GTA V Music and Radio now (officially) revealed

Rockstar Games have finally launched the Music & Radio section on the Grand Theft Auto V Official Website, here you can find previews for seven of the 17 radio stations, with more to come closer to release, as well as information on the games score and the Official Soundtrack.

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xHeavYx1749d ago

The "East Los Santos" radio reminds me of this by Gabriel Iglesias
Can't wait to check the Rock station, please let it be good!

thorstein1749d ago

West Coast Classics had a similar one on San Andreas. Can't wait. I hope I get more episodes of Republican Space Rangers on the TVs.

Outsider-G1749d ago (Edited 1749d ago )

From what I've heard, some songs feel reminiscent to Vice City & San Andreas.

I love this track.

younglj011749d ago

wow thanks for that song.The beat alone is something of an masterpiece..Thanks again first time ever hearing of this song/group...


djtek1841749d ago

been looking for that. thanks bud

NovusTerminus1749d ago

Kinda sad there doesn't seem to be a Metal station, Saints Row ditched it and I don't think GTA ever had it...

Wintersun6161749d ago

That is so true. Metal should not be ignored but for some unexplained reason it so often is.

Trenta271748d ago

It's based on today's music, which doesn't really have much metal anymore so it seems only fit that they don't include any.

Wintersun6161748d ago

How clueless can one be? Metal is an ever growing genre and extremely diverse in different styles and themes. It's just that because mainstream media doesn't give a rats ass, non-informed people don't know jack. Metal is bigger than ever before, most people just don't know it.

die_fiend1748d ago

You've just made his point. No one knows about it. Which is why it isn't in the game

NovusTerminus1749d ago

Oh... You see I am semi new to buying GTA, I played allot of 3, and some of Vice City, but didn't recall them having one...

Thank you for the correction! Hope this game has one too!

Dan501749d ago

Vice City had V Rock.

KwietStorm1748d ago

I don't know how big Metal was in the 80s, but Vice City had a Rock station. There was definitely Metal stations in others though.

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-Foxtrot1749d ago

Does anyone know if there is an oldie station like Flash FM in Vice City or K-DST/K Rose in San Andreas ?

solidboss1749d ago

kind of disappointed there doesn't seem to be a metal station but i am def. loving the west coast classics station.

xHeavYx1749d ago

I agree, I'm hoping the Rock one is good, please no emo rock, lol

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