Kikizo: Dark Sector Review - Stike a light, it's not half bad

Kikizo writes: "This is one of those games where you see it now and you think 'meh', then you look at its past iterations, when it was set in space and had a far stronger sci-fi feel to it and you wonder why it wasn't just left like that. I suppose the focus groups and marketing twats couldn't handle it if it didn't at least try to tie in with the real world, and the Yanks wouldn't let it past without the pesky Ruskies being involved somewhere. Oh well, we still have Dead Space to look forward to. Unless they decide to rip that one up halfway through and set it in Bognor.

Dark Sector, for all it could have been, has turned out pretty okay. It isn't a good enough game to go shouting from numerous rooftops about, but it certainly isn't one to be burned on the pile alongside Sonic Rivals 2 and Donkey Kong: Jet Race. Small mercies are welcome in this world. Players take control of a man - apparently he has a name but it just sounded like white noise to me every time they said it. Probably because the story is awful, told through needlessly long (though skippable) cutscenes with characters you don't care about, yet are made to care about. Even though you don't. The old man can sod off, for all I care. Plus it should be noted that the main character, Billy Bunting or whatever he's called, has no discerning facial features whatsoever. This makes him look like a pink balloon with a foppish wig on."

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