Battlefield 4 Designer Takes Shot at MGS 5's Quiet: "What Female Soliders Don't Look Like"

"Ever since Quiet, one of the new characters in the Metal Gear Solid lore, was revealed via the controversial E3 2013 trailer, certain people and even hardcore fans have questioned whether the female character design in MGS5 is overly sexist."

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wynams1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Was just talking about this on twitter and love this quote from @helixsundown

"uh-oh, a Japanese guy designed a video game character showing lots of skin, we'd better get mad so girls will like us"

Anthotis1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

IRL: Soldiers don't dress like most of the characters in MGS.

This is another case of femnazis and self loathing beta males seeing a problem where there isn't one, and creating a problem where there wasn't one.

Also, if Quiet's character design is sexist, then sexism is great.

cleft51325d ago

It's so disgusting how people are quick to say sexy or revealing characters means the developer is behaving sexist. People who think that have no understand of what sexism really is at all and worse yet they only succeed in undermining true claims of sexism.

GreatGamePlay1325d ago

Freedom & Liberty for Women to show Skin !!!

mattdillahunty1325d ago

it's not like the Metal Gear Solid franchise has ever represented ultra realism anyways. and that's far from a knock on MGS, because the franchise is awesome as a whole. it's just not trying to be realistic, which is fine. not every game has to be.

Enemy1325d ago

MGS hardly takes itself as serious as people think it does. If it's trying to be realistic, it does a terrible job at it, especially if this new character is any indication. No female soldier would dress like that, so pointing out the obvious is hardly a shot at MGS.

Aggesan1325d ago

What's wrong with being sexy?

N4GDgAPc1325d ago

I think its funny how there comparing how a female soldier looks. She isn't a regular soldier. I expect she is a mercinary or some sort of special contract killer.

And she is in a desert chillin out long distance away sniping people away. She is just wearing a bikini like you do at the beach. And probly getting a good tan. No need for armor when your a very good sniper. Because if you are detected its more likely from another sniper. And if you get sniped by him armor won't help your dead any ways.

ZodTheRipper1325d ago

lol "What female soldiers really look like" ...douchebag of the day.

Cupid_Viper_31325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

How the fuq would a Battlefied designer know anything about what a female soldier looks like?

The Metal Gear Solid universe gave us female characters such as:

Mei Ling
Naomi Hunter
The Haven Troopers from MSG4: All female Squad
Eva/Big Mama
E.E Otacon's sister
Sniper Wolf
Laughing Octopus
Screaming Mantis
Crying Wolf
Raging Raven
THE BOSS...MSG3 who in my opinion is the strongest female character portrayed in a video game EVER.

Every single one of these characters have further advance the presence of women in video games.

Can anyone name me which female characters have Battlefied brought a spotlight to?

Dont' worry, I'll wait...!

Kleptic1325d ago


Nigel, how i've missed you...

Wenis1325d ago

Its funny how people love to talk about females being 'exploited' based on their physical appearance. Yet when guys are 'exploited' based on their physical appearance, nobody says anything...

morganfell1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

So MGS is now about realism? Are these other developers so fearful they have to resort to unprofessional and public critiques concerning the work of a man they can never hope to emulate. Pathetic, unnecessary, and wrought with sophomoric jealousy.

It is amazing how many pretend journalists as well as gamers are showing their ignorance of the history of the Metal Gear franchise. They believe this is a change in Kojimas norm designed to draw more buyers. Laughable and incorrect. Proof that noobs can indeed ruin a game.

Bimkoblerutso1325d ago

It's NOT sexist. It pisses me off to no end that overtly sexualized women in video games are so often looked upon as a form of sexism.

It is, however, an indication that developers would rather sell sex than preserve their artistic integrity. That's the real issue here...

Army_of_Darkness1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

People are forgetting that first and foremost, MGS5 is still a video game! you know, as in fantasy and FUN and not REEEAAAL!
so why not toss sexy females in the military?? it certainly makes the game more enjoyable, rather than a sausage fest which you will see in real life in the military that I doubt 90% of us would even want to be apart of right??

Kojima knows this, which is why his MGS characters have always been pretty awesome in a sense of them having their own unique looks and features!

How is this even considered sexist?? have you seen what girls wear during the summer these days!? almost the same look! lol! which I love btw ;-)

dredgewalker1325d ago

MGS characters have always been designed this way. I don't know why some idiots make a fuss about it. Women characters in MGS universe are strong willed and never take crap from anyone.

DeadlyFire1325d ago

Kojima wants you to look. Then he will smack you with a curveball while you are staring. That is the Kojima way. Call it whatever you want.

Kojima builds characters in his games that play real roles. Quiet will be more than just quiet in the game. Sexism would mean he is not utilizing her mind or character in any other way than to promote sex and that is never the Kojima way in all the games I have played from him. :)

Ritsujun1325d ago

Dat designer, i mean sissy, must be new to J-VG.

Sideras1324d ago

MGS have had some pretty extreme designs in the past. If they wanna judge Kojima and his designers, then fine go ahead.
What has DICE ever done for original design? Dubstep and orange streaks? Don't make me laugh :P

pixelsword1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Yeah, and all soldiers are built like Rambo, or Dutch, walking around with their shirts off.

Oh, pluh-eze; that's the same thing.

Why don't they talk about how space battles are flawed by design, or how Wolfenstein is fake, or how in Battlefield, your machine-guns are worthless against tanks.

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ZeroX98761325d ago

with mech-like character and seeing raiden cut through things with a pulse blade, makes me wonder how someone can compare real-life soldiers with a universe with freaking RAIDEN in it!!!

"what female soliders don't look like" IN REAL LIFE!!!! this is a game and a bit sci-fi at that too! I don't want to see some regular unoriginal characters in MGS. In battlefield, everyone got to be equal for balance purposes, but not MGS.

nosferatuzodd1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

yep its like anytime someone else do something different its a problem.. some time i wonder why the media is like this blaming video games for everything wrong in society and now i know video game developers dissing each other over bullshit like this then no wonder NBC and FOX5 and the rest of the so called idiots we called journalist always use games for scape goat the video game community yes you who me? yes you you're all doing the same thing by making a big deal out of nothing and giving those idiots fuel to burn you later on down the road you just wait

Video games is a form of expression its a artist with is brush, its not suppose to be control and limited to this and that its a escape from the real world who cares what real solders look like aren't they the same ones complaining about how video games are becoming too violent and real

Jayjayff1325d ago

Having a woman showing some skin is far from original.

nosferatuzodd1325d ago

Jayjayff + 11h ago
Having a woman showing some skin is far from original.

I could say the same thing about many American movies too but i don't see anyone from other countries complaining about that now do we

TekoIie1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I actually have a question for anyone outraged by Kojima's choice of "clothing" for Quiet.

Which are you more outraged by? Her lack of clothing or that she could pretty much be a mute and unable to give voice to a personality?

I guess we value a characters fashion sense over their ability to express themselves vocally right? This all goes back to the dont judge a woman by what she wears, but on the merit of her actions.

Number-Nine1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

The girl can be a rocket scientist with an amazing personality, but if she's walking around in a bikini top looking like a tramp, it would be hard to take her seriously.

Naomi, Sniper Wolf, Eva, The Boss, all showed a bit of cleavage but it wasn't over the top.

Quite looks like shes ready for a day at the beach rather than in a warzone.

TekoIie1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )


"The girl can be a rocket scientist with an amazing personality, but if she's walking around in a bikini top looking like a tramp, it would be hard to take her seriously."

So you wouldn't take a rocket scientist who is easily more intelligent than you and I combined seriously... If she wore a bikini in public?

Your claiming that intelligence has a specific face to it when that is clearly false. That sort of viewpoint is a stereotype, and may I remind you that gamers once had a very similar stereotype which still hasn't completely phased out.

Number-Nine1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I don't like it. I hate it when a developer goes too far when "sexifying" a character. MGS always tried to make the females a tad bit erotic but seemed to do it in a respectable way.

Quiet's character model just goes far and beyond what it needs to be. It's just too...pervy.

This is the same thing what Square Enix is doing with Lightening. I guess every female game character must have big tits now. Just unnecessary in my book.

UnwanteDreamz1324d ago

Have you even played MGS4? You could make the bosses pose like centerfolds just by wipping out a camera. Anyone thinking video games have a problem while ignoring real womens issues is a tool. If you don't like it don' buy it. While you're at it boycott NBC, ABC, MTV, Lifetime, Coke, Pepsi, Sports illustated, Maxim, Cartoon Network, PETA. Harley Davidson, UFC, GMC, Toyota, Ford, NFL, MLB, NBA, the list goes on forever.

All those have shown real women with less on.

jcnba281325d ago

Even one of Halo 4's designers said Kojima's design was disgusting. Eh hello! Cortana anybody?

Studio-YaMi1325d ago

They are a bunch of idiots really,imagine how they would argue about Samus without her gear !?

She's sexy as hell without it,guess Nintendo is SOOOO EVIL AND SEXIST TOO ???

Bunch of babies trying to sound cool when they come off as douchebags.

seupai10851325d ago

Well said my friend. Thanks for the quote.

3-4-51325d ago

I've seen pictures of military women posing in about just as many clothes.

You can't say that NO women in the military can be attractive.

That is just as arrogant.

Some women can be tough and beautiful.

This is just a random character in a video game.

People are making way too big a deal about this.

Tru_Ray1324d ago

Agreed. This whole thing has been blown out of proportion. So now developers are to be denied the freedom to express themselves? I am failing to grasp how having an overtly sexualized character in a game is suddenly demeaning to women everywhere. The universe that these characters inhabit is fictional and is not supposed to be representative of an actual battlefield. If I not mistaken, Kojima is attempting to create a perverse and alien, but oddly familiar canvas. If that makes any sense...


1325d ago
Abdou0231324d ago

The Battlefield guy is an idiot.


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THamm1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

These people don't realize that MGS isn't 100% realistic, never was. That's the captivating level of it that they can never achieve. This is one of the few last Japanese franchises that can elevate beyond most western IP's. So now they want to take shots at it as much as they can to shut Japanese games down. I don't want total realism, that's boring to me. These are video games, we want variety dammit, not the same crap every year that western devs are churning out. Ever since I played MGS 1, I think of it almost EVERYDAY and that was 15 years ago!

ivnheim1325d ago

Haven't he played any MGS before?

This is spected from Kojima, he does not goes by the standars and MGS always have had some degree of fantasy and cyber punk.

NarooN1325d ago

At this point, I really just think Kojima deliberately did this (as the troll that he is) just to drum up controversy so people will start talking about MGS5 again, lol. As if Kojima really didn't know this would happen. Yeah right!

Halochampian1324d ago

I'm pretty sure he said he wanted something with sex-appeal for the cosplayers.

Muerte24941325d ago

this outcry at E3 when they presented it at Microsoft's press conference? She had the exact same skin model then as she does now. Must have really been a slow week of gaming news.