Smart Device Gaming: A Threat To Console Gaming? I Don’t Think So.

Are smartphones and tablets a real threat to the handhelds and consoles, or is it the other way around? Nintendo Enthusiast examine the matter here.

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metaltales491414d ago

threat to handhelds no threat to consoles hell no

clearelite1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I thought this had been long established. Well, with the dominance of the 3DS and rapidly gaining momentum of the Vita.
Moving forward, the potentially record breaking sales of the Sony PS4, etc.
Plenty of sound logic as well, among other things. As much as "some people" would like you to believe otherwise.

Yep1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Hey, guys.

Sorry I didn't get to cover the PS4 and Xbox One more (time constraints). Two topics I didn't get to discuss were Sony's unique approach to indie games (Between The Witness and Daylight and others, they've picked out some nice indie games) as well as Microsoft restructuring their indie policies to be more indie friendly.

I think we're going to see a noticeable change this generation.

Perjoss1414d ago

Smart device gaming. Because you cant take your console or desktop PC to the toilet. But that's about it really.

Yep1414d ago

You can with Wii U ;)

Protagonist1414d ago

What´s the obsession with taking the consoles to the toilet...

j/k ;)))

imXify1414d ago

Gaming is best while you're making caca ;)

xxPillsxx1414d ago

3DS, PS Vita, WiiU, Gameboy Advance.. :D

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