Microsoft’s Xbox One Floundering in a Sea of Bad Press

Microsoft has been struggling as of late, after having received a verbal walloping from customers and critics alike. The negative publicity surrounding some of the console giant’s key policy decisions sees no signs of abating, and the company is undoubtedly facing one of its toughest periods, as they flounder in a sea of bad press.

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sigfredod1719d ago

They caused that to themselves

YNWA961719d ago

You can only tell when it is released. Everybody ridiculed Wii, gave it no chance..... So far only , ahem , fanboys have been saying everything.... Nothing has been proved yet.... Also games sell, and off the block, some great X1 games coming, so lets see who talks and who walks when its released...

mewhy321719d ago

How did micro$oft think that the public would react when they tried to tell us what we could and couldnt do what we wanted with a game that we paid for with our hard earned money? Or that they "required" us to be on line and check in every 24 hours with big brother micro$oft? Or that they put everything behind a paywall, or that they charge 100.00 more for inferior tech, or that it was revealed that micro$oft was partnered up with the NSA to put a spy camera and mic in your living room.

SHORYUKEN1719d ago

Well Xbox fans can buy the Xbox one if you like.

But stop cry when Microsoft reverse their policies again. Always online and DRM crap you know what I mean.

Not to mention Kinect games all over again.

I will buy the PS4 cause I don't trust Microsoft at all.

XB1_PS41719d ago

@mewhy32 $100 less for inferior tech is arguable.

Also, there is not conceivable way to have the NSA, with all their regulations, put cameras, accessible to them, in households.

That would take like 500 years of paperwork.

ZHZ901719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

W/ all do respect.
So they are just da Sony fanboys because they state the fact about what MS did announce DRM and staffs at E3?

And what if they reversed their policies again, will you cry at the corner about it?

EDIT: I am not saying don't buy Xbox One but imo just wait before you buy it if you want to buy it so bad and see if MS will don't again or not unless you are 100% sure they will not do it.

thrust1719d ago

@sofresh trust me its not worth it, all his posts about the Xbox are like this.

Tin foil hat person! Thinks people are out to get him.

When in fact they are looking for people who do bad things like 9/11 and London which is good find them before they can hurt people, I bet if something happened to a close person to him, he would maybe understand why the world has gone like this, it is to protect us!

tokugawa1719d ago

posted by non other than nature of logic.

the lengths that fanboys will go to

Retroman1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

@ ynwa96

MS shot them own self in the foot.
yeah' we'll all see when nov. 23 come. who'll float and who'll sink

PS4 raft is awaiting.

kungfuian1719d ago

Make no mistake; they are in fact in a really shitty place, but have to pretend not to be.

They have a huge PR mess to clean up/recover from, and are being forced to rethink/rebrand a system which was clearly made for an entirely different purpose. 

Microsoft's goals of transforming (finally realizing) the x-box brand as an all in one cable subsidized data gathering advertising spy box has not gone well for them. 

Gamers said no to always online and DRM BS, they said no to always on kinect and it's blatant privacy violations, and they are and will continue to question it's forced inclusion and the corresponding $100 price increase for a device with little gaming value. And the cable companies backed out of the deal and made their own versions (think their calling it X-1 ironically or something, look it up) so no cheap subsidized system either. And that's not even considering those of us with memories of RROD or the possible, very real, spin off of the x-box brand.

And they have to do this while fighting a battle against a cheaper, better designed, and more powerful system from a refreshingly gamer/developer-centric and razor sharp Sony. No amount of 180s and bias western press can fix that. The PS4 is going to stomp the hell out of them sales wise this holiday and the dude-bros and x-mas mom will follow Sony's path of $100 least resistance. Good luck with that Microsoft, LOL

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AngelicIceDiamond1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

"They caused that to themselves."

Yep and MS fixed the problems.

So where do come from here?

Are we gonna continue to complain bring up a terrible points of what MS did. Or are we gonna talk about how they changed and shifted for the better.

EDIT: I guess the first option it is. Well have have fun dwelling on the past kids.

Its amazing how Sony messed PS3 early on and are making things better and they are forgiven. (Just saying in general)

MS messes up, makes things better and its at a point of no return. Have fun kids

All disagrees and no reasonable response. Looks like I won this debate hands down, since nobody can bring good logic or put up a proper argument.

So I win.


ZHZ901719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Do you know that after policies were reversed, MS didn't apologize for what they did? And people believe that DRM/No Used Game/etc are patched on Xbox One.

Also about PS3 part, PS3 had more support for exclusives from Sony while MS didn't support exclusives likewhat Sony did from 2010-2013 or they did support but they were Kinect.

LogicStomper1719d ago

"Do you know that after policies were reversed, MS didn't apologize for what they did?"

*sigh*... AngelicIceDiamond is still stands correct. Before you go saying this sort of stuff, please learn when you should apologise. In fact here's your fact of the day.

Read number one on this list:


Also, read number eight on this list:

So before you go around saying that an apology is required, learn when they are *actually* required.

"Also about PS3 part, PS3 had more support for exclusives from Sony while MS didn't support exclusives likewhat Sony did from 2010-2013 or they did support but they were Kinect."

Completely unnecessary. Can you tell me why you even brought up this exclusive talk? Since when was the topic about exclusive support? Looks like you're just trying to start a fan-war for the sake of it.

AtomicGerbil1719d ago

It has been years since Sony were humbled by a major backlash, yet many have still not forgiven them. So why should Microsoft be afforded a free pass within a matter of weeks?

Personally, I believe they have a lot to prove before I shell out any cash, not only because of the awful policies they were willing provide despite the pre-reveal negativity but also the lackluster support for the Xbox360 in recent years.

ZHZ901719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

No I am not bringing fan war I am bringing facts look at the picture in this link

Btw I will wait and see what MS will do with their consumers.

LogicStomper1718d ago

No I am not bringing fan war I am bringing facts look at the picture in this link "

I will say this again. Why are you bringing up exclusive talk? I don't give a damn about which supports more exclusives or which console has better hardware. Gamers care about fun, fan-kinds care about why their console is superior compared to what others enjoy. Now tell me, what is your purpose in bringing up that exclusive talk?

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PositiveEmotions1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Good article :).

And the guy from the article is right too.

I also think it might take awhile for ms to catch up to ps4

GmIsOnPt3601719d ago

Does it matter though? Both the ps3 and 360 NEVER caught up to the wii and currently tail by 20 million sales worldwide? as long as its owners are happy they're good. People who get an X1 will get top games just as ones who get the ps4 will...its such a witch hunt at this point. they reversed literally EVERY complaint, sunk millions of dollars into games to get exclusivity and timed content, they paved the way for apps on consoles really and here people are shaking their fists at MS its comical.

CRAIG6671719d ago

Well said, all gamers have much to look forward to next gen, regardless of console preference.

Comnnsence1719d ago

Dude, why are you comparing PS3 to 360? It's that past. The 360 had a full year for the developers to harness. Microsoft caused all these negative publicity upon themselves. If you want to implement these type of policies, then give us a reason to buy your system. Xbone is not worth a first day purchase, but PS4 does.

warewolfSS1719d ago

Thanks nature of logic ( Maria)

At least the author wasn't biased. At all.moat people buying either system are t the crazies from the Internet

tokugawa1719d ago

hmmm i have suspected an alt account for maria for a while now.

i am 100% sure that allformats is an alt account for dedicatedtogamers

No_Limit1719d ago

Nice catch.

"Every story needs a Super villain" Maria

"Every story needs logic" Logic

Shoot, I serious think there are one of two more users here that could be the same judging by the way some of these opinion pieces are submitted.

ZHZ901719d ago

The idea of DRM, No Used games, Always Online etc was a bad move.

Schizoid1719d ago

MS is still committed to the original plan. "When the time is right" the drm issues will return. Meanwhile, I'm jumping ship. My wallet was so mad at MS it bought a ps3 only a couple of days after E3. I got ps+ and havn't missed my 360 once. I've been too busy playing Saint's Row 3, battlefield 3, and I think AC3 is coming though not sure... Anyway I really hope you xbox fans don't get screwed. The competition is surely good for both sides.

negative1719d ago

AND HERE... WE ... GO.......

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