UGO: World in Conflict: Soviet Assault Hands-on Preview

UGO writes: "Real-time Strategy games have, traditionally, sucked on consoles. Mostly it has to do with them being slapped together from a PC version and forcing all the versatility of a mouse and keyboard onto a handful of buttons on a console controller. Admittedly the concern was there in checking out World of Conflict on the 360, but within a short while of playing the game, it seemed much more palpable than any other RTS we've seen on a console.

Apart from the controls, World in Conflict: Soviet Assault features a bunch of new single-player campaign missions, played from the point of view of the Ruskies. It's not a seperate campaign, as these missions are intersperced among the US campaign of the first game, but it does help to tell a fuller story for people who missed out. Apart from those missions, though, it's pretty much the same solid content that was on the PC version."

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