Will Sony show The Last Guardian at TGS 2013 in 2 weeks?

Last we heard anything about the sought-after PS3 title The Last Guardian by the iconic developers Team Ico was at E3 2013 when Sony President Jack Tretton stated that it was on “hiatus”. Soon thereafter Shuhei Yoshida reassured fans around the world that the game “is in active development”. In an interview in the August 2013 issue of Famitsu, Fumito Ueda, Game’s Director and Designer, stated that work on The Last Guardian continues at SCE Japan Studio, but other projects such as Puppeteer and Knack are higher priority.

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Sev1654d ago

No. They won't. They haven't at the past three or so of them, and the game is said to be on hiatus. At this point, it'll be completely re-debuted on a more grand stage, like E3.

aceitman1654d ago

they will show it on the Monday conference .

Triella1654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Yeah that would be my guess, TLG or Demon's Souls 2 and it could explain why they are streaming this conference and not the TGS showcase.

mewhy321654d ago

I'm doubting that this game will ever see the light. I had my hopes dashed years ago with PS3. I mean, I hope we get to see it but I just don't think we will.

xHeavYx1654d ago

No... But YES! and it will blow up everybody's mind... But no, I don't think so

Godmars2901654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

Question is what happens if they don't.


NukaCola1654d ago

There will be an article or two on how the writer feels about it with comments from us...then we forget about it until E3 and repeat.

Hopefully they give us something.

Relientk771654d ago

That would be awesome if they did

yewles11654d ago

Stop setting up flaimbait, it ain't happening at TGS, it's only happening when the game is actually a priority...