First Ever Current Gen NBA 2K14: Ronnie2K Vs. LD2K

2K:Watch Ronnie2K's New York Knicks take on LD2K's LA Lakers.

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latincooker2141746d ago

what about the next-gen version of nba2k14? I cant wait to see what nba2k14 looks like on PS4 and X1.

2pacalypsenow1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Meh.. not impressed . Gonna wait and get Live on Ps4

cvflyboy1746d ago

Same here. I have 2k and bf4 preordered. hopefully we see some next gen gameplay at the end of this month

latincooker2141746d ago

you know what 2paccalypsenow im thinking about doing the same bro.

NYC_Gamer1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

It looks and plays like a patched 2K13 to be honest..I'm not impressed with 2K trying to charge gamers $60 for minor tweaks..2K is really starting to slide and needs competition for motivation to create a real NBA experience instead of some lazy effort like 2K14 seems to be.

cvflyboy1746d ago

yea im hoping nba live can give them a kick in the but to get the creative juices flowing. I jus want a better association, more classic teams and for them to bring back legrnd mode with more current players.