Xbox One: Most innovative console poised to win next gen wars

The Web Graffiti: "Since the reveal of the Xbox One, Microsoft has found itself on the wrong end of the stick where gamers are concerned. Gamers who seem to think a video game machine must solely focus on games and much of nothing else, which is quite an immature thought. However, despite what hardcore gamers and the gaming press think of the Xbox One, the console is still poised to come out on top due to all its innovations."

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xHeavYx1440d ago

How is it innovative? Many things have been done already, just check Comcast X1.
"TV and sports"
You can switch between TV and games with a remote controller, you only need to press it twice, or you can buy an innovative gaming console for $500 and yell at it.
Nothing has been shown from MS to sell Kinect to the hardcore gamers, just some laggy games like the fighting one. It will end up being like the first Kinect
Behind a paywall, you can use it for free even in your PS VITA.
There is no innovation here, just ideas that have been put together and a lot of PR talking

malokevi1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )


Wait... I mean... NO!

xHeavYx1440d ago

How is it that the people who support Xbox can't answer unless they bash me or call me names? I guess it's easier to phantom disagree than to have a discussion

Enemy1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

Those policies were innovative alright!

Wanna know what else?

$500 = innovative
Kinect spy cam = innovative
Weaker specs = innovative
Power brick = innovative
Mandatory Xbox Live paywall behind everything = innovative
Fake Kinect 2.0/UI demos at E3 = innovative

negative1440d ago

No, it's easier to make fun of and ignore $ony fanboys...

xHeavYx1440d ago

Thank you for helping me make my point

NewMonday1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

these are the kind that would swallow DRM and forced camera no questioned asked.

facts, commons sense and reasonable judgment are useless in any discussion

numbers prove the XB1 is struggling, it will have a hard time staying relevant.

Tony-A1440d ago

I won't say that the XBO will succeed or fail, but I do know one thing:

You can't be considered innovative if you reverse your "innovative" policies and features to better compare yourself with your competitors.

Innovators think outside the box, which I think MS tried to do, but the ideas are only half the battle. You also need to convince the public that its innovative. They clearly didn't do that.

Bottom line. Microsoft changed their vision to match the competition. That's not innovation. That's adjustment.

malokevi1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )


I didn't bash you? lol. Relax, budday!

I disagree, and I don't feel like discussing it. That would be tres tiring, n'est-ce pas?


1440d ago
P0werVR1440d ago


Why call out people for a discussion on a argument that you've already made your intentions clear on?!

Even if proven otherwise, are you going to accept their opinion? I doubt it. So don't play the fool as if you have anything relevant to state.

It's already clear by the first Xbox One/NFL commercial in why it is innovative and how Skype is synced into that.

So your point is useless as usual and shouldn't be wasting your time. It's like a witch hunt with you and your "type" on this website.

Sitdown1440d ago

So ideas put together in a single box that has not been done before is not innovated? What about playing one game while match making is taking place in the background? Just because a bunch of games have not been shown for kinect doesn't mean it's not innovate. Does comcast have an NFL deal allowing you to quickly view how your fantasy player got points...all while playing Madden? You got another console controller with rumble in the triggers? That is just throwing six of the top of my head.

Eonjay1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

As cool as a TV extender and integrated Fantasy Football are, they have to be seen as necessities in order for a "casual" gamer. Look at the Wii. It had the least bells and whistles but people liked it and it was relative cheap. The Xbox One isn't a casual device. Its for people who want an integrated all in one media center. It may outsell the Wii U, but it wont come close to touching the PS4.

This Christmas when people are buying gifts for friends and family, the PS4 will be the more affordable choice for gamers and parents alike.

nukeitall1440d ago


"Bottom line. Microsoft changed their vision to match the competition. That's not innovation. That's adjustment."

It is calld MS is ahead of the times. It is clear that we are heading into a digital future, and the current path is without sharing, selling, lending, trade-in and gifting. People against this is actually anti-consumer.

Slavery was once accepted, and when the abolishment of slavery occured, people was fighting it. One can argue that abolishing slavery back then, interpreted today is innovative and that slavery was archaic.

Point being, hysteria among the herd (the gamers) forced us back, doesn't make it not innovative. It simply means the herd moves slowly and in 5-years, we will be rejoicing this!

xHeavYx1440d ago

Did you just seriously compared MS old policies with slavery? Seriously?

Eonjay1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

@nukeitall Your slavery analogy is a bridge to far. Are you trying to assert that abolishing slavery was innovative... like "everyone was doing it until Lincoln decided to innovate"... Um stop please

blackbeld1440d ago

Microsoft is sure innovative.

They invent this ┌П┐(•_•)┌П┐to their fans.

Hope you understand why we switch for PS4.

thrust1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

If I wanted an upgrade in hardware only to play games, I would of upgrade my pc.

I want a console/tech to do alot more than just play games, think deep down everyone is the same aswell.

OMG! Slavery really???? You should be banned from the Internet.

JokesOnYou1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

@ Heavy because its a waste of time to directly respond to you or most sonyfanboys EVERYTIME when EVERYTHING you say has been discussed to death. I mean you offered nothing new so nobody is obligated to refute what you say.

I can only speak for myself to say Id rather in most cases just give my impression on the topic instead of debating every point with a fanboy, although there are times I agree with certain negatives opinions about micro/360/X1 its always insignificant to my overall opinion of the brand, I think ps fans generally feel the same way.

So for me the 99% factor is where are the games that me, my friends and my family are going to enjoy MOST? All this policy stuff, kinect spying on me, $100 more, behind a paywall, bad PR, DRM, micro is evil literally is of almost NO importance to me. I say that because none of it will affect my ability to enjoy Halo5, in fact I regularly play Halo4 with my 2 nephews on the east coast we all love it and we use it to stay in touch. Our gaming habits and anticipation to play our favorite X1 games together is whats important so until micro does something that is going to fundamentally ruin that experience (too expensive, block online gameplay, or any unforeseen policy to limit that) then I'll continue to see most of the anti micro stuff as petty fanboy wars. I mean seriously literally almost all the hate is centered around things that won't affect me playing Titanfall with my buds on the east coast. Its always petty stuff like well micro has a paywall. Again I think many ps fans feel the same way whatever sonys doing they like it and its not likely anybody here will change their mind about which console they prefer.

I do sort of agree with Tony A micro lost what could have been innovative because they didn't have the balls to stick with it. I believe in the longterm their original approach with a few tweaks would have been very successful.

ShwankyShpanky1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

If you're going to try pulling bizarre slavery analogies out of your ass, I guess there's no reason to hold back on this one...

...Some would say Hitler was "innovative." ;-P

tokugawa1440d ago

i have to agree with joy here. heavy you are not worth talking to. but dont feel bad, there are many just like you on here. but that is why you are all here.. birds of a feather.

as well, look at the site. what you dont realise heavy is that this trash is wrote just for you and all the sony fanboys that dwell here. the author dont give a shit, his hit counter will go through the roof. mission accomplished. and these people dont even get bashed in the process anymore.

because the usual suspects are too busy foaming at the mouth and parroting the same stuff to even notice.

anyway, some people will just buy one console, others will get both. no matter how many times people parrot the same shit, it will change nothing

nukeitall1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )


"Did you just seriously compared MS old policies with slavery? Seriously?"

I knew someone will get their b*ll twisted in a bunch and completely miss the point.

The point was, people get used to thing and will resort to hysteria (and rioting) when the status quo is changed, regardless if it is right (as in the slavery case) or wrong.

That said I don't expect you (and your ilk) to agree considering your bias.

JOLLY11440d ago

xHeavyx I agree with you. I think the Wii U is the "most innovative". I don't get why you brought un the Comcast X1 though, it isn't a console. As for the PS4 and the Xbox One. I would have to give the innocation to the Xbox. The PS4 isn't trying anything new at all. At least from what I have read.

malokevi1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

"@ Heavy because its a waste of time to directly respond to you or most sonyfanboys EVERYTIME when EVERYTHING you say has been discussed to death. I mean you offered nothing new so nobody is obligated to refute what you say. "

Eventually you've got to ask yourself, what's the point?

Kryptix1440d ago

Your view on innovation is very limited.

The definition:
1: the introduction of something new
2: a new idea, method, or device : novelty

By bringing the topic of slavery in, you are trying to say that innovation is always a good thing but failed to see that slavery did start somewhere and is considered an action of taking people's rights and equality away.

I presented the definition because innovation can also be a bad thing since it doesn't specifically carry the word "good" or "positive" in it.

Don't you think adding DRM to everything we buy is also taking away our rights to lend and sell what we should own because of the purchase? It is innovation but not the best kind because we currently have the freedom to give away what we own freely and the option to do so is there.

I understand adding account locked DRM with digital copies for the reason that those files could be copied and multiplied to give to everyone but adding a lock into a disc shouldn't be necessary because it's one copy to one disc. If they hadn't made the Xbox One have mandatory installs then they wouldn't have a problem with that. They should know that the used game market is necessary because of the bad economy and people can't afford to cough up $60 every time to play new games.

Now...knowing that, if Microsoft wanted to implement DRM with the promise of selling all the games cheap, then that innovation would of gathered positive comments. I would definitely give up on the used games market if I could buy new games for 30 or 40 dollars. It would be similar to Steam with digital sales.

I call ignorance to say that Microsoft was just thinking ahead moving towards a digital future. Fact is, society hasn't gotten there yet so why skip a step and get there as quick as possible? Even if Microsoft did add DRM for cheap prices, it would still be a problem towards everyone with no internet. Unless every console had some sort of tech that lets you play the game for the first 30 days then they have to check in to keep playing but maintain those cheap prices on the market.

I don't know, but what I was trying to say, innovation is only a good thing if done right and isn't just forced into the community till they learn to accept it. If the community rejects it, it shouldn't have been brought up with no explanation. But Microsoft failed to give it a real reason for it and the whole structure of it was very flawed for our present and current living. The way Microsoft presented DRM made no sense because everything they said could be possible on the PS4. If they would lower prices, that could of been a good reason but still a no go for the masses with no internet access.

rainslacker1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )

I love how everyone says it's not worth responding to Heavy because it's a waste of time, then go on to write a long post on why it's a waste of time, instead of just addressing what he says. Regardless of if it will change his mind, it doesn't mean that others may not join in and provide more interesting discourse than over-extended fan-boy-pointing-outing.

Seriously, to all the people on all sides that do the same thing, if you want better discussions and less trolling, at least try to provide a decent argument instead of minimizing or dismissing the arguments made.

Definition of innovate
1. to introduce something new, make changes in anything established.
2. to introduce(something new) for or as if for the first time.

Nothing MS has announced is new. However some of it is new to consoles in it's current form. In some ways they are innovative, in others they aren't. This is pretty true of all 3 console makers to varying degrees.

Doesn't mean that innovation is meaningful in any way. That'd be a more interesting discussion...the actual meaningfulness of their innovations.

GT671439d ago

"where do PR people get these WILD unproven info from???" how on God green earth they know x1 will win next to get few lottery # from them.

P0werVR1439d ago (Edited 1439d ago )


So wait a minute...

You pretty much proved your own argument?!

My gosh your comment is a testament to how superficial some of you are on this site. I could've just stated "Need I say more..." and bow out, but I just had to prove that you proved yourself.

Riddle me this, is there any TV featurer or cable box feature that has hyper v in it for seamless snap transitions?!

If you can prove to me that Hyper V isn't innovative than I'll bow out. Other than that, there is a reason why they brought the legend Dave Cutler to the Xbox Divion to create Hyper V.

nukeitall1439d ago


Despite our different views, I appreciate you giving me a proper and well thought out response (albeit in fewer words would be better next time, but I'm wordy to).

"By bringing the topic of slavery in, you are trying to say that innovation is always a good thing..."

What I was trying to say is, change even for the better is often time resisted. People don't like (good) change and you see this resurface in almost everything you do in life.

"Don't you think adding DRM to everything we buy is also taking away our rights to lend and sell what we should own because of the purchase?"

Technically, MS gave you more options on your digital purchases than is currently. You can't really share, sell, gift or trade-in your digital purchases right now.

You could with MS DRM, and as we move forward people will start to automatically shift to digital media and nobody has spearheaded the change of DRm to consumer benefit.

This means, if you were against MS DRM, you are actually anti-consumer. From a digital perspective, everything MS has done is in consumers best interrest, except for the 24-hour check-in, that is required for all these benefits to work.

"...we currently have the freedom to give away what we own freely..."

So was MS DRM. You could gift your game away digitally as well.

"adding a lock into a disc shouldn't be necessary because it's one copy to one disc."

The instant switching and instant access nature with high performance dictated that digital copies was necessary.

There are pro's and con's to this, but the used game market still would have existed. Because of the daily check-in, allowed MS to enable resell, gifting and trade-in of digital games.

You could do essentially whatever the physical copy did, in the digital world.

"I would definitely give up on the used games market if I could buy new games for 30 or 40 dollars."

So you are saying, you would give up your rights if it was cheap enough?

You no longer care if it is DRM.

"...society hasn't gotten there yet so why skip a step..."

That is the definition of change. Ready or not, but I really think MS botched the messaging. I'm sure their statistics shows the vast majority connect the Xbox to the internet. Without the internet, that box is pretty limited (i.e. pretty dumb).

"... Microsoft failed to give it a real reason for it and the whole structure of it was very flawed..."

I do agree that MS botched the messaging with plenty of confusion, and that a very small group of people ruined it for the many. Fact of the matter is, the ability to trade-in, gift, and sell your digital purchases hasn't been done by anyone, let alone in the console space.

It isn't as bad as everyone think it is, and has myriad of benefits.

"...everything they said could be possible on the PS4."

That is completely irrelevant what is possible or not possible on PS4. However, my take on it was if you wanted a disc based solution, you could buy a PS4 and if you wanted the digital future, buy an Xbox One.

There was two consoles to suite both parts of the market. Now, we only have one were we stick with the status quo of age old physical discs.

Essentially we removed an option. Worse, we patt each other on the back and saying we fought for gamers.

However, all we did was reduce options in the market, and went backwards on digital freedom. That is completely anti-consumer!

rainslacker1438d ago


Maybe I missed how I'm being superficial. I'm merely pointing out that many people say that it's not worth responding to Heavy in a rather long winded post. I then make a suggestion that maybe they actually address his points instead of just calling him a fan boy without actually trying to counter argue what he says in order to disprove him intelligently without the use of misdirection or trivialization. You know, discuss things in a discussion forum...crazy I know. It may not have an effect on Heavy, but it could lead to better discourse overall.

I then proceeded to add something to the actual thread at hand, which was, "Microsoft is/isn't innovative", just to try and nurture my prior suggestion of providing reasoned discourse. I didn't get all technical with it, and stayed rather moderate, but yeah, at least I did more than call out fan boys, which I also did.

As far as Hyper V. To my knowledge it hasn't been used for any kind of "snap" feature in consoles...although the Vita does use a HV to operate it's multi-tasking, and the PS3 uses it when you press the PS button in game. I can't speak to the 360 because I"m not familiar enough with it's OS, however the 360 does have one.

The real innovation here isn't the fact that they are using hypervisor, but the fact they are bringing this level of multi-tasking to consoles in what they say, and which is apparently pretty seamless. The fact that they are using hypervisor for it isn't really innovative as the HV is just a means to an end. The inclusion of a HV in the console isn't terribly innovative, as it's been done with the PS3, 360, Wii, Wii U, Vita, and if I'm not mistaken, the Dreamcast. MS also didn't create Hypervisor, it was created by IBM back in the late 60's.

The fact that you call it Hyper-V(the MS marketing buzzword) only shows that you buy into PR machine. There is so much more to what they're doing than that. As I said in my original post, some of the stuff they're doing is innovative, some of it isn't. In this case, you, and MS, are focusing on the wrong thing that is innovative in favor of having a fancy marketing term, although MS is at least prudent enough to just show off the feature instead of trying to make it sound fancy by overusing this term.

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SegaSaturn6691440d ago

It's innovative. Never before has a such an expensive cable box accessory been widely flaunted. Microsoft knows how to make quality electronics *buys 3 zunes*

PunisherRevenge1440d ago

@SegaSaturn669.....Yep Sony is also known for great quality electronics *buys 5 Walk mans*

meganick1440d ago


Sony does make quality electronic devices. Are you implying they don't?

SegaSaturn6691440d ago

Do you not like walkmans? I really enjoyed mine. Betamax is another story, but for the most part, I've been quite happy with my Sony purchases.