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Submitted by Vames 885d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One: Most innovative console poised to win next gen wars

The Web Graffiti: "Since the reveal of the Xbox One, Microsoft has found itself on the wrong end of the stick where gamers are concerned. Gamers who seem to think a video game machine must solely focus on games and much of nothing else, which is quite an immature thought. However, despite what hardcore gamers and the gaming press think of the Xbox One, the console is still poised to come out on top due to all its innovations." (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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xHeavYx  +   885d ago | Well said
How is it innovative? Many things have been done already, just check Comcast X1.
"TV and sports"
You can switch between TV and games with a remote controller, you only need to press it twice, or you can buy an innovative gaming console for $500 and yell at it.
Nothing has been shown from MS to sell Kinect to the hardcore gamers, just some laggy games like the fighting one. It will end up being like the first Kinect
Behind a paywall, you can use it for free even in your PS VITA.
There is no innovation here, just ideas that have been put together and a lot of PR talking
malokevi  +   884d ago

Wait... I mean... NO!
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xHeavYx  +   884d ago | Well said
How is it that the people who support Xbox can't answer unless they bash me or call me names? I guess it's easier to phantom disagree than to have a discussion
Enemy  +   884d ago | Well said
Those policies were innovative alright!

Wanna know what else?

$500 = innovative
Kinect spy cam = innovative
Weaker specs = innovative
Power brick = innovative
Mandatory Xbox Live paywall behind everything = innovative
Fake Kinect 2.0/UI demos at E3 = innovative
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negative  +   884d ago
No, it's easier to make fun of and ignore $ony fanboys...
xHeavYx  +   884d ago | Well said
Thank you for helping me make my point
NewMonday  +   884d ago
these are the kind that would swallow DRM and forced camera no questioned asked.

facts, commons sense and reasonable judgment are useless in any discussion

numbers prove the XB1 is struggling, it will have a hard time staying relevant.
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Tony-A  +   884d ago | Well said
I won't say that the XBO will succeed or fail, but I do know one thing:

You can't be considered innovative if you reverse your "innovative" policies and features to better compare yourself with your competitors.

Innovators think outside the box, which I think MS tried to do, but the ideas are only half the battle. You also need to convince the public that its innovative. They clearly didn't do that.

Bottom line. Microsoft changed their vision to match the competition. That's not innovation. That's adjustment.
malokevi  +   884d ago

I didn't bash you? lol. Relax, budday!

I disagree, and I don't feel like discussing it. That would be tres tiring, n'est-ce pas?

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AwesomeMan   884d ago | Spam
P0werVR  +   884d ago

Why call out people for a discussion on a argument that you've already made your intentions clear on?!

Even if proven otherwise, are you going to accept their opinion? I doubt it. So don't play the fool as if you have anything relevant to state.

It's already clear by the first Xbox One/NFL commercial in why it is innovative and how Skype is synced into that.

So your point is useless as usual and shouldn't be wasting your time. It's like a witch hunt with you and your "type" on this website.
Sitdown  +   884d ago
So ideas put together in a single box that has not been done before is not innovated? What about playing one game while match making is taking place in the background? Just because a bunch of games have not been shown for kinect doesn't mean it's not innovate. Does comcast have an NFL deal allowing you to quickly view how your fantasy player got points...all while playing Madden? You got another console controller with rumble in the triggers? That is just throwing six of the top of my head.
Eonjay  +   884d ago
As cool as a TV extender and integrated Fantasy Football are, they have to be seen as necessities in order for a "casual" gamer. Look at the Wii. It had the least bells and whistles but people liked it and it was relative cheap. The Xbox One isn't a casual device. Its for people who want an integrated all in one media center. It may outsell the Wii U, but it wont come close to touching the PS4.

This Christmas when people are buying gifts for friends and family, the PS4 will be the more affordable choice for gamers and parents alike.
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nukeitall  +   884d ago

"Bottom line. Microsoft changed their vision to match the competition. That's not innovation. That's adjustment."

It is calld MS is ahead of the times. It is clear that we are heading into a digital future, and the current path is without sharing, selling, lending, trade-in and gifting. People against this is actually anti-consumer.

Slavery was once accepted, and when the abolishment of slavery occured, people was fighting it. One can argue that abolishing slavery back then, interpreted today is innovative and that slavery was archaic.

Point being, hysteria among the herd (the gamers) forced us back, doesn't make it not innovative. It simply means the herd moves slowly and in 5-years, we will be rejoicing this!
xHeavYx  +   884d ago
Did you just seriously compared MS old policies with slavery? Seriously?
Eonjay  +   884d ago
@nukeitall Your slavery analogy is a bridge to far. Are you trying to assert that abolishing slavery was innovative... like "everyone was doing it until Lincoln decided to innovate"... Um stop please
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blackbeld  +   884d ago
Microsoft is sure innovative.

They invent this ┌П┐(•_•)┌П┐to their fans.

Hope you understand why we switch for PS4.
thrust  +   884d ago
If I wanted an upgrade in hardware only to play games, I would of upgrade my pc.

I want a console/tech to do alot more than just play games, think deep down everyone is the same aswell.

OMG! Slavery really???? You should be banned from the Internet.
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JokesOnYou  +   884d ago
@ Heavy because its a waste of time to directly respond to you or most sonyfanboys EVERYTIME when EVERYTHING you say has been discussed to death. I mean you offered nothing new so nobody is obligated to refute what you say.

I can only speak for myself to say Id rather in most cases just give my impression on the topic instead of debating every point with a fanboy, although there are times I agree with certain negatives opinions about micro/360/X1 its always insignificant to my overall opinion of the brand, I think ps fans generally feel the same way.

So for me the 99% factor is where are the games that me, my friends and my family are going to enjoy MOST? All this policy stuff, kinect spying on me, $100 more, behind a paywall, bad PR, DRM, micro is evil literally is of almost NO importance to me. I say that because none of it will affect my ability to enjoy Halo5, in fact I regularly play Halo4 with my 2 nephews on the east coast we all love it and we use it to stay in touch. Our gaming habits and anticipation to play our favorite X1 games together is whats important so until micro does something that is going to fundamentally ruin that experience (too expensive, block online gameplay, or any unforeseen policy to limit that) then I'll continue to see most of the anti micro stuff as petty fanboy wars. I mean seriously literally almost all the hate is centered around things that won't affect me playing Titanfall with my buds on the east coast. Its always petty stuff like well micro has a paywall. Again I think many ps fans feel the same way whatever sonys doing they like it and its not likely anybody here will change their mind about which console they prefer.

I do sort of agree with Tony A micro lost what could have been innovative because they didn't have the balls to stick with it. I believe in the longterm their original approach with a few tweaks would have been very successful.
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ShwankyShpanky  +   884d ago
If you're going to try pulling bizarre slavery analogies out of your ass, I guess there's no reason to hold back on this one...

...Some would say Hitler was "innovative." ;-P
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tokugawa  +   884d ago
i have to agree with joy here. heavy you are not worth talking to. but dont feel bad, there are many just like you on here. but that is why you are all here.. birds of a feather.

as well, look at the site. what you dont realise heavy is that this trash is wrote just for you and all the sony fanboys that dwell here. the author dont give a shit, his hit counter will go through the roof. mission accomplished. and these people dont even get bashed in the process anymore.

because the usual suspects are too busy foaming at the mouth and parroting the same stuff to even notice.

anyway, some people will just buy one console, others will get both. no matter how many times people parrot the same shit, it will change nothing
nukeitall  +   884d ago

"Did you just seriously compared MS old policies with slavery? Seriously?"

I knew someone will get their b*ll twisted in a bunch and completely miss the point.

The point was, people get used to thing and will resort to hysteria (and rioting) when the status quo is changed, regardless if it is right (as in the slavery case) or wrong.

That said I don't expect you (and your ilk) to agree considering your bias.
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JOLLY1  +   884d ago
xHeavyx I agree with you. I think the Wii U is the "most innovative". I don't get why you brought un the Comcast X1 though, it isn't a console. As for the PS4 and the Xbox One. I would have to give the innocation to the Xbox. The PS4 isn't trying anything new at all. At least from what I have read.
malokevi  +   884d ago
"@ Heavy because its a waste of time to directly respond to you or most sonyfanboys EVERYTIME when EVERYTHING you say has been discussed to death. I mean you offered nothing new so nobody is obligated to refute what you say. "

Eventually you've got to ask yourself, what's the point?
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Kryptix  +   884d ago
Your view on innovation is very limited.

The definition:
1: the introduction of something new
2: a new idea, method, or device : novelty

By bringing the topic of slavery in, you are trying to say that innovation is always a good thing but failed to see that slavery did start somewhere and is considered an action of taking people's rights and equality away.

I presented the definition because innovation can also be a bad thing since it doesn't specifically carry the word "good" or "positive" in it.

Don't you think adding DRM to everything we buy is also taking away our rights to lend and sell what we should own because of the purchase? It is innovation but not the best kind because we currently have the freedom to give away what we own freely and the option to do so is there.

I understand adding account locked DRM with digital copies for the reason that those files could be copied and multiplied to give to everyone but adding a lock into a disc shouldn't be necessary because it's one copy to one disc. If they hadn't made the Xbox One have mandatory installs then they wouldn't have a problem with that. They should know that the used game market is necessary because of the bad economy and people can't afford to cough up $60 every time to play new games.

Now...knowing that, if Microsoft wanted to implement DRM with the promise of selling all the games cheap, then that innovation would of gathered positive comments. I would definitely give up on the used games market if I could buy new games for 30 or 40 dollars. It would be similar to Steam with digital sales.

I call ignorance to say that Microsoft was just thinking ahead moving towards a digital future. Fact is, society hasn't gotten there yet so why skip a step and get there as quick as possible? Even if Microsoft did add DRM for cheap prices, it would still be a problem towards everyone with no internet. Unless every console had some sort of tech that lets you play the game for the first 30 days then they have to check in to keep playing but maintain those cheap prices on the market.

I don't know, but what I was trying to say, innovation is only a good thing if done right and isn't just forced into the community till they learn to accept it. If the community rejects it, it shouldn't have been brought up with no explanation. But Microsoft failed to give it a real reason for it and the whole structure of it was very flawed for our present and current living. The way Microsoft presented DRM made no sense because everything they said could be possible on the PS4. If they would lower prices, that could of been a good reason but still a no go for the masses with no internet access.
rainslacker  +   884d ago
I love how everyone says it's not worth responding to Heavy because it's a waste of time, then go on to write a long post on why it's a waste of time, instead of just addressing what he says. Regardless of if it will change his mind, it doesn't mean that others may not join in and provide more interesting discourse than over-extended fan-boy-pointing-outing.

Seriously, to all the people on all sides that do the same thing, if you want better discussions and less trolling, at least try to provide a decent argument instead of minimizing or dismissing the arguments made.

Definition of innovate
1. to introduce something new, make changes in anything established.
2. to introduce(something new) for or as if for the first time.

Nothing MS has announced is new. However some of it is new to consoles in it's current form. In some ways they are innovative, in others they aren't. This is pretty true of all 3 console makers to varying degrees.

Doesn't mean that innovation is meaningful in any way. That'd be a more interesting discussion...the actual meaningfulness of their innovations.
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GT67  +   884d ago
"where do PR people get these WILD unproven info from???" how on God green earth they know x1 will win next to get few lottery # from them.
P0werVR  +   884d ago

So wait a minute...

You pretty much proved your own argument?!

My gosh your comment is a testament to how superficial some of you are on this site. I could've just stated "Need I say more..." and bow out, but I just had to prove that you proved yourself.

Riddle me this, is there any TV featurer or cable box feature that has hyper v in it for seamless snap transitions?!

If you can prove to me that Hyper V isn't innovative than I'll bow out. Other than that, there is a reason why they brought the legend Dave Cutler to the Xbox Divion to create Hyper V.
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nukeitall  +   884d ago

Despite our different views, I appreciate you giving me a proper and well thought out response (albeit in fewer words would be better next time, but I'm wordy to).

"By bringing the topic of slavery in, you are trying to say that innovation is always a good thing..."

What I was trying to say is, change even for the better is often time resisted. People don't like (good) change and you see this resurface in almost everything you do in life.

"Don't you think adding DRM to everything we buy is also taking away our rights to lend and sell what we should own because of the purchase?"

Technically, MS gave you more options on your digital purchases than is currently. You can't really share, sell, gift or trade-in your digital purchases right now.

You could with MS DRM, and as we move forward people will start to automatically shift to digital media and nobody has spearheaded the change of DRm to consumer benefit.

This means, if you were against MS DRM, you are actually anti-consumer. From a digital perspective, everything MS has done is in consumers best interrest, except for the 24-hour check-in, that is required for all these benefits to work.

"...we currently have the freedom to give away what we own freely..."

So was MS DRM. You could gift your game away digitally as well.

"adding a lock into a disc shouldn't be necessary because it's one copy to one disc."

The instant switching and instant access nature with high performance dictated that digital copies was necessary.

There are pro's and con's to this, but the used game market still would have existed. Because of the daily check-in, allowed MS to enable resell, gifting and trade-in of digital games.

You could do essentially whatever the physical copy did, in the digital world.

"I would definitely give up on the used games market if I could buy new games for 30 or 40 dollars."

So you are saying, you would give up your rights if it was cheap enough?

You no longer care if it is DRM.

"...society hasn't gotten there yet so why skip a step..."

That is the definition of change. Ready or not, but I really think MS botched the messaging. I'm sure their statistics shows the vast majority connect the Xbox to the internet. Without the internet, that box is pretty limited (i.e. pretty dumb).

"... Microsoft failed to give it a real reason for it and the whole structure of it was very flawed..."

I do agree that MS botched the messaging with plenty of confusion, and that a very small group of people ruined it for the many. Fact of the matter is, the ability to trade-in, gift, and sell your digital purchases hasn't been done by anyone, let alone in the console space.

It isn't as bad as everyone think it is, and has myriad of benefits.

"...everything they said could be possible on the PS4."

That is completely irrelevant what is possible or not possible on PS4. However, my take on it was if you wanted a disc based solution, you could buy a PS4 and if you wanted the digital future, buy an Xbox One.

There was two consoles to suite both parts of the market. Now, we only have one were we stick with the status quo of age old physical discs.

Essentially we removed an option. Worse, we patt each other on the back and saying we fought for gamers.

However, all we did was reduce options in the market, and went backwards on digital freedom. That is completely anti-consumer!
rainslacker  +   883d ago

Maybe I missed how I'm being superficial. I'm merely pointing out that many people say that it's not worth responding to Heavy in a rather long winded post. I then make a suggestion that maybe they actually address his points instead of just calling him a fan boy without actually trying to counter argue what he says in order to disprove him intelligently without the use of misdirection or trivialization. You know, discuss things in a discussion forum...crazy I know. It may not have an effect on Heavy, but it could lead to better discourse overall.

I then proceeded to add something to the actual thread at hand, which was, "Microsoft is/isn't innovative", just to try and nurture my prior suggestion of providing reasoned discourse. I didn't get all technical with it, and stayed rather moderate, but yeah, at least I did more than call out fan boys, which I also did.

As far as Hyper V. To my knowledge it hasn't been used for any kind of "snap" feature in consoles...although the Vita does use a HV to operate it's multi-tasking, and the PS3 uses it when you press the PS button in game. I can't speak to the 360 because I"m not familiar enough with it's OS, however the 360 does have one.

The real innovation here isn't the fact that they are using hypervisor, but the fact they are bringing this level of multi-tasking to consoles in what they say, and which is apparently pretty seamless. The fact that they are using hypervisor for it isn't really innovative as the HV is just a means to an end. The inclusion of a HV in the console isn't terribly innovative, as it's been done with the PS3, 360, Wii, Wii U, Vita, and if I'm not mistaken, the Dreamcast. MS also didn't create Hypervisor, it was created by IBM back in the late 60's.

The fact that you call it Hyper-V(the MS marketing buzzword) only shows that you buy into PR machine. There is so much more to what they're doing than that. As I said in my original post, some of the stuff they're doing is innovative, some of it isn't. In this case, you, and MS, are focusing on the wrong thing that is innovative in favor of having a fancy marketing term, although MS is at least prudent enough to just show off the feature instead of trying to make it sound fancy by overusing this term.
SegaSaturn669  +   884d ago
It's innovative. Never before has a such an expensive cable box accessory been widely flaunted. Microsoft knows how to make quality electronics *buys 3 zunes*
PunisherRevenge  +   884d ago
@SegaSaturn669.....Yep Sony is also known for great quality electronics *buys 5 Walk mans*
meganick  +   884d ago

Sony does make quality electronic devices. Are you implying they don't?
SegaSaturn669  +   884d ago
Do you not like walkmans? I really enjoyed mine. Betamax is another story, but for the most part, I've been quite happy with my Sony purchases.
PunisherRevenge  +   884d ago
@meganick....well actually I am. If you go back and look at the last ten years of thier products and thier current financial situation that says a lot by itself.

@SegaSaturn669....I use to enjoy the walk man also until the ipod happened and ever since then I haven't seen one.
ShwankyShpanky  +   884d ago
Are you really trying to crap on the Walkman, one of those iconic and successful products whose trade name, like Rollerblade or Xerox, became synonymous with an entire class of devices?
kenmid  +   884d ago
A camera that can detect your heart rate is pretty innovation to me.
WeAreLegion  +   884d ago
Download the app for your phone. It's available on Google Play Store and App Store.
Campy da Camper  +   884d ago
And then when it reads 3 more your 5.99 movie purchase just went up to 24.00
ShwankyShpanky  +   884d ago
A toothbrush that can read your heartrate is pretty innovative too... doesn't mean there's a whole lot of point to it.
JokesOnYou  +   884d ago
WeAreLegion by that logic nothing in the last half century is innovative. Seriously someone could invent a car tomorrow that drives itself once you engage autopilot on the highway and the naysayers could scream "who gives a damm airplanes have been doing that for a long time". Literally 99% of the "innovations" today are based off previous tech, or bringing similar tech into a new space. Smartphones are a very good example of this, cameras and cell phones existed sperately for along time but I definitely consider the idea to bring them together innovative. Fortunately the worlds "innovators" think nothing like you and folks who share your closed minded thought process.
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aceitman  +   884d ago
the thing I wonder and I guess we will find out, is how parents will feel to justify buying x1 with Kinect 2.0 when they will feel like its something they have already with the 360 with kinect . it could be a downfall for ms trying to justify parents spending 500$ to upgrade.
Wikkid666  +   884d ago
Not any different than trying to justify any console to parents.

It's the extra features that make the justification easier. Dad watch football with it. Mom can Skype the family... so on and so on.
aceitman  +   884d ago
@wikkid666- as a parent that is not telling me to shell out 500$ for x1 , I can watch football on anything my ipad my 360 ,ps3 , pc , and I can do it with my fantasy football on my ipad and get fullscreen on my tv. and Skype, me my wife and kids do it already on our devices .so I don't need to put out 500$ for that. all the features that Kinect has for the fantasy football is done with apps already sent to my iphone and ipad.
rainslacker  +   884d ago
Why any parent would let their kid have any kind of camera that connects to the internet is beyond me. There are some things kids just shouldn't be exposed to, and the internet is chocked full of scum that prey on children.
Benchm4rk  +   884d ago

Agreed. My oldest son has a 360 in his room with kinect but I've got the parental lock on so he can't go online. He keeps asking to play halo and other games online but I won't let him. I don't want him exposed to some of the nonsense you hear and the abuse people spout in games.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   884d ago
Probably because it's just not that important to convince you? Do your own research.

The Fantasy Football integrated into the console is innovative. I am not going to sit here and list everything out for you but it's obvious you know very little about the feature set but feel informed enough to bash it and whine about it.
HiddenMission  +   884d ago
Actually Fantasy Football integration is not that innovative. I talked to my boss who is master of all types of fantasy sports stuff and told him about the XB1 features and said he had been doing that stuff for years with his phones, tablets, TV, computer and other electronics for years.

Looks like you have been living under a rock because my boss is 57 and if he doesn't think it's innovative then you must not be up with the times.
Sitdown  +   884d ago
As you said, he has been doing those things on phones, tablets, TV, computer and other electronics for years.........but what's missing? he has not been doing those things on a video console...innovation
BlackTar187  +   884d ago

I think ESPn or NFL had a Fantasy football app on ps3 that as long as you picked your team online you could manage and track via ps3/xbox.

It's really not that innovative. Also is this the best app innovation you can bring. Bring the big guns please. I would like to see what other areas you call innovation.

Xbox beat ps3 with Online last year but only die hard fanboys think xbox live by end of gen was so magnificent and better. Xbox had a better controller i agree. xbox did still have a better online service but by end of gen it was minimal. Cross chat check.

I can admit where one company wins and innovate etc. but it seems like Americans and American media love to play the family business card all the time. Just like i have no doubt if Destiny was exclusive the hype for it would be huge and if titanfall was a multiplat it wouldn't be nearly as huge. This is all opinion of course but history will tell you at least partially what im saying is a consistent in American product and media.

By the way im born and raised in America Northern Cali
BlackTar187  +   884d ago
Sitdown doing it on a console is not innovation its progress. Not all progress is innovation sometimes its just natural order.
XboxFun  +   884d ago | Well said
"How is it innovative? Many things have been done already, just check Comcast X1."

But has it been done on any past consoles? No.

"Nothing has been shown from MS to sell Kinect to the hardcore gamers, just some laggy games like the fighting one. It will end up being like the first Kinect"

The possibilities are there. And besides that the console isn't even out and you want MS to show everything now? Sony hasn't even shown everything that they said would come with the PS4 (Gaikai). Ms has already shown Kinect integrated with it's launch games. Wait, didn't you already say this in another article?

"Behind a paywall, you can use it for free even in your PS VITA."

It's too bad the Vita isn't really selling and appealing to gamers so why bring the Vita into this conversation about the Xbox One? Oh right...troll bait.
Use Skype to party chat with friends while playing a game. Maybe coordinate attacks while playing Titanfall, Cod, or BF4. You know fun stuff like that while gaming.

"How is it that the people who support Xbox can't answer unless they bash me or call me names?"

How strange right...

Maybe because you're an admitted Sony fanboy that does nothing but troll Xbox articles and then gets all butt hurt when someone does the exact same thing in your precious Sony articles. Then it's nothing but "Don't feed the troll" out your mouth.

How can anyone try to prove you wrong when you won't even listen because of your bias earmuffs.
xHeavYx  +   884d ago
The thing is, MS said that the One is built around Kinect, Gaikai is nothing like that, and the usage of both services are not even comparable.
Yes, the VITA isn't selling good, so what? You can still use Skype for free on laptops, those sell pretty good right?
No one is going to use Skype to party chat while playing a game, you can already do the party chat with the console.

There is a difference between you and me as well, I talk facts, all you say is "Xbox is better, so Xbox wins" but without any facts
ABeastNamedTariq  +   884d ago
"It's too bad the Vita isn't really selling and appealing to gamers so why bring the Vita into this conversation about the Xbox One?"

That's kinda irrelevant, I'm just saying. It apparently appeals to a lot (I'm generalizing), but it's the memory card prices that were too high.

Also, doesn't the Wii U have TV integration? Something like that? TVii? I don't know if it works like XB1's, but it's still TV integration, right?
XboxFun  +   884d ago

No heavy, the difference between you and me is I talk excitement for games and my gaming console of choice. All you do is troll and talk negative about MS/Xbox.

You don't state any facts, you state your opinions. Huge difference by the way. This is why no one answers you because it's pointless. You will always feel that way no matter what.


"No one is going to use Skype to party chat while playing a game, you can already do the party chat with the console."

See, right here you have already convinced yourself that NO ONE is going to use Skype. How can anyone debate or tell you something when you have your fingers in your ears.

"MS said that the One is built around Kinect, Gaikai is nothing like that, and the usage of both services are not even comparable."

And you fail to acknowledge my earlier statement which again tells me no matter what someone tells you, you have already convinced yourself that Kinect is bad.

So WHY keep asking these stupid questions that you don't want to hear the answers too? This is what we call TROLLING.

There's the difference xHeavyx, plain and simple.
xHeavYx  +   884d ago
@Xbox fun
You seriously think that someone is going to open a second program (which would make the gaming screen smaller BTW) to use a feature that is already available?
The second point, you really expect me not to say anything when you compare Kinect to Gaikai?
And please, don't act like you don't go into Sony articles to troll
ShwankyShpanky  +   884d ago
You could hook two PS4s together via USB and get a supercharged PS8.

No, it hasn't been announced or demonstrated, but the *possibilities* are there.

BTW... can you identify any of these Kinnect "possibilities" that could not be accomplished with the PS4 cam? About the only thing I can think of is maybe some low-light capabilities. Even the heart rate thing is just done by color analysis of the image.

I'll start one from the PS4 side: The stereoscopic PS4 camera can take 3d photographs and video. Can the monoscopic Kinnect do that?

"Use Skype to party chat with friends while playing a game."

You want all your friends to see you sitting around in your underwear? (or you think they want to see that?) According to a number of Xbone fanboys in various Kinnect/spying threads, that seems to be the way they all play.

(BTW, expect a fair uptick in Vita sales with the release of the PS4. I know I'll be getting one in the future. Remote Play FTW)

"Maybe coordinate attacks while playing Titanfall, Cod, or BF4. You know fun stuff like that while gaming."

I know, right? That goodness for Kinnect, otherwise we'd have no way to communicate in-game. Hm, would I rather just have a voice in my ear, or a half-dozen distracting faces taking up valuable real estate on screen?
#1.6.5 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report
rainslacker  +   884d ago
They don't need to show everything, but they should show something to make it worth the extra $100 for a peripheral that apparently a majority of people don't care about or simply don't want.

Investing in a game machine is buying half promise and half what's there now. Right now it seems outside of some appealing games, there are just too many promises with nothing substantial shown.

At least with Sony, they do have a reliable track record in the games department, so we can go with that promise. Quite honestly, the other stuff they offer I don't mind having, use it from time to time, but couldn't care less if it's there or not. I buy consoles to play games, and I'd imagine many others are the same way.

Now, I'm an admitted Sony fan. I will never deny it. But I want MS to show me something that's worth buying the console for. I want MS to prove to me that they can live up to the promises. I want MS to sell me on their system, I'm a hard sell because I'm a cynical a**hole. But my money is just as good as everyone else's. I also buy a crap ton of games, so you know...I'd make a good customer.
BOLO  +   884d ago
Sega Channel.
AwesomeMan   884d ago | Spam
SliceOfTruth888  +   884d ago
I have the X1 by comcast and its garbage. First the remote they give you doesnt even have a tv input button to change over to a console. Second all of the voice commands are available only for IOS no droid or windows as of now and the way it works for IOS now is nothing special at all.

With the XBOX one i will never have to touch anything with the tv again. Just one single hdmi cord will go to the tv and i will be able to control everything. I will now be able to watch MNF while playing Madden and keeping up with my fantasy scores without EVER having to turn away from the tv. No Pause, No nothing. The only people not impressed with these features cant afford 2 consoles so they have to complain about the other to justify their choice.

With Kinect obviously you did no research because they fixed the lag and the Kinect is an amazing piece of technology. Now when iam playing battlefield and i want to start a party chat instead of hitting the xbox button, scroll to party chat and then invite everyone. I can just say xbox start party chat and everyone can just say xbox join party chat. You never have to stop playing.

Then we have the dynamic matchmaking and i mean this one takes the cake. You mean to tell me i can play Killer Instinct with a friend while we wait for our Forza and Battlefield matchmaking to find us a game? You technically never have to wait in a lobby ever again which will keep franchises online communities alive much longer than ever before.
HiddenMission  +   884d ago
really can't afford I already have multiple PS3's, Wii U, Vita, 3D, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 10.0 and several S3's in my house not including the monster sized $4000 TV's I have in each room.

Everything is connected in my house for the most part and guess what I'm not impressed. So yeah people who can afford multiple console don't 2 PS4's are already paid off.

Don't assume like you know what every consumer's tastes are and budgets are.

Also you do know most of what you talked about has not actually been shown off in a real life...aka not scripted pre-recorded situations.
aceitman  +   884d ago
@slice just 2 things u say are wrong I wont go into the rest u have x1 , not sure u do cause u need 2 hdmi cables to connect one from x1 to tyv and the other for tv to x1 , it has to go that way so they can talk to each other. 2 there is some lag on Kinect 2.0 not as bad as the 1st but not that much of a difference.
buynit  +   884d ago
What question you want answered heavy..

All youre going to say is you dont like it, its behind a pay wall and its been done before..

The "its been done before" kills me lol.. no one not even sony has taken a camera as far as ms has taken it and made it main stream.. so now we are supposed to dissmis what kinect can do because sony has done a camera for like 2 decades but never gave it real support Or moved it forward.. and im not spending 500 just for that incase you been under a rock xb1 has a few great launch games..

I dont want kinect to take over my hardcore games I just want simple voice comands hand gestures and head tracking, I want kinect to add to the ec perience not take it completely over..

Just stfu about skyp you clearly dont know how its going to be used in xb1 go educate your self before comparing to to vitas skyp..
No one has done what xb1 is doing on video game consoles plain and simple thats why its innovative. A lot more ppl are going to get that experience that not many had the pleasure to experience..

Stop acting stupid im not buying an xb1 to yell at it and I love the fact that I dont have to manualy switch inputs. I mean how the hell can you even hate on how easy it will be going from game to tv to internet?

My paragraphs are all over the place my stupid phone is acting up..
#1.9 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Philaroni  +   884d ago
For me the main issue I am having with the XB1 is that the two major features on it I won't use. I don't have cable TV and more and more every year ditch cable for Netflix and other content. So the extra HDMI in port is kind of useless for many of us. Kinect is something I'll never really be on board with. Its cool but in my small space I live in I can't use it, the media features are over rated for both XB1 and PS4 my free time is spent playing games. I don't at all mind the extra media content just I don't like how MS seems to have this massive focus on it.

The NFL deal really means little to me since Monday ESPN games I just go to a local bar to watch and all other games are on just the free cable TV and its in HD. Also with a lot of the networks broadcasting online for free now it just makes any kind of arrangement irrelevant.

Part of me really things MS thought Sony would only have 4G of GDDR5. If that was the case then the $500 price tag would be much more attractive. I think MS will still do fine, they have a little stronger line up for the hardcore gamer atm and Titanfall looks amazing. The real Xfactor for both is how all there cloud bases services are going to work.
SliceOfTruth888  +   884d ago
Just so you know the Kinect 2 was designed for very small apartments with very little space you can play pretty much right in front of the thing now. I have both consoles on pre order so trying to convince anyone of either side is never my goal, but i will say when PS4 fanboys notice how much faster the X1 performs over the PS4 and they go "I dont understand its GDDR5" its going to be the funniest day ever.
cell989  +   884d ago
ze powa of da cloud tho
stage88  +   884d ago
So they're saying PS4 will win?
That's strange of them.
nosferatuzodd  +   884d ago
shh let them live in their illusions
BlackTar187  +   884d ago
Why hasn't anyone given a counter point to him though?

It is kinda funny that you say i don't want to discuss it. Why are you here then? Its rather shallow and pathetic to be honest to spend your time responding a second time with such a feeble response.

Discuss it with me then. I am much more even and i prefer the PS family and brand and games over all others but that doesn't make me stupid, blind or ignorant. So go ahead and throw your pitch at me and if i can rebuttal i will if i can't then you win.
Rageanitus  +   884d ago
DO not underestimate the console market..... Just look at last generation alot of console only players thought many of the features are TRULY INVOVATIVE when they have been on on PC's for the longest time.

Just like the most graphics are portrayed console vs PC.... most console only players think PC graphics are NOT that much better even though they dont have a PC gaming rig.

Sorry to say this but there are alot of ppl out there who are not aware of better graphics, MODS, free DLC, voice chat etc etc etc .

Some ppl really choose to be closed minded (ahem look at the apple market) and this is when marketing comes into play. Good marketing with a decent working product can get you a long way.
#1.15 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Sarick  +   884d ago
"Bottom line. Microsoft changed their vision to match the competition. That's not innovation. That's adjustment."

I disagree, they changed their bottom line because their aggressive money making policies caused enough customer backlash to force a restructure/redesign.

Remember the three basic laws of a successful business. Lowest number ALWAYS has priority.

1. Self preservation of company and/or it's investments.
2. Create products/services in it's interest unless they conflict with the first rule.
3. Serve the public demand/interest unless they conflict with the first or second rule.

MS had to take action or risk the #1 rule of preserving their investments. This meant changing a few policies. This wasn't because they where nice people but because the loyalty of it's customer market was collapsing with EXTREME prejudice.

The fact is Microsoft wanted to make games licensed content so they could control first sale rights much like they do with their OEM software. It was more or less was making the physical disc digital copies. Thankfully most of the public including a lot of previous Microsoft fans stood up and said HELL NO!

I'm glad they did.
#1.16 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
TheHybrid  +   884d ago
Calm down man. You don't have to buy an Xbox just buy a wii or ps4 and be happy
TheHybrid  +   884d ago
You sony fanboys all sound like my grandparents. "Who needs a phone with the computer on it?"

"Why do I need a camera in my phone, I already have a Polaroid"

"Who needs the Internet, my system of messenger pigeons has worked fine for years"
Campy da Camper  +   884d ago
Because when I'm hired to photograph a wedding I use my Nexus and when I want to speak to my dying grandpa I message him over the internet instead of visiting in person. /s
rainslacker  +   884d ago
Maybe you should listen to your elders.

Most people do not need a phone with a computer in it.

Most people do not need a camera in their phones.

And the internet, while beneficial for some things, is a cesspool of hate and ignorance.

No one needs these things, they provide convenience or entertainment. For a game console, I'd prefer it focus on games at a company wide level instead of trying to be a jack of all trades. When you look at devices where the main focus isn't games, the games tend to be lackluster, because all those other things take focus away from what it is. Offering those features is fine, and even a good thing, focusing on those features is not a good way to sell a game machine to a gamer.
#1.18.2 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
GodGinrai  +   884d ago

PowerVr sums it up eloquently you were not asking for debate you are picking a fight.

I am going to pretend you didnt post it the way you did and read it like this:

Heavy: "honest question you guys, and im not saying this to pick a fight. But what is so innovative about Xbox one? I have other devices that do those things. What is about Xbox one that you guys find innovative.I am not convinced. but I am open to serious discussion about it"

Had you phrased it like that you would have had some freindly, civil, polite ..and maybe even informative responses.

Assuming I read your question the polite way, I am going to say what I find innovative about it all.I am not going to bash..i am not going to flame:

lets start here:
"How is it innovative? Many things have been done already, just check Comcast X1.
"TV and sports"
You can switch between TV and games with a remote controller, you only need to press it twice,"

comcast is not a gaming service. they certainly dont make a console. yet X1 is the console with those features...In addition to being a hardcore games console.yes you can use a remote to change your TV..but a console that can control your TV via voice while keeping you inside the consoles OS..that has never been done before. A smart TV can snap...but can it puase my game, turn on my Xbox or change game? can it recognize when my girl is now operating it and she want to do a bit of zumba or kinect sports2? no..a smart tv cant. certainly not the remote for my TV. And let me just say, I appreciate what zumbz has done for my girls abs. I am quiete happy to buy her the next one. Think about all of that stuff with an objective mind for a moment. you wanted debate and freindly conversation. here it is.

"Nothing has been shown from MS to sell Kinect to the hardcore gamers, just some laggy games like the fighting one. It will end up being like the first Kinect"

I agree its uses as a full on controller for our types of games are extremely limited. but this is two fold. For the casual stuff..its faster and more accurate. Its TV/sports/media/apps control and functionality. those are things that my my girlfriend..many of my freinds and family and Im sure that applies to many of you guys too...they will lap that stuff up. simply because this kind of stuff has never been delivered to them in this kind of package before.

Sony..much like apple..much like google..want living room domination. sony are not fools. they have been pretty active about pursuing cable on PS4. As devices converge people will want something that can be a central hub of sorts. a games console is a great way to get their fast. MS have known that for a long time, but they have learned the hard way..and rightfully so..that the gamers come first. That does not mean they cannot pursue their bigger goal..but they needed to deliver it in a box that could really do alot of different things. X1 will be an amazing chord cutter in alot of homes.

This is just my opinion of course.
buynit  +   884d ago
Well said.. I couldnt of said it better, you actualy made me want to get zumba for my wifes abs! Lol
jr85prix   884d ago | Spam
Belking  +   884d ago
xboxone is't innovative but adding a touch pad to a controller is? MS has shown much more innovative stuff than the competition.

custom music while playing a game
Natural user interface with kinect
brought apps and os to consoles
online gaming on a console

and those are just for xbox and the one is bringing even more.
BlackTar187  +   884d ago
Broadband? Really?

Custom music? Okay ill give
Xbox live? Well yea can't have xbox live on a non MS console.
Brought apps? I don't think this is true both consoles released out the gate with some addon Apps.
Online gaming on a console? This has been done before xbox.

Why is it xbox fans like to give all the credit for pregression to MS?
2cents  +   884d ago

You are correct in your summation of ideas put together.

The beauty that beholds me lies within the elegance with witch it has been put together. Especially the way that kinect has been, not integrated, but built as a foundation of the consoles experience.

I'm not trying to say your wrong, just that I think your words are very diminishing of what has gone into the creation of the Xbox one experience. I read this article and it's not very good, and I can see why you would want to write what you have based on the language of this piece.

But there is no need to hate on it, because of yet another opinion piece.
Just as easy to appreciate what has gone into the creation of both, and make a personal choice for the console that suits your needs.
edonus   884d ago | Spam
Heartnet  +   884d ago
You mention a ton of devices that do 1 or 2 of those things But the Xbox1 does them all.. Thats why it will do well... People dont like stacking boxes and cables behind their TV when they can just have 1 Box...

And this isnt about the hardcore gamers! This is about convinience for everyone... Consoles arnt just aimed at harrdcore gamers as their seen as Entertainment systems more than anything else which appeals to a larger market...
MicDude  +   884d ago
I don't think that TV and Sports are the selling factors of the X1 to the general consumer. I think the biggest selling factor is convince.

Being able to instantly switch between watching TV and Games and the other apps with voice control and this hand gestures. Also having all of your entertainment devices controlled by one box. It is just more convenient. Is it the right business strategy? IDK. We shall see.
StoutBEER  +   884d ago
You skipped over one feature i'm really excited for. Can play a game or watch a vid on youtube while matchmaking is searching. I have ADD so this is fucking great for me.
JustPlay4  +   884d ago
I know, what is this innovation they keep talking about I just don't see it if someone can explain it to me I might get it but for now I see nothing that the X1 can do that would ever make me go "I have to have It!!!" and it never will
BallsEye  +   884d ago
Project Spark and recording your own animations for the game, voice over and facial expressions. Go check it on youtube. Btw no kinect 2 doesn't really lag, something just wrong with that game.
NatureOfLogic  +   885d ago
'Xbox One will win because I said so' is all I got from the article. What's so innovative about X1? kinect 2.0? things already available on Xbox 360. Saying the core gamers and press don't matter, you're clearly delusional and in denial. That said, what caused all of these 180s by MS. It's wasn't the M$heep or apologist. It was the press and core gamers that made X1 unattractive for even the casuals. MS didn't see any of the pre-orders from casuals flowing in hence the 180s. I'm not surprise people still think X1 will come out on top, after all, people did defend Xbox One original announcement.
_QQ_  +   884d ago
I don't care about XBOX but lets be honest the only reason 'Xbox One will win because I said so' is all you got from the article, is because you didn't read past the title.
ape007  +   884d ago
if MS made a kinectless SKU and advertise the hell out CoD (PSN's Most played game) and all other big 3rd party games like GTA having dedicated server support(less lag, less disconnections and more player count)

i think xbox one one can easily compete or beat ps4, it just need to be at the same price to do that

imagine how many crazy online people are gonna get an X1 over ps4 for that, same price, much better online gameplay

it's only a matter of time before MS remove mandatory kinect, free forza 5 and fifa 14 are huge signs of them wanting to move the 500$ model as fast as possible before introducing a 399$ SKU or a 350$ SKU kinectless one

Edit:LoL @ disagrees, looks like logic and reason are nowhere to be found on N4G, some people here are too emotional and confined to think outside the box
#3 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
scott182  +   884d ago
Sony made a thousand times worse impressions last gen to start, plus a $600 price tag and "no games" as Xbox fans would say. And they won monthly sales worldwide every single month.... Even if sony's was more expensive again this time around, there is no reason to think they wouldn't continue on that same path.
#3.1 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ape007  +   884d ago
it's price + bad first impressions MS made
iMixMasTer872   884d ago | Spam
corvusmd  +   884d ago
I agree that in the end XB1 will sell more or "win", after the initial anticipation of the PS4 wears off, and we realize there really isn't anything special about it...people will look to XB1 exclusives (that weren't already playing them) and then realize how much better the network is, and start doing all of their online play on'll happen, but no doubt at first PS4 will take the lead, perhaps by a lot, but the fact that graphically both consoles are so similar now doesn't bode well for PS4 being as their only real advantage is a more powerful GPU, that is already easy to create for. No doubt games on both systems will get better, but the magic behind the PS4 GPU is no fact it's greatest strength is that it's already optimized.
WeAreLegion  +   884d ago
The PS4 will have the better exclusives though.
corvusmd  +   884d ago
I whole-heartedly disagree with fact I was fully convinced going into E3 that I was gonna have to shell out a ton of cash for both systems at launch this year...but the thing that turned me off first was the fact that I didn't care about ANY of the PS4 exclusives (except Order at first till I found out it was linear). I admit, it feels weird that this may be the first gen I don't get a PS4, but until the impress me with exclusives I care about then I'll put that money towards XB1 games, and enjoy a MUCH MUCH MUCH better network
Enemy  +   884d ago
@ Corvusmd: Of course you'll disagree. But ask yourself: Who had the most GOTY winners this gen? Who has the best 1st party developers? Who had the most, successful new IPs? I'll answer for you: it's Sony, and always have been Sony since the PS1 days.

How many GOTY winners did Microsoft have? You don't understand that what we're seeing at launch is not what we'll see in 2014. I hope for your sake you're ready for what's coming from Sony. Naughty Dog/Santa Monica/Guerrilla/Media Molecule/Quantic Dream/Ready At Dawn are almost ready to show their new stuff. :)
#4.1.2 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(3) | Report
Dobgamers  +   884d ago

Hmmm... Let's compare the BIG titles shall we?

PS4: Killzone: SF (my most anticipated exclusive launch game), Driveclub and Knack.

XBOX ONE: Ryse Son of Rome, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct.

They are all awesome, you can't say it that it's a fact unless that you're a SONY fanboy!
#4.1.3 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report
Aggesan  +   884d ago
Ps4 is stronger, less expensive and Sony has way more and better first party developers. That's all I care about.
ape007  +   884d ago
it's not confirmed to make obvious difference over X1 graphically and besides X1 has better CPU and 32MB ESRAM, let's wait and see and compare games

and less expensive?, yes this is a legit point but MS can remove kinect at any time

dedicated servers for every game, Fact, sony doesn't have that on a large scale to support almost every 3rd party game like MS....
#4.2.1 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(11) | Report
cell989  +   884d ago
@ape 32MB of ESRAM creates more bottlenecks than sticking with a unified DDR5 RAM architecture, so stop boasting about it like its actually an advantage. Microsoft is not going to remove Kinect its a fact, thats like removing the HDD, developers count on these features once integrated you can just remove them, besides Kinect is actually the only thing setting apart from the PS4

PS3 players have been enjoying dedicated servers for a long time ago, you really think Sony wont do the same for PS4 especially now that they be charging for online play.
scott182  +   884d ago
Fact: Microsoft's cloud was made for business first, and is also used for games. We don't know they will support every 3rd party game, or even most...

Sony's was built FOR games and gaming and will grow stronger, it wasn't built for Sony's business side.

Where is it confirmed that Microsoft's CPU is faster? the 32 ESRAM is for minor things like smoothing textures a bit.. Sony has strong enough ram to take the tiny hit.
Enemy  +   884d ago
@ Ape007: You clearly don't know what you're talking about. Time for a timeout, no? Maybe a juice box, a lunchable.
IcicleTrepan  +   884d ago
You say this, but once Titanfall comes out, that box will be flying off the shelves and you know it. And once that's died down.. Halo 5 will come out. And you know what happens when a Halo game comes out, especially the first Halo game of a generation.

I think Sony does have good exclusives, but they do not move units and sell near as well as Xbox exclusives and it has nothing to do with which box is better at that point. They WILL sell millions upon millions of copies of Titanfall and Halo 5 no matter what you say.

The Halo series has sold 50 million games as of nearly one year ago. I'm sure we can expect another 50 million copies sold on the One. People like Master Chief.
#4.2.5 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
Enemy  +   884d ago
^ Lol sales analysts should stop pretending to know what a good game is when your most successful game of all time is, by your standard, Call of Duty.
ShwankyShpanky  +   884d ago
@ape: "dedicated servers for every game, Fact."

...if the publisher pays for them. Any implication that dedicated servers are free or a given for all Xbone games is pure FUD. If you claim otherwise, provide a source.
aceitman  +   884d ago
@corvusmd if sony takes the lead at the beginning no one will see ms make a comeback , people said sony will never make a comeback with ms having a year head start , that was proven false y sony exclusives and they built a better online to compete with live . sony is delivering early and will keep it going, ms doesn't have a chance next gen the way sony is taking the lead by a hefty margin on preorders. and sony will show its true powers with exclusives coming soon from naughtydog and other 1st party devs.
#4.3 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Lboogieskells  +   884d ago
Mark Cerny has stated the the devs won't take full advantage of the PS4's GPU until 3-4 years from now.
nycgamer4ever  +   884d ago
We really need a corporate shill button on N4G. I don't have anything against any of the consoles and I have a strong pc but some of you MS guys are really starting to sound delusional. Unless you are paid by these corporations or delusional I don't see what you have to gain by saying these dumb things. It isn't going to change anyone's mind, and just make you sound dumb.

That being said I can't wait to get my next gen console. I'm not going to say which one so I don't get judged.


Edit: I changed all references to retarded to dumb or delusional because it isn't fair to people with real mental disabilities.
#4.5 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Majin-vegeta  +   884d ago
Persona 4??:O
nycgamer4ever  +   884d ago
That reminds me I have to get back to P4G on my Vita.
5h4h4b  +   884d ago
Actually I think x1 will be in more trouble once the hype of its non-gaming features is over and it will be lacking on exclusives. And that inferior specs will age sooner than ps4's better specs. On the other hand you can be sure that ps4 will continue to output excellent games, yes games, that's the purpose of its creation, not watching tv.
scott182  +   884d ago
You not being interested in any of Sony's exclusives is a personal taste thing... Obviously many people disagree with that because of the large rate at which people are pre ordering Killzone sf and other sony games. People have huge interest in sony's launch games.
cell989  +   884d ago
lol in the end the xbone will sell more? just like the 360 outsold the PS3 with a year head start and at a lower price?
Roper316  +   884d ago
LOL, Ok good luck with that. LOL
MightyNo9  +   884d ago
Aprils fools day was months ago.
Lboogieskells  +   884d ago
M-M  +   884d ago
I don't see it as innovative, but it does have impressive features. The reason why I don't see it as innovative is that a lot of devices do the exact same thing that the Xboxx One is doing, as well as a lot of the Kinect features and what it has to offer. What really irritates me is that Kinect wasn't selling they way they wanted, so they are forcing it on everyone who is buying the Xbox One. If it were a separate device then they knew it wouldn't sell that well, so they went to the GAMING division to help sell their product.
Heartnet  +   884d ago
A lot of devices are doing the same things.. But there not doing all of them in one device.. Thats where Xbox1 comes in...

And Kinect did sell pretty well for the time of release and the insane price point they released it at... I wouldnt say forcing upon customers was a bad way to go as alot of features that could help increase immersion in games can be done by seeing ur reaction or body movement and applying this to the game...

You could say the same about ps4... The way the controller has that light on it for no good reason other than motion control... And the worst thing is this will drain the battery slightly even when it has no functional use...

And Kinect has always been about gaming (aside from the few research / medical places, But that cant justify the cost of designing kinect).. Its a smart move by MS to include it in the base Kit as it offers unseen potential that if done right could add a completely new element to games.. even slightly..

Smallest features can make the game a completely different experience
k2d  +   884d ago
Innovation doesn't have to come ALL AT ONCE.

Lesson to learn Microsoft.
#9 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
ape007  +   884d ago
agree with that, an all perfect plan always fail
buynit  +   884d ago
I think you are confused... Its all IN one
stellarock420  +   884d ago
well what a steaming pile of shit this is done it will fail
CrimsonStar  +   884d ago
Your comment is a big pile of shit .
LogicStomper  +   884d ago
Cool story, bro.
Kayant  +   884d ago
"TV and sports"
As someone that doesn't care for either two it's more of a gimmick to me. Having said that if it's truly seamless and not behind the XBL paywall then it could be pretty good. Although it still comes off has been just a glorified remote with recommendations.

I would say the controlling of your media centre is a better feature.

For gaming It will probably be more or less the same has we have seen. For hardcore gaming nothing will better as some form of button is better for interfacing. Voice/UI controls only if you will truly use them if not they are just gimmicks. The improvements in Kinect 2.0 should be great in fitness/dance and party games.

At the end of the day it's just an app. It's available on almost every other platform for free but is behind the XBL paywall again like everything else once it hits the Xbox platform. Nothing mind blowing. But the improvement it is set to prevent for voice chat should be welcomed.
#11 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TheGreatGamer  +   884d ago
Xbone would've been innovative if they didn't get all spineless and 180 everything but now it's just a slightly improved xbox 360 where as ps4 is truly next gen
Dark_matter  +   884d ago
You just know an article like this is gonna rile things up between the fanboys. It's best not to try to predict the future because the future is unpredictable but the only thing you can predict is the biased comments in this article lol
Indo  +   884d ago
Innovative in the way you track fantasy players, watch ESPN, SKYPE, wave your hands, talk to yourself, and such and such after paying a fee to unlock those features and like 50 others. Neither console is innovative except for the Wii U who at least tried something new.
GmIsOnPt360  +   884d ago
The funny thing is people complain and say if they did A b and C i would buy one, they did all the above and people say i don't trust them. Now its MS get rid of the kinect install base and ill buy your console...NO you wont, minds are made up off forum chatter and sensationalized news. the spy cam, really folks? can your tv, pc ,phone camera NOT be hacked? did Google not have a hand in the NSA stuff. its just silly folks give it a rest
kenmid  +   884d ago
To the Sony Fanboys in here disagree with everything, how is the PS4 more innovative?
christocolus  +   884d ago
@ kenmid

There is no need trying to make them fbs see reason...just let it go...after nov 22 we will know..
Sarobi  +   884d ago
I don't think either console is "innovative". You have two boxes that basically do the same thing:

-Plays games
-Does Netflix
-TV features
-Cameras with navigation commands.

I mean sure.. these devices can seem innovative to some people, but the truth is they don't do anything that we haven't been exposed to in this last couple of years. There is several Smart TV's on the market that do what Microsoft and Sony are trying to do (minus console quality games).

In a generation where the handheld market ranks supreme.. there just isn't anything original anymore.
#16.2 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ShwankyShpanky  +   884d ago
Biggest innovation to me: Remote Play

And people can downplay the DS4 touchpad if they want, but it effectively adds the equivalent of a dozen buttons/sliders to the controller.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   884d ago
Excellent topic. Though I wouldn't call it a war, exactly. That suggests both sides stand an equal chance of winning.
MoonWheel  +   884d ago
Man people have zero sense when it comes to the networks on ps4 and xbox 1. How do you know the network sucks on ps4 when you haven't even tested it same for xbox 1. Nobody here knows which one will be better. We do know this though. Ps plus is cheaper than xblg and offers better benefits. The only thing you need ps plus for is online multiplayer (and that doesn't apply to all games). With ps plus sony gives you free games every single month. And they are relevent games too. Aldo, you get 10-75 percent off of certain purchases you make on ps store. Now this microsoft you don't get benefits like this. Almost all the features and apps on x1 is locked behind gold. You cant even video chat or play free to play games without gold. And Microsoft isn't giving you any free games or discounts on gold. So if you get the x1 you are paying more for features that other compaines give you for free. It's a no brainer that ps plus crushes xblg in terms of real value. You guys should be looking at these reasons to chose your console and not on false claims about company you think has a better network from PAST experiences. This is 2013 not 2006 times have changed.
Heartnet  +   884d ago
You know the network will be better as The Playstaion 3 network has Sucked for its whole life span and Sony never improved it...

In fact they made the software worse by making the ps Store an App that needs updating and takes time to load...

And Ps PLus seems like a good deal... But its just a rental service that keeps you locked in...

And Games for Gold (MS Gold Free Game service) givves away free games that you keep permenently...

And Times have not changed.. the ps3 networrk still sucks.. the voice chat still sucks.. the OS still sucks... Then you look over to Xbox

At Launch the Xbox OS wasnt that great.. a series of menu's with 1 on 1 chat... But they improved this.. to what it is today.. Party chat will up to 8 people and an OS that is very easy to use...

Your going on What if's when people are looking at the now and basing there judgement on that... Yet in your statemtn saying False claims! How can any1 trust Sony software engineers when all theyve made is garbage
Kuse  +   884d ago
I'd rather pay for premium services and network than have a hollowed out one with a very small network infrastructure.

And to everyone who talks about that paywall are you all saying you never want to play multiplayer? Cause in the end you pay for online no matter which console.
AceofStaves  +   884d ago
I'm one of those gamers who doesn't play online multiplayer. I'd much rather play a game with my friends in the room, if I want a multiplayer experience.

So, now. I won't be paying for access to online multiplayer, but if PS+ proves its worth to me, I have no problem subscribing to it.
Loki86  +   884d ago
Smart Match, Snap Features, Dedicated Servers, 100% custom architecture, Voice-TV Integration, Full menu navigation via voice/gestures, Hyper-V app switching, HDMI-In, Rumble Triggers, Xbox On, and Smartglass.

Yeah not innovative whatsoever, *rolls eyes*.
Tooly  +   884d ago
most off the shit you just listed the ps4 has plus more
Heartnet  +   884d ago
Doenst have Voice TV integration, Full Menu Nav, HDMI-in, RUmble Triggers, Smartglass, Smartmatch, Snap Features OR dedicated servers....

So Really Ps4 has none of these things... and dont u need the camera for voice navigation? its not in the box so you cant say it does that when i have to buy the camera...
MoonWheel  +   884d ago
Who cares about the tv features. I already have an xbox one then it's called a remote control. The ps4 has dedicated servers. Does the xbox one controller have a touch pad? No all you got is a rumble feature.
Loki86  +   884d ago
PS4 has not announced dedicated servers for any game and they are hoping they can eventually bring it through the rackspace cloud storage they purchased. There is no guarantee however.
#20.2.1 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
MoonWheel  +   883d ago
@Loki86 Sony has been using dedicated servers for their multiplayer games on the ps3 already. It's not so hard to believe that they will do it for the ps4.
Max-Zorin  +   884d ago
Until fanboys start fighting at every midnight launch and other game event, there is no war.
#21 (Edited 884d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jameson12345  +   884d ago
Well, that depends on what your definition of innovative is.
EXVirtual  +   884d ago
I don't know how many times I need to say it.
The Xbox One will not outsell the PS4, or win the console war. End of the story.
pyramidshead  +   884d ago
Still waiting to see something really game changing in regards to kinect. Especially game wise. I won't be using it to navigate because that will get old after a week, I also won't be watching much TV on the XB1 either.

Ms really need to break out the big kinect guns or it's going to fall quite flat and I'm not sold on this "wait and see", or, "trust us" method of MS marketing.
Heartnet  +   884d ago
Depends how menu-ized the x1 is.. if i can get to arcade game marketplace with 1 command or go through 4 menu screens.. The Kinect features will seem like a godsend
seupai1085  +   884d ago
how innovative is it really? nothing about the PS4 and Xbox1 is innovative aside from some specs
Nick_515  +   884d ago
Said nobody, ever. :P
bassambient   884d ago | Trolling | show
MasterCornholio  +   884d ago
Out of the three consoles in my opinion the Wii U with its tablet controller is the most innovative. But sadly Nintendo's console is extremely underpowered when compared to the PS4 and the Xbox One.

No offense Nintendo fans but this is the truth.

Motorola RAZR i
MotoDot  +   884d ago
Thank god am buying a PS4 ! Greatness awaits ^~^
wickedthumbz  +   884d ago
Microsoft runs the world. Despite how crappy their exclusive games and console is, even if its "geared towards gamers", they will always somehow win the console war. Even if they are losing the popular vote 3:1, and their console is over priced and the best game in their lineup is Ryse, which is a combat geared version of GOW without a deep story. I just hope that smart people don't actually believe crap like this, because thats all this is!!

Online gaming started with Sega, and the Sega Dreamcast. Yes Xbox made it better but that's wasn't their original idea. Neither was bluray, motion control, or non removable HDD for the console. Remember when they said that HD DVD was the way of the future, but now they use Bluray. Remember when they said that graphics don't matter? But yet they are boasting their graphics are better. Remember they said they care about gamers? Yea me either!

I will be getting a PS4 and I can't wait for Xbone 1 to screw over all the fan boys before the company goes belly up!
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