Sales of Madden Take Dramatic Tumble in Opening Week as Next-Gen Looms

While EA Sports expected sales of Madden NFL 25 to fall short of those for Madden NFL 13 they did not anticipate the dramatic 37% drop that it turned out to be. Madden NFL 25 sold just over 1 million copies its first week on the market. That is down from 1.6 million that were moved for Madden NFL 13 in the same period and 1.9 million back with Madden NFL 10.

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mewhy321506d ago

This was to be expected. I mean I'm also holding off on buying anymore current gen games. That's just more money I can spend on TRUE exclusive PS4 software or maybe get some bone software for my PC.

Heisenburger1506d ago

I agree. I got FFXIV and I'm picking up Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Tuesday.

I'm skipping gta and Batman for now.

I plan on getting those for cheaper down the road.

I have had my console payed off for a while, and have been saving up towards games.

Rainstorm811506d ago

Its sad cause this years Madden is pretty good....Although technically it should've reached this level of gameplay 2-3 Maddens ago...SMH

Thomaticus1505d ago

It's not good. It's the same crap before. I do hope that the X1 and PS4 versions turn out good.

badz1491505d ago

I don't know about you but I picked up KZM yesterday and will be getting Puppeteer from PSN today. Great games all around. I have yet to pre-order GTA V. not sure if I should as I'm getting myself Tearaway and R&C later in November.'s not really about anticipating the next gen. even CoD's sale were down last year, right? I guess more and more people are getting tired of the minimum improvement they brought year after year! I don't know about Madden but FIFA is one hell of a boring game!

Rearden1506d ago

They'll make up in sales on the PS4 and Xbox One.

THamm1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

it just looks like casual players are not interested in anything other than GTA at the moment. It's kind of dead talk around me, tough sell on anything really

SolidDuck1506d ago

I plan on picking it up on ps4 when it comes out

jdktech20101506d ago

I'm debating. If I pick it up, It'll be on next gen.

Rainstorm811506d ago

Its not bad but if you're on the fence Next Gen is the way to go.

The only reason i got the game because this is the last year (probably ever) that you will be able to Import Draft Classes from the NCAA Football this might be the last NCAA Football

aquamala1506d ago

game doesn't look very good and disconnects you from online games sometimes, but I'm officially addicted to MUT mode

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The story is too old to be commented.