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Submitted by av3nger 889d ago | article

How to hack in Killzone Mercenary on PS Vita

Many of you are wondering how does the hacking work in Killzone Mercenary, to make you guys wait until their test is released, they are going to try to break down for you that hacking feature. (Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita)
Tipsed by: av3nger

Goro  +   889d ago
Were you thinking what i was thinking?
nick309  +   889d ago
AbortMission  +   889d ago
Aww yeahhh!
AmkOwns  +   888d ago
Yes B2
Nicaragua  +   889d ago
my god this is needed. I'm sick of my team having a 30 minute picnic around each vanguard while i waste my life trying to cover their dumb asses.

Tip: if you don't know how to open the capsules then get the fuck out of my way !

Hopefully someone will write a guide explaining NOT TO SHOOT THE GUYS I'M INTERROGATING YOU TOTAL MONGS
mafiahajeri  +   889d ago
Lool exactly my experience with some idiots online. Especially the interrogating. I go out of my way to protect them while their interrogating and then they steal my kills :/
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mooseman_24  +   888d ago
It's the name of the game you idiot, "mercenaries" they choose no sides, even if i'm your team mate, your money is more important , lmfao, Mouhahahaha
cpayne93  +   888d ago

SmokingMonkey  +   888d ago
You get more Money if you win.
Ripsta7th  +   888d ago
Why dont you use your mic and tell em what to do?
PrimeGrime  +   889d ago
Haha too funny. I know what you mean, I have tried so hard to explain this to many people. Hacking vanguards is really not that hard to figure out. Its actually a little disturbing so many are having that much trouble with something so easy. Its like a really basic puzzle. Didn't take me more than one vanguard to learn it.

I see that a lot also, I'll run to a vanguard and some other guy runs with me to try to take it himself but instead of actually doing it.. They can't even figure it out so I am stuck having to move somewhere else or just cover the fools.

Half the time they die anyway and don't even get it while getting me killed in the process.

I don't understand the whole hogging kills in Warzone either. It is not entirely kill based score wise, so I don't get why mostly everyone focuses on nothing but kills and stealing them.

The only time I will take a kill like that, is when I down a person so I can stab them but some douche tries to steal it from me. So then I shoot them.

I guess that is always why I am usually 1st place on any team I am on. Rare you run into a good team who sticks together and knows how to play, hopefully as time goes by it will get better when people learn how to play it.

Luckily for those kill whores they can play the other modes now.

Still waiting for my copy to release on the 10th but yea I definitely know what you mean in Warzone, saw plenty of that in the beta.

Sadly all team based games have fools like that. At times playing Dragons Crown I will have some idiots fighting against the other side of the screen the entire time forcing me to quit, holding the entire party back while everyone else is running the other way.. Some people are just plain stupid or have to be complete assholes about everything.
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HakatoX  +   889d ago
i just tell people to fill the missing pie slices.
dodo101  +   889d ago
I know your pain!
it's so frustrating when you're interrogating someone and a douchebag comes and kill him!
Sometimes i was there was friendly fire
Nicaragua  +   889d ago
Glad to know I'm not the only one suffering :)

If any decent players from a European timezone want a competent team mate online then add me on PSN - Sleet666
TheGrimReaper0011  +   889d ago
I understand it might be a little overwhelming the first times you try and hack, but you can only do so much! How hard can it be?!
Besides, they explain it in single player!
mt  +   889d ago
the first time in the beta I was like what the hell is this and two of my teammates were standing next to me, I thought they were angry as hell on me because I didn't want to move. hey , maybe you are one of them.
Otoshigamisama  +   889d ago
Lol I always have this problems with noobs who don't know how to at first I was like this but hey I manage to decipher it myself, also the interrogation my teammates always kills the enemy I'm about to interrogate (-_-)
TheGrimReaper0011  +   889d ago
God, you have no idea how many times that happened
I think interrogation is the hardest, because you have to ge behind the enemy and then need time to interrogate and hope you dont get shot.
The worst is when you finally have an enemy, your teammates start shooting the shit out of him!
Otoshigamisama  +   888d ago
I think so too its hard to not kill the enemy if you don't have a tranquilizer gun as your secondary weapon.
mitchell1188  +   888d ago
Having a load out for every objective helps ;)
bocajbee  +   889d ago
I would have assumed people would have picked this up int he campaign?
av3nger  +   889d ago
Hi guys! What other tutorial would you need besides the one keeping morons out of the game ?
kcuthbertson  +   888d ago
I blame pretty much all kill thief's on what CoD had done to the shooter genre....

Kill kill kill kill kill... What's an objective? Yes, CoD has other modes besides death match, but not near as many play them.
Studio-YaMi  +   888d ago
I agree,Team Deathmatch & Search and Destroy are the most played,and all you need to do in both is just kill the other team players,even though Search and Destroy IS supposed to be about planting a bomb !

COD spoiled it for lots of other games in the genre.
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mafiahajeri  +   888d ago
@mooseman you selfish imbecile try being a TEAM mate for a change. We win we get bonus XP you fool...
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NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   888d ago
I definitely think Guerrilla Cambridge should apply an update so that when a team mate kills someone that is being interrogated by another teammate, they should have points deducted and show up as big MINUS signs or redXP so that they know they are doing something wrong.
lafouine  +   888d ago
thx for this !!!! :-D
mitchell1188  +   888d ago
Omg I thought it was just I've had an ace from the get go and rarely placed second but then again only about 5 people I played with knew what we were doing. DON'T JUST KILL!!! There are objectives and they are quite well explained. Anyone who wants to play to win plz add me. Psn-muchell

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