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Submitted by NatureOfLogic 888d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft’s Xbox One Floundering in a Sea of Bad Press

Microsoft has been struggling as of late, after having received a verbal walloping from customers and critics alike. The negative publicity surrounding some of the console giant’s key policy decisions sees no signs of abating, and the company is undoubtedly facing one of its toughest periods, as they flounder in a sea of bad press. (PS4, Xbox One)

sigfredod  +   888d ago
They caused that to themselves
YNWA96  +   888d ago
You can only tell when it is released. Everybody ridiculed Wii, gave it no chance..... So far only , ahem , fanboys have been saying everything.... Nothing has been proved yet.... Also games sell, and off the block, some great X1 games coming, so lets see who talks and who walks when its released...
mewhy32  +   888d ago
How did micro$oft think that the public would react when they tried to tell us what we could and couldnt do what we wanted with a game that we paid for with our hard earned money? Or that they "required" us to be on line and check in every 24 hours with big brother micro$oft? Or that they put everything behind a paywall, or that they charge 100.00 more for inferior tech, or that it was revealed that micro$oft was partnered up with the NSA to put a spy camera and mic in your living room.
SHORYUKEN  +   888d ago
Well Xbox fans can buy the Xbox one if you like.

But stop cry when Microsoft reverse their policies again. Always online and DRM crap you know what I mean.

Not to mention Kinect games all over again.

I will buy the PS4 cause I don't trust Microsoft at all.
XB1_PS4  +   888d ago
@mewhy32 $100 less for inferior tech is arguable.

Also, there is not conceivable way to have the NSA, with all their regulations, put cameras, accessible to them, in households.

That would take like 500 years of paperwork.
ZHZ90  +   888d ago
W/ all do respect.
So they are just da Sony fanboys because they state the fact about what MS did announce DRM and staffs at E3?

And what if they reversed their policies again, will you cry at the corner about it?

EDIT: I am not saying don't buy Xbox One but imo just wait before you buy it if you want to buy it so bad and see if MS will don't again or not unless you are 100% sure they will not do it.
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thrust  +   888d ago
@sofresh trust me its not worth it, all his posts about the Xbox are like this.

Tin foil hat person! Thinks people are out to get him.

When in fact they are looking for people who do bad things like 9/11 and London which is good find them before they can hurt people, I bet if something happened to a close person to him, he would maybe understand why the world has gone like this, it is to protect us!
tokugawa  +   888d ago
posted by non other than nature of logic.

the lengths that fanboys will go to
GT67  +   888d ago
@ ynwa96

MS shot them own self in the foot.
yeah' we'll all see when nov. 23 come. who'll float and who'll sink

PS4 raft is awaiting.
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kungfuian  +   888d ago
Make no mistake; they are in fact in a really shitty place, but have to pretend not to be.

They have a huge PR mess to clean up/recover from, and are being forced to rethink/rebrand a system which was clearly made for an entirely different purpose. 

Microsoft's goals of transforming (finally realizing) the x-box brand as an all in one cable subsidized data gathering advertising spy box has not gone well for them. 

Gamers said no to always online and DRM BS, they said no to always on kinect and it's blatant privacy violations, and they are and will continue to question it's forced inclusion and the corresponding $100 price increase for a device with little gaming value. And the cable companies backed out of the deal and made their own versions (think their calling it X-1 ironically or something, look it up) so no cheap subsidized system either. And that's not even considering those of us with memories of RROD or the possible, very real, spin off of the x-box brand.

And they have to do this while fighting a battle against a cheaper, better designed, and more powerful system from a refreshingly gamer/developer-centric and razor sharp Sony. No amount of 180s and bias western press can fix that. The PS4 is going to stomp the hell out of them sales wise this holiday and the dude-bros and x-mas mom will follow Sony's path of $100 least resistance. Good luck with that Microsoft, LOL
AwesomeMan   888d ago | Spam
AngelicIceDiamond  +   888d ago
"They caused that to themselves."

Yep and MS fixed the problems.

So where do come from here?

Are we gonna continue to complain bring up a terrible points of what MS did. Or are we gonna talk about how they changed and shifted for the better.

EDIT: I guess the first option it is. Well have have fun dwelling on the past kids.

Its amazing how Sony messed PS3 early on and are making things better and they are forgiven. (Just saying in general)

MS messes up, makes things better and its at a point of no return. Have fun kids

All disagrees and no reasonable response. Looks like I won this debate hands down, since nobody can bring good logic or put up a proper argument.

So I win.

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ZHZ90  +   888d ago
Do you know that after policies were reversed, MS didn't apologize for what they did? And people believe that DRM/No Used Game/etc are patched on Xbox One.

Also about PS3 part, PS3 had more support for exclusives from Sony while MS didn't support exclusives likewhat Sony did from 2010-2013 or they did support but they were Kinect.
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LogicStomper  +   888d ago
"Do you know that after policies were reversed, MS didn't apologize for what they did?"

*sigh*... AngelicIceDiamond is still stands correct. Before you go saying this sort of stuff, please learn when you should apologise. In fact here's your fact of the day.

Read number one on this list:


Also, read number eight on this list:

So before you go around saying that an apology is required, learn when they are *actually* required.

"Also about PS3 part, PS3 had more support for exclusives from Sony while MS didn't support exclusives likewhat Sony did from 2010-2013 or they did support but they were Kinect."

Completely unnecessary. Can you tell me why you even brought up this exclusive talk? Since when was the topic about exclusive support? Looks like you're just trying to start a fan-war for the sake of it.
Flatbattery  +   888d ago
It has been years since Sony were humbled by a major backlash, yet many have still not forgiven them. So why should Microsoft be afforded a free pass within a matter of weeks?

Personally, I believe they have a lot to prove before I shell out any cash, not only because of the awful policies they were willing provide despite the pre-reveal negativity but also the lackluster support for the Xbox360 in recent years.
ZHZ90  +   888d ago
No I am not bringing fan war I am bringing facts look at the picture in this link

Btw I will wait and see what MS will do with their consumers.
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LogicStomper  +   886d ago
No I am not bringing fan war I am bringing facts look at the picture in this link "

I will say this again. Why are you bringing up exclusive talk? I don't give a damn about which supports more exclusives or which console has better hardware. Gamers care about fun, fan-kinds care about why their console is superior compared to what others enjoy. Now tell me, what is your purpose in bringing up that exclusive talk?
nosferatuzodd  +   888d ago
yes they do
PositiveEmotions  +   888d ago
Good article :).

And the guy from the article is right too.

I also think it might take awhile for ms to catch up to ps4
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GmIsOnPt360  +   888d ago
Does it matter though? Both the ps3 and 360 NEVER caught up to the wii and currently tail by 20 million sales worldwide? as long as its owners are happy they're good. People who get an X1 will get top games just as ones who get the ps4 will...its such a witch hunt at this point. they reversed literally EVERY complaint, sunk millions of dollars into games to get exclusivity and timed content, they paved the way for apps on consoles really and here people are shaking their fists at MS its comical.
CRAIG667  +   888d ago
Well said, all gamers have much to look forward to next gen, regardless of console preference.
Comnnsence  +   888d ago
Dude, why are you comparing PS3 to 360? It's that past. The 360 had a full year for the developers to harness. Microsoft caused all these negative publicity upon themselves. If you want to implement these type of policies, then give us a reason to buy your system. Xbone is not worth a first day purchase, but PS4 does.
warewolfSS  +   888d ago
Thanks nature of logic ( Maria)

At least the author wasn't biased. At all.moat people buying either system are t the crazies from the Internet
tokugawa  +   888d ago
hmmm i have suspected an alt account for maria for a while now.

i am 100% sure that allformats is an alt account for dedicatedtogamers
No_Limit  +   888d ago
Nice catch.

"Every story needs a Super villain" Maria

"Every story needs logic" Logic

Shoot, I serious think there are one of two more users here that could be the same judging by the way some of these opinion pieces are submitted.
ZHZ90  +   888d ago
The idea of DRM, No Used games, Always Online etc was a bad move.
Schizoid  +   888d ago
MS is still committed to the original plan. "When the time is right" the drm issues will return. Meanwhile, I'm jumping ship. My wallet was so mad at MS it bought a ps3 only a couple of days after E3. I got ps+ and havn't missed my 360 once. I've been too busy playing Saint's Row 3, battlefield 3, and I think AC3 is coming though not sure... Anyway I really hope you xbox fans don't get screwed. The competition is surely good for both sides.
negative  +   888d ago
AND HERE... WE ... GO.......
guinness61  +   888d ago
M$ has made it easy for themselves to look like muppet.
LogicStomper  +   888d ago
Just wondering, what characteristics make them like a muppet? Also, what are the characteristics of a muppet?
corvusmd  +   888d ago
Oh my goodness you PS fanboys need a life, stop living in the past (especially when you STILL have the facts wrong) Get over it, it just looks pathetic and insecure now. If XB1 was really no threat to you, you'd give it the same treatment you give Wii U and ignore it. The FACT is that you're scared, you've invested yourself in the hopes that PS4 will "win" the console war, and now you're scared that it doesn't look like PS4 will be the beast you were ANY trash talk...even if it has NO facts, or they are wrong, or extremely old and insignificant just have to keep the smear train going cause you have nothing else....

P.S. You do NOT have to buy an XB1 if you don't wish, it's ok not to be upset, you can actually be a gamer and remember what it was like to enjoy playing games instead of being jaded all the the end WHO CARES if someone enjoys playing on a different system than you? More to the point, the "sea of negative press" you are talking about, is ONLY from Sony fanboys like it really carries no weight at all. You do NOT run the world and your opinion is not law....stop crying
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Parapraxis  +   888d ago
" agree that in the end XB1 will sell more or "win", after the initial anticipation of the PS4 wears off, and we realize there really isn't anything special about it." - corvusmd

Jesus kid, do you get paid to post this hypocritical crap?
I don't think YOU should be calling others "fanboy"
#7.1 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Major_Glitch  +   888d ago
Lol. Cry more.
christocolus  +   888d ago

Dude nov 22 cudnt come soon enough...ill be getting the xbox 1 and so will millions of other gamers...people can't deal with it...actually there hasn't been any bad press or article recently about the xbox one..its been hands on and previews from its games and actually so far its all been very positive..this smells of desperation...and i didn't even bother reading the article once i saw nature of logic attached to matter how hard fbs try the xbox Is going to be a crazy, wild sucess with killer games...come nov 22
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cell989  +   888d ago
dude no, youre more a fan boy than I am lol
AngelicIceDiamond  +   888d ago
"If XB1 was really no threat to you, you'd give it the same treatment you give Wii U and ignore it."

hes gotta point.

I dare anybody to explain this comment.
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AceofStaves  +   888d ago
Unfortunately, some XB1 supporters on this site feel the need to downplay positive PS4 news, instead of ignoring the "other console," so nobody can be surprised that some PS4 supporters do the same to XB1 articles.

People have opinions and express them. I have no intentions of buying an XB1, but I still follow the news related to it because it's part of the gaming industry as a whole. Just because I don't plan on owning one doesn't mean I have to pretend that it doesn't exist.

That kind of limited mentality is part of the problems with some gamers today. I'm not going to ignore XB1 news just because some XB1 supporters don't like reading other peoples' opinions.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   888d ago
@Staves bubble up+1 for maning up.

"Unfortunately, some XB1 supporters on this site feel the need to downplay positive PS4 news,"

Very true I see it all the time. Just look at @Awesonmans comment.

"I'm not going to ignore XB1 news just because some XB1 supporters don't like reading other peoples' opinions."

These opinions are really onesided half the time. Nature a known Sony fan is attached to a article that continues to bring up the past earlier this summer.

You know I understand and I'll never forget the bad but what about the positives now the 180's. The good not the bad.

Why do people bring up old stuff?

Either Way bub+ for stepping up.
ShwankyShpanky  +   888d ago
I dare you to explain how the Xbone is a "threat." Even if you want to make some lame argument that people are so personally invested in the "console war" that they are "scared" that the PS4 isn't a "beast," what is there to be threatened about when polls and preorders show at *least* a 2-to-1 preference for PS4 over the Xbone?

Let's flip the script... if the Xbone is so awesome, shouldn't it be able to stand on its own? Why are you Xbone fanboys so *scared* of some piddly forum comments by some "minority" of "internet whiners" (as Xbone fanboys love to classify anyone that dares question MS)?
Angeljuice  +   888d ago

I kind of agree with you to some extent. The main issues/arguments are done and dusted, nobody is going to be swayed either way by negative comments any more (those that felt "wronged" have either jumped ship or forgiven Microsoft by now).
However I don't believe anyone is "scared", its more about banter and cracking jokes than anything. It's born of relief and a lack of understanding as to why anyone would put with that kind of treatment.
The thing is that some people just prefer Microsoft to Sony, lots of people don't understand why (I'm one of them), but such is the way of the world.

The trouble is that articles such as this are adding nothing to the knowledge base, just cutting open old wounds and going over the same old sh!t. Most Sony fans feel they are 1up (at least) on Microsoft fans and don't want to give up on that sentiment (its a feeling of strength, not fear).

It ultimately means nothing though, the consoles will release and both will sell well. Both sides will feel that they have the better deal (as its human nature to justify your decisions), and as its all subjective, both will be right.

The real thing that keeps these flame wars fuelled is when one side presents a subjective point of view as fact, that behavior is bound to get under the skin of anybody with a genuinely contrary view.

Debate is good, one-upmanship is bad. I will always try to 'correct' any misinformation I see posted, whether in the form of a joke, a jab or a malicious post, I shouldn't, but I can't help it and that is my own personal failing, I can't ignore what I perceive as an injustice on whatever level. I apologise for that whilst knowing full well that I shall do the same again.

Oh well, that's just me! ;-)
#7.6 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Enemy  +   888d ago
^ This wasn't even written by a PS fanboy. Who looks pathetic and insecure now?
#8 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
LoveOfTheGame  +   888d ago
Both of you.
Enemy  +   888d ago
I'm on the winning side. All I know is security.
Dark_matter  +   888d ago
I'm not much for the specs, I just look forward to the games
cell989  +   888d ago
all they have to do is shut their mouths and wait till launch so that the games on their console speak for them instead, because they are so arrogant even after all this bad press
Software_Lover  +   888d ago
Isn't this getting old now? I will say this........

The PS4 will outsell the XBone. This is a given, just as it was a given that the ps3 would outsell the 360 (I have always stated that fact for those of you who like to do the painstaking task of looking at previous comments/posts)

Even being outsold, the XBone will be fine. I wouldn't be surprised if it outsold the 360 in the end.
Chris12  +   888d ago
Natureoflogic flexing his insecurity muscle again. The MS train is rolling....
#12 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
urwifeminder  +   888d ago
At least its getting press and that's a good thing have not seen much sony press but I tend to avoid it anyway the games MS have got my cash.
#13 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
MrDead  +   888d ago
MS will advertise the hell out of this console to make it a success. They were able to keep the 360 sales high even with the 50%+ failure rate and they know most people don't research before they purchase and are swayed by flashy adverts.
#14 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Kuse  +   888d ago
Cool are we talking about E3 all over again? This whole article is moot, Microsoft reversed the changes because they listened to the feedback. If they didn't make the changes they would still all the hell they are catching, nothing would change.

The fact that they listened alone is a big deal, and while you will say its because of the money? Sure who wouldn't make huge changes to accommodate their fans? If anything Microsoft was making a step towards a digital future, the problem was how they presented it, they didn't sell you on the idea properly and pandered to the idea of why you want it and what are the positives out of it.

Fact is, an all digital future is vastly approaching and nobody can run from it. Microsoft was willing to make that change, and everyone has slandered them for it.
lawgone  +   888d ago
You pretty much hit the nail on the head. But this is N4G so it's kind of par for the course. MS could be giving away their system for free and people here would hate on them for it.
AceofStaves  +   888d ago
Let's be clear. If initial pre-orders for XB1 had run head-to-head with those of PS4, MS wouldn't have changed their policies. They wouldn't have needed to. But it became very clear very quickly that the gaming public wasn't buying into the vision MS initially had for the product. Even worse, this 'bad press' started to appear in mainstream media.

MS changed because it had to. Vision means nothing if the console sells poorly.

Sony faced similar economic realities by designing the PS4 as a gaming console, rather than introducing a new optical medium for games, as it had done with its previous 3 Playstations (CD, DVD, and BD).

The all-digital future may be coming but not as quickly as you think.
Software_Lover  +   888d ago
You basically just said what he said, just worded differently.

Fans/pre-orders are just basically synonyms in this context. If the pre-orders were the same as ps4, then the fans would have showed that they liked the policies.
ShwankyShpanky  +   888d ago
@SL: No, if they were listening to the FANS, they wouldn't have put out the policies in the first place. If they were listening to the FANS, they would have dropped the policies when they got backlash after they were announced. But they didn't. It wasn't until the preorder numbers rubbed their noses in their own hubris that they opted to back off.
ShwankyShpanky  +   888d ago
Just like MS extended the 360 warranties because they "listened to feedback," right?
Chevalier  +   888d ago
Yeah don't forget HDMI wasn't needed for HD gaming, neither was bluray (yet now they have bluray) and remember PS3 was only good as a media center yet now Xbox One wants to be the media center for your home.....
Rhinoceros  +   888d ago
Press about press? Next.
lawgone  +   888d ago
A September 6th story of which 90% is a rehash of stuff that was addressed and written about ad nauseum months ago. Great find...smh.
Belking  +   888d ago
That was months ago. Lately the press has been good.
josephayal  +   888d ago
good read
That's why I won't get an Xbox One, I just don't trust Microsoft
ElementX  +   888d ago
Lately things have been turning around for them. They had a lot of bad press before however now the press is talking about changed policies which can only be a good thing.

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