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This Isn't The First Time Microsoft Aired a Console Ad Without Games

People have been brutally criticizing Microsoft for airing an Xbox One commercial without showing any videogames. (Industry, Microsoft)

Muerte2494  +   721d ago
For a launch system..
though. That's primarily direct at gamers?
NatureOfLogic  +   721d ago
You're first console commercial and you don't show the console or games? *scratches head* MS focus is clearly not on games.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   721d ago
Well its an Xbox. People know what it is and what they're buying.

I criticized it little myself, but it makes sense to advertise its NFL capabilities seeing how the first kick off was last night.

Plus this is not the only advertisement you'll see come launch trust me.
malokevi  +   721d ago


I see games that I like. I think that's pretty much all that matters.

Mass appeal is a good thing, me thinks.
nukeitall  +   721d ago
Looks at MS games: Forza 5, Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Titanfalls, Quantum Break and so on.

Looks at competition: indies, indies and more indies.

Looks at both MS and competition gaming features and sees MS matches everything and adds SmartMatch, SmartGlass, dedicated servers, the cloud and so on.

...but hey, let's focus on the ad. MS is clearly not focusing on gamers!
malokevi  +   721d ago
"People have been brutally criticizing Microsoft for airing an Xbox One commercial without showing any videogames."

Oh, really? Quelle grand suprise!

People are obviously bored. Who cares? I thought the commercial was nifty! Some crazy camera angles.
Godmars290  +   721d ago
How odd is that MS repeated the exact same "mistake" they did with the first XB1 presentation? How much does it say about their thinking or how much their original intent has changed in light of all the reversals.
GryestOfBluSkies  +   721d ago
i think this and their other recent comments (drm was 'ahead of gamers', for example) suggest that they still believe in all of their original policies. they only changed these things because of pre order numbers.
rainslacker  +   721d ago
The commercial in question was aimed at people who watch football. They were marketing it not to gamers, but football fans.

While I question their focus overall, this particular ad was meant to reach the audience that was watching it.

OTOH, Sony did have a GOW ad for the online SuperBowl broadcast.
Godmars290  +   721d ago
Think about that. Sony, who makes games and sells a game system, bought ad time during the Superbowl to sell a game. Whereas MS did an ad to let people watching football know that they could watch football, talk to friends via skype and run a fantasy football league, via their media center.
rainslacker  +   721d ago
I don't really need to think about it. It has not gone unnoticed by me that they seem to have a overly zealous fetish for being primarily a media box that also plays games, instead of the other way around.

My point was though that they want to get those football watchers on board. The reason for this is probably because that market is very lucrative, and MS seems to want a piece of all the pies.

It's not a bad strategy overall, just not terribly appealing to me. For our part, as gamers, we don't care about what MS has to offer, but it is in MS best interest to advertise those features to people that do care about them.
Godmars290  +   721d ago
And the problem with *THAT* is that MS has a history of not developing games. Of spending more money, far more, and advertising and exclusives which often turn out to be limited. Even their indie push was more about generating "content", stuffing their library with titles for the sake of stuffing it with titles, than making new much less quality IPs.

So then the issue at once is if this NFL thing does bring in NFL viewers, where will MS's attention go to? Nevermind that this is another example of how their attention is limited.

At the very least you have to admit that, yet again, MS have opened themselves up to ridicule. It also says something that, when looking at the launch line-ups of both systems, the games don't present a "casual" face to the general consumer or anything new or different from what's come before.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   721d ago
They paid big bucks for the NFL -Marketing- partnership,. -dat casual crowd.
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EXVirtual  +   721d ago
It's not even that they showed an ad that was solely about multimedia. Sony has done the same thing I believe.
It's that it's the first commercial for the XB1. It completely shafts gamers. It really shows what they want the XB1 to be first and foremost: A multimedia hub. And because of that, I think that the number of exclusives coming out for the XB1 will lower massively in about 2 years.
@corvusmd, it isn't fanboys just filling the place with bad XB1 news, it's because of the fact that there has been a pile of nothing but bad XB1 news and very little good news. On the PS4 side, there has not been that much bad news, almost next to none. It is reasonable to say that MS repeating the mistake of the initial reveal. It wouldn't even be that bad if they showed both the multimedia and games, but there were no games. Zero. And again, this is the first commercial.
@mars290, the point is there were NO games.
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corvusmd  +   721d ago
Sony has, they do it all the time actually...I posted some links yesterday, but the bottom line is these fanboys are just looking for anything to talk trash about the XB1 for. They don't care if it's reasonable or not, they just want to fill the internet with bad news about the XB1 cause they are feeling the pressure now and have staked their entire online persona on PS4 crushing XB1...and if it doesn't...they have to admit they were wrong...so it's all about the Smear campaign.
Godmars290  +   721d ago
Yes. Like this one:

Or this one:

Or this one:

And who could forget this one - sackboy version:

Overall point: when they talked about media, they talked about everything else. It wasn't just about one and one thing only.

That commercial says that the XB1 is an NFL viewer which has apps which help you watch the NFL.
nukeitall  +   721d ago

"That commercial says that the XB1 is an NFL viewer which has apps which help you watch the NFL."

It is called targeted advertisment. Nothing wrong with advertising the most appealing thing, you know NFL viewer, to NFL viewers!

Whoaa... what a revelation and not a total conspiracy theory by a known Sony fangirl!!!
hop3lessfray  +   721d ago
I feel like both consoles are designed to be that. Microsoft hasn't been shy about it (All in One). Sony has done a better job of catering towards the gamer audience while eventually reminding people briefly at E3 that they're Sony and can offer a shit ton of music, movies, and television shows.
Hicken  +   721d ago
Bubbles for well said. That's really the bottom line. Rather than spending a bunch of time on it, Sony just reminds people from time to time.
rainslacker  +   721d ago
Is it really necessary to advertise to gamers on TV right now. If it's not available right now, or within a couple weeks, why try to get the regular gamers to buy it. Besides right now GTAV is on everyone's mind, not to mention the other rather high profile games that have come out recently.

We already know almost everything about it, and most of us have made a decision. It would be a waste to spend a lot of money on us right now when a press release will achieve the same thing.
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Kayant  +   721d ago
After their initial reveal I don't see why anyone should be surprised. MS has shown the direction they want to go.
Software_Lover  +   721d ago
This is just getting sad on so many levels. I think they need to shut N4G down until launch, and come back as a paid site. Atleast the trolls, and idiot kids who don't understand how business works, can go away.
wages of sin  +   721d ago
GmIsOnPt360  +   721d ago
HOW dare they show an NFL related commercial during the NFL season opener when they spent 400 million on a partnership to bring NFL content to XBOX ONE? Gamers dont use netflix, watch sports, tv, etc? please tell me about how Sony doesnt have any non gaming apps cluttering up there system for GAMERS! OHHHHH you mean to tell me Sony partnered with NFL first? they had the sunday ticket app???well why , gamers dont like that stuff.....the hilarity of folks being bias and justifying it
KwietStorm  +   721d ago
Why do so many people not know the difference between bias and biased?
matrixman92  +   721d ago
no, Sony also has stuff like that, nobody will argue there...but they dont shove them down peoples throats because they have to make up for a lack of games
Software_Lover  +   721d ago
They're shoving it down our throats now???

kenmid  +   721d ago
Xbox has a better launch lineup then the PS4, so I don't about that lack of games nonsense
fattyuk  +   721d ago
As someone who lives in england.

WTF is NFL and WhyTF would i want to buy a console for it.

(btw im well aware of nfl im just pointing the fact that im wanting a games console..)
GiantEnemyCrab  +   721d ago
That's why you will never see the spot in England. National Football League. Fantasy Football is a multi-billion dollar business in America.
rainslacker  +   721d ago
We could ask the same thing about why Sony puts ads over all of what you guys call football. It's a different market, but those people play games and have money just like us.
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Nexus38  +   721d ago
Jesus.. more idiotic sony fanboyism
dont you people realize this is the first of many tv spots but of course fanboys dig a hole and try to come up with theories as to why microsoft 'hates gamers' hahaha pathetic
Muerte2494  +   721d ago
Greatness Awaits
Godmars290  +   721d ago
Its not so much that they "hate" gamers, but rather that they'd case them aside, let 3rd party devs make titles while establishing no standards, than further the gaming industry.
ainsleyharriott  +   721d ago
Considering it was for some sort of NFL deal, during an NFL match it makes sense.
christocolus  +   721d ago
Not this again.. The console has arguably more core aa games for launch than the ps4,its games garnered more awards at e3, I billion dollars plus on games(and great exclusive deals from third partys and more titles in the pipeline),and yet its not for gamers?..really?.when will this fanboy bs stop?..nov 22 couldn't come soon enough..
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fattyuk  +   721d ago
When they focus on games?? and aim towards the gaming market and not the "super nfl/cable tv etc market"

Sorry but i dont know how sports work on TV in the US, in the UK i watch my boxing and football (and tennis/f1) on my sky box, i play video games on my consoles? you know those things i invest my money in to play video games.
christocolus  +   721d ago
Focus on games? Are u serious? Did u even read my comment above? Sony hasn't put in that much into creating games..ms has more core aa titles for launch and making deals everywhere to secure exclusive 2nd and third party titles..xbx one games got more awards at e3 and gamescom..what do fbs actually want? Dude you are driving home no point..you have no argument at all...the console isn't for everyone i guess..you hav alternatives its not a must to get the xbx one..
GiantEnemyCrab  +   721d ago
Nitpick much? Have we run out of things to complain about?

It was aired during the NFL and it was directed at Fantasy Football.

All the people complaining know the machine plays games and it's been marketed as a games console for how many decades?

It does more than games and this feature is new so they advertise it.
5eriously  +   721d ago
XBoned? Seeing that logo, why do I see an image of been raped in the A$$?
kenmid  +   721d ago
I want to meet the person that doesn't know the Xbox play games.
rainslacker  +   721d ago
I thought it was a way to watch porn on TV....
from the beach  +   721d ago
I think it's great they're doing that - show off the less obvious/new features of the console. The launch lineup is so strong it speaks for itself.
4logpc  +   721d ago
Sony and Microsoft both have ads showing other than games...Remember the first run of PS3 commercials....
kewlkat007  +   721d ago
The Launch Lineup speak for itself...Hardcores already know everything.

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