Watch Dogs’ Mobile App Wants You to Disrupt Console Players’ Games

Kotaku - Hey, that Aiden Pearce guy. The jerk who keeps pulling his turtleneck over his mouth, breaking into systems and generally wreaking havoc all over Chicago. Somebody should try to stop him, no? Well, when you fire up Watch Dogs’ companion app on your phone, that somebody is you.

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TOGC1562d ago

That title made me think of something else, actually reading the article and it makes sense.

akaFullMetal1562d ago

While that seems neat, I don't think companion apps will be that big.

GiantEnemyCrab1562d ago

That is cool. I kinda wish the title was more accurate. If you could enable/disable it and make the game more challenging by having other players "disrupt" the game.

ginsunuva1562d ago

Now not only are smartphone gamers disrupting the gaming world, they can disrupt gamers directly!