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'Metal Gear Solid V' Sexism Controversy: All Smoke And No Fire?

Forbes - There’s something a bit peculiar about criticism leveled at video games over things like sex and violence. For the purposes of this post we’ll set violence—school shootings and the like—aside.

We’ll talk about sex, which is much more fun.

Models in a magazine might be just as scantily clad and sexed-up as a video game character, but we don’t really think twice when we see them. But when we see a similarly-clad video game character, there’s an instant backlash. And the women in video games tend to be way tougher and deadlier than any supermodel. (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

ABeastNamedTariq  +   569d ago
"Models in a magazine might be just as scantily clad and sexed-up as a video game character, but we don’t really think twice when we see them. But when we see a similarly-clad video game character, there’s an instant backlash."


Who honestly cares? If you're uncomfortable with it, don't buy it. This isn't some taboo thing.

We just loooove to create controversy, don't we? Are we that boring?
Anon1974  +   569d ago
You're bang on. Sex sells. Yeah, the character design is silly. Yeah, we see it in movies and TV all the time. Why are we suddenly acting like this is something new that we should all be offended by? It's not like she's twerking or anything. :)
cleft5  +   569d ago
Great article by Forbes and I definitely agree with what he wrote. Particularly the part about the context of the role that women have in games being much more relevant than their outfits or physical apperance.

Ultimately, these false complaints of sexism only serve to hurt the real complaints. People really need to know context before they start launching claims of sexism. Saying something is sexist is a serious charge and not something to be thrown around lightly.
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skwidd  +   569d ago
So no one had a problem with the violent scenes of torment in the trailer but everyone is up in arms because of a woman wearing a bikini out of context?

Maybe I'm blind but I felt MGS went too far with the realistic depiction of torture and this didn't do much for me. In my opinion, our standards are whack.

The females in MGS games have character, so do the men, its equal. Just because a character is sexualized doesn't mean sexism. There's a tongue in cheek thing going on MGS games and I like it. I don't care for macho men with dark brooding stories taken very seriously. When I play games I want entertainment and EYE CANDY!
gaelic_laoch  +   569d ago
If gaming is going to shake off its image as the sport of adolescents then tasteless semi clad women in games from devs with perverted fetishes needs to go!

You can have half naked women in games but within context, not just thrown in to provoke a reaction or satisfy sexual urges!

Are you not entertained!!!!!
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Wenis  +   569d ago
Since when is seeing a woman with minimal clothing a 'perverted fetish'
gaelic_laoch  +   569d ago
Kojimas camera work in games with its slowly zooming in on boobs and arses and the context he places half naked women in I view as perverted etc etc.....
Summons75  +   569d ago
Oh you played the game and know Quiet's reason for dressing the way she dresses? Sweet, how was the game?

Kojima already said his tweet was misinterpreted and there is a reason to her character design, that reason is for us to discover when we play the game.

Hope you don't go to pools, beaches, resorts, or look in magazines, movies, comics, or watch TV because it's a lot worse there than it is here.
Money_MGS  +   568d ago
Liquid goes shirtless in MGS1(in Alaska!). Nothing said. Raiden goes naked in MGS2. Nothing said. BB goes shirtless in MGS3. Nothing said. Old Snake wears a skin tight sneaking suit and Ocelot goes shirtless in MGS4. Nothing said. BB and Kaz can appear in only underwear in MGSPW. But a female wears a bikini top in MGSV and all of a sudden Kojima is sexist....
2pacalypsenow  +   569d ago
So i guess when girls look hot on a game it means its sexist... Sound like a bunch of fat ugly feminist Pms'n .

Did anyone complain when Rayden was naked in MGS2?? or how he was made into a preety boy that was fit and muscular just like Solid snake in MGS 2
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KonsoruMasuta  +   569d ago
I'm outraged because Vulcan and Liquid didn't wear shirts.

They were clearly objectifying men.........
Number-Nine  +   569d ago

Video games are mainly designed by men and played by men.
KonsoruMasuta  +   569d ago
Number-Nine, but there are plenty of women who played a big role in some of the video games you think are mostly aimed at men.

Example: Uncharted.

A woman was the writer and creative director.
Number-Nine  +   569d ago
Elena was a respectable character because she wasn't dressed like a model on the cover of playboy.

Even Chloe wasn't dressed that way even though she was designed to have more of an edge.
Theo1130  +   569d ago
Actually most of these are models are probably going to be made by guys, so they're basically crafting their dream girls. The problem is context, if MGS is taking place in a battlefield, in what world does it make sense for her to wear that? If it can't be explained by the context of the game and setting, then it's just for objectification, no purpose besides to show some tits.
Number-Nine  +   569d ago
Exactly! Context is key here.

MGS has always given their female characters some sexual traits but it was never over the top, and it was respectable. It has it's pervy moments but none are like Quiet's design.
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Theo1130  +   569d ago
@ Number-nine

That's true, MGS 3's Boss was a really awesome character, and just because she was really strong they didn't change to appearance to be less aesthetically pleasant to compensate. That's a weird thing about women in games, either you're not strong and pretty or ugly and strong, there's no middle ground.
Inception  +   569d ago
That's why before you threw that question, you should wait until MGS V released. Play the damn game first and see why Kojima made that design.

And MGS never target realism like Battlefield, Rainbow Six, or CoD. So if you want 'hey, that's make sense', than don't play MGS.
KonsoruMasuta  +   569d ago
Oh my god! How many articles are we going to have about this?

Why does this outrage never happen when women wear skimpy outfits in movies or magazines?
XboxFun  +   569d ago
It's almost as if this is the first time in video game history that a woman has been portrayed half naked.

I really don't see the problem especially when I play other video games like Soul Calibur where a woman's boobs is bigger than her head.
gaelic_laoch  +   569d ago
MGS always philosophically aspires to provoke thought and inspire greatness YET at the same time........BOOBS!!!!

When you play other low brow games that what you expect and that is what you get!
_QQ_  +   569d ago
MGS has always been like this. kojima isn't adding it in to sell more copies,the sexual humor is part of the series.
thelaughingwiseman  +   569d ago
If I were Kojima, to bite back I'd have her nude in the actual game. No bra, no underwear (kinda redundant) and have her be a main part of MGS 5. Just to slap all the critics in the face
lunatic0001  +   569d ago
i guess not too many people played dead or alive extreme beach volleyball because everyone would be tearing that game apart haha...people need to SHUT THE FUCK UP about he outfit
TheBlackSmoke  +   569d ago
Well if this is sexy, then Dead or alive is Hardcore Brazilian fart porn in comparison.
DanielForth  +   569d ago
Question, Why is GTA being overlooked with such regards. One could argue it is Far more Sexually gratuitous.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   569d ago
Just wait... Fox News'll get wind of it soon enough. :P And I agree, lol.
Inception  +   569d ago
Because GTA being made by western dev. And the majority of western media are hypocrite at best.
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BattleTorn  +   569d ago
I think people are largely missing the point.

The controversy goes beyond MGS, or Dead or Alive, or how many other games have had girls dressed skimpy.

The point of these articles are to examine "why?" - in video games, just like the other entertainment industries - do we portray women the way we do. (among journalist simply surving the buzz for attention)

At the end of the day it comes down to context. And I heard someone say it's because she has a 'cloak' like ability - which with skin showing would have increased effectiveness. In which case would make complete sense.
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TheBlackSmoke  +   569d ago
Yeah but the point people are trying to make is that this is nothing new in video games and why now of all times are people all of a sudden having issues with this particular design when there have been way more explicit examples.

Seems like the west have an agenda with the east.....

-pot kettle
Dan_scruggs  +   569d ago
Character design is not a 3D scan of a real person in a leather bikini with torn fishnets and boots. It's just trashy.
Activemessiah  +   569d ago
Raiden was butt naked in MGS2... no sexism?
Dan_scruggs  +   569d ago
The story made Raiden butt naked and weaponless and used it to great comic effect. Neither was it a ploy to make Raiden overtly sexual. He didn't choose to be butt naked and neither was he designed to be that way. That was a specific sequence in the game that came and went and he was fully clothed then on.
kostchtchie_  +   569d ago
don't like it don't play it

its that simple

KillrateOmega  +   569d ago
Why is this such a hot topic right now? Honestly, is there nothing else actually of interest to talk about?
Summons75  +   569d ago
Meanwhile DOA5 Ultimate goes free to play and is 100 times more sexual content than MGS has had in it's entire 25 years...

(p.s.: I really like DOA because it's a great fighting game, not bashing it. The irony in journalism bashing this one tiny thing but praising a game by their standards should be far worse is priceless. Gaming journalism needs a crash big time so we can sort out the trash who call themselves journalist.)
ziggurcat  +   569d ago
because PC dip****s like beating their high horse morality drum anytime a female character happens to shown a bit of skin.
ziggurcat  +   569d ago

it's a video game, for christ's sake... you *never* see this kind of white knight stupidity in any other medium...
yami930  +   568d ago
How about Vamp? Why was he always being sexual in everything he does from speech to movement and always being shirtless? Why were there no complaints on that? That was obviously all part of his design and not for just a moment or for laughs like Raikov being caught in a G-string. Half naked men and women have existed in MGS since the first playstation title, why complain now? The only game I've seen / played that had half naked females and it bothered me is Lost Planet, simply because its illogical when knowing the whole concept of the game and not only was it not fitting, but it didnt look very nice and was the default with very little option for alternatives (like having pants on). Back to Quiet, I like her design, the holes in her stockings make me think of her tortured past and to me is like a symbol of everything shes been through, like war torn clothing are her scars as opposed to physical cuts (like that picture of her being tortured...ouch) I also really like her hair / face which seems very fitting for her character (based on the little we know of her) she seems to be able to carry herself well on her own, comes off very strong and has me very interested in learning her back story. If anyone in the gaming industry has done female characters "right" it is Kojima (examples being Meryl, the Boss, Sniper Wolf, Eva etc.) the other "sexy" characters in the MGS series never got complaints, like Fortune in MGS2 or all the Beauties in MGS4 (who were beautiful and sexual through their moans and movements / poses but I guess since they were fully clothed its all fine) and by no means were they weak characters. Lastly, this was a good read, one of the only articles worth reading relating to this topic.

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