X-Seed Games Announces The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky SC For PS Vita And PC

X-Seed Games Announces a highly anticipated PSP game sequel for PS Vita and PC.

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tiffac0081686d ago

This is all I have to say:

KOIMOJO1686d ago

It is technically a psp game though, not built natively for vita from what I understand. Being able to play Psp releases on Vita is cool, but not having the crispness and the power of the vita behind these new games is a little disappointing.

r211685d ago

Indeed, title made thought it was a vita release :L Quite disappointed.

catch1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

Actually it was originally a pc game and later ported to psp with some additional content. Either way you can't miss these are brilliant games with a fantastically rich world and story.

Edit* sorry I misread your comment I see what you mean now yeah it would have been nice to get some enhanced Vita graphics since the psp is quite aged.

Protagonist1685d ago

Whatever platform it was initially developed for, just keep the games coming for the PS Vita...the more the better.

Tykis1685d ago

Excited! Been putting off playing trails in the sky till they announced the sequel.

HarvesterOSarow1685d ago

Same here, I'll buy them both when the sequel releases and add it to my list of games to beat.

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