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Player reliance on review scores makes Platinum's Kamiya "sad"

Wonderful 101 developer laments consumers' reliance on review scores to help make purchasing choices, Kamiya wants players "to play games for themselves and judge for themselves." (Hideki Kamiya, Wii U)

mewhy32  +   595d ago
I have to say that I'm big on review scores. I mean, games are expensive. I don't have 59.99 to blow on games that are crap. I usually don't buy games that get below an 8/10. If you've got money to blow and you can buy crap loads of games then you may or may not be sensitive to review scores. I think that the average gamer isn't made of money so they read the reviews.
TOGC  +   595d ago
I don't dive that much into reviews. I read bits and pieces and then watch gameplay. You can only learn so much from an opinion.
Blank  +   595d ago
I do the same but also I prefer those reviews without numbers and instead its the "buy, rent, or ignore" a good one is classic gameroom and after I watch those I see more gameplay and in the end I make my final verdict.
die_fiend  +   595d ago
The strange thing is, so many of his games are critically acclaimed...but still don't sell well
Knightshade  +   595d ago
For me it's simple - find some reviewer that has roughly the same tastes you do, and just read their stuff. It's still opinion, but you should be both barking up the same tree, more or less...
dboyc310  +   595d ago
Review scores have led me to amazing experiences. For example I never thought of buying Journey because from the small gameplay videos prior to it's launch it just seemed boring and stale. However ones the 10's started pouring in I gave it a try to see what all the buzz was about and needless to say it's one of the golden gems this gen. In my opinion though there are more than just reviews that gamers take into account. Games are 60$ and in no way am I going to risk investing on a game that doesn't deserve it.
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_QQ_  +   595d ago
Problem is way too many review sites are either biasd or paid off.
MrMister  +   595d ago
Developers who get good reviews don't mind it when gamers follow said good reviews. We don't hear any other developers crying about this.
_QQ_  +   595d ago
Kamiya's games tend to get amazing review scores. so he has right to complain about it if he wants.


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Digital-Devil  +   595d ago
I do believe in reading a review to gain more information on a product but sometimes the person doing the review doesn't do a good job. Especially when it's a "bad" game they review. Most of the time the reviewer will gloss over what make the game "bad". A review is supposed to be objective to inform you on the product.

If we were to go by score alone how many people would have bought The Last of Us with the score Polygon gave it? I believe reviews should rely less on numbers and more on the content of the review and details explaining what make the game "good" or "bad".

Edit: maybe add a pros and cons box for those that don't want to read
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duducus  +   595d ago
Except there are some lower rated games that I enjoy more than the higher rated games...
badz149  +   595d ago
relying only on reviews are kinda stupid imo. I base my buys on reviews too but not entirely! I pre-order games A LOT so on many occasions reviews don't matter at all! for example will some 5/10, 6/10 or 7/10 convinced me to buy KZM? I'm sure they aren't but I pre-ordered anyway. I love KZ for what it is and KZM certainly doesn't disappoint!

Youtube and other gaming sites are there for previews and most of the times with vids of gameplay. I use that a lot too especially for games/franchise I'm yet a fan of.

W101 is a new IP and on the Wii U nonetheless. for people already with a Wii U, sure why not just buy it, right? because there's not much to buy aside from sloppy ports anyway. but for those who don't, reviews are their only guidance. can't really blame them IMO!
Enemy  +   595d ago
That's what a review is, Kamiya. A score given to your game, Wonderful 101, by players that work for gaming publications.

What else do we have to go by? A 2 minute demo? Instinct? Lol. If we aren't given a write up or video of how the rest of the game holds up, don't expect people to just guess it's going to be good. No one's a psychic.

Kamiya is one of those guys that should just stick to making games and never open his mouth. He insults his own fans on Twitter.
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DanielForth  +   595d ago
boo who, what a shame i care about a professional objective opinion on a game before i spend cold hard cash for it.
chadboban  +   595d ago
Reviews can give you a good idea of what a game is like but they can't tell you whether YOU will like a game or not.

For example if I listened exclusively to reviews, I would never have played Nier and man what a loss that would of been, I loved that game despite it's flaws.
from the beach  +   595d ago
Good point Kamiya, I'll just pop down to my local, thriving arcade and play a few credits on Wonderful 101 then decide whether or not to buy it.
310dodo  +   595d ago
LOL love it
_QQ_  +   595d ago
The game has a demo...
chrispseuphoria  +   595d ago
Tell Nintendo to lower the price, then. No one wants to pay $60 and then play an awful game. That's a huge investment for someone to make most of the time!
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0pie  +   595d ago
i guess he would not be sad if the latest game he did was better.
Activemessiah  +   595d ago
There are PLENTY of low scored games that I thoroughly enjoyed throughout the years... just goes to show your taste might not be the most popular one.
Locknuts  +   595d ago
I think we can all think of games that we loved, but that got metascores of less that 80. A good demo can make all the difference.
kevnb  +   595d ago
It's a myth, 90% of people don't care. People realize it for music, movies and literature... but it's different for video games? Get a clue developers/publishers.
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BlueTemplar  +   595d ago
What else are people supposed to go off if theres no demo?

Edit: My bad, didnt realise there was a demo available
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AWBrawler  +   595d ago
I hate reviews from so called professionals. I'd rather get a review from a fellow gamer without a score. I prefer the buy, rent, or pass system that wiiviewer does.

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