Killzone: Mercenary Review-TGH

TGH Writes: "Killzone has, bar a rare PSP outing, primarily been a console endeavor. Liberation tried to bring out the lore and take the series to handhelds via top-down strategy fun, but It’s really a series thats at its strongest for Sony when you can shoot something. Now though, it’s in the hands of Guerrilla Games Cambridge to take the console shooter and shrink it down into the palm of your hands."

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nosferatuzodd1562d ago

nice i want this game so bad

Hatsune-Miku1562d ago

This game is pure quality and I cant wait for it. Getting it first minute

moodymofo1562d ago

its now official; i want a vita .

Cupid_Viper_31562d ago

You won't regret it my man. Just be sure to get a 8 or 16 GB memory card as you'll run out of space pretty quickly when downloading games.

I'm thinking of downloading KZ:Mercenary instead of buying the physical copy as I want to always have the game with me wherever I take my Vita.

ShadyDevil1562d ago

Its not that big but it does have that 1GB patch...