin doesn't mean you're worse of a character. Geez remember the whole "don't judge a book by its cover"?

camel_toad1653d ago

Considering the game isn't even out yet this whole statement is pure horse$hit. Let Kojima design them however he wants.

The MGS series imo has the some of the best characters ever, especially the bosses. Their stories are always so fleshed out before you even fight them that it adds so much more impact to the fights.

The people that make these kinds of statements are just speaking out of ignorance.

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the_espresso_kid1653d ago

As games become more and more "AAA" expect more licensing and other gimmicks to help cover or reimburse development costs.

Remy_S1653d ago

Game journalists are so bitch whipped.

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The story is too old to be commented.