New Linear Efficient Antialiased Displacement and Reflectance Technique Showcased

DSOGaming writes: "During this year's SIGGRAPH 2013, Jonathan Dupuy, Eric Heitz, Jean-Claude Iehl, Poulin Pierre, Fabrice Neyret and Victor Ostromoukhov presented a new graphical technique that could be used in next-gen (or next-next-gen) games."

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Emilio_Estevez1724d ago

Say that 10x in a row.

Always dig a good tech vid.

Fergusonxplainsall1724d ago

I'm still waiting for a new Mighty Ducks movie.

Bring back Bombay, Emilio?!! And I was like..Emilio!

Bring back Bombay, Emilio!

tigertron1724d ago

Sony needs to put a T-rex tech demo on the PS4 like they did with the PS1.

Fergusonxplainsall1724d ago

WOW! That was stunning. This makes me want VR goggles, just to get a closer look and be amazed by it's beauty.I would pat that T-Rex on the noggin.

Then it eats me...