7 Games to Play If You’re Not Buying Grand Theft Auto 5

CraveOnline writes: "Grand Theft Auto 5's release is right around the corner, and as such you should be anticipating a dry spell in terms of other video game releases as everyone returns to Los Santos (and hibernates from reality) for a few weeks. A lot of gamers are excited, but maybe you aren't. What about those of you who aren't interested in picking up the latest from Rockstar Games? Well, you're in-luck because there have been plenty of fantastic releases this year. Below are a few of the games that should tickle your fancy."

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TrendyGamers1596d ago

Saints Row IV is a good choice.

JonnyBigBoss1596d ago

IN MY OPINION, why would you get Saints Row IV if you aren't getting Grand Theft Auto 5? Sure, they have some differences but ultimately they're the same genre.

Wedge191596d ago

Highly disagree, SRIV is a whole different beast with the whole super hero stuff going on. It's more like Prototype than GTA.

negative1596d ago

Yea Saints Row IV is similar but very different. Loving it so far!

firelogic1596d ago

SRIV is completely different than GTAV will be. One is going for over the top craziness while the other is going for realism. As such, the gameplay experience is vastly different.

SRIV has to be one of my favourite games this gen. Sure it's not a looker, but it's extremely fun to play and that's what counts.

dogsmokespipe1596d ago

Everyone disagreed with you but you are totally right. If you don't like the gameplay in GTA, then why would you like it in Saints Row? The differences are superficial, they play almost exactly the same.

awi59511595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )


Because its fun like grand theft auto use to be. Like GTA 3 ,vice city and san andreas untill it crawled up its own ass and backed down to parents groups. It decided to get all serious and took out all the fun of causing mayhem. Thats why saints row is successful thats why crackdown was also. They are what GTA was before they ruined it.

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Toolster1596d ago

Who's not buying GTA V?

abzdine1596d ago

well i'm one of those.
i'll be playing Killzone: Mercenaries on PSV and Puppeteer on PS3 followed by Kingdom Hearts then Beyond: Two Souls next month.


NiteX1596d ago

I won't be until it comes to PC.

matrixman921596d ago

all of my irl friends are not getting it. I dont really understand myself. They played all the other ones, but for some reason this time its different. They ALL say it looks boring and trash...

meganick1596d ago

I'm not. The series doesn't appeal to me. I'm not saying it's bad though. I might go for Rayman Legends instead.

BattleTorn1596d ago

@ all above

Ya'll cray cray

SolidGear31596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Me.. all GTA games bore me

Also, LOL @ all the disagrees for people not buying it.. it's just an honest opinion.. hell, I enjoyed Duke Nukem Forever and bought it day one.. doesn't mean I expected anyone else to nor would I disagree with their opinion of dislike for it.

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ATi_Elite1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

My 7 Games to play instead of GTAV:

Total War Rome 2
Amnesia A Machine for Pigs
King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition
Arma 3 Gold Release
World of Warplanes
Alien Rage

Even with the FEW glitches Rome 2 is AWESOME but will happily welcome a PATCH.

3-4-51596d ago

I'm buying GTA5.

If I wasn't, I've always wanted to play Mafia 2 and godfather 1&2.

Playing multiple types of these games all at once makes one always seem "less than" so I'll wait and just play GTA5.

SolidGear31596d ago

Mafia II is really good. Godfather not as much.

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ftwrthtx1596d ago

Saints Row IV is very similar to the GTA series and is a great game. Vita owners should check out Killzone: Mercenary as it is one of the best handheld shooters to date.

MightyNo91596d ago

Mercanaries isn't that great. It gets it's hype because it had decent controls.

jony_dols1596d ago

'It gets it's hype because it had decent controls.'

Well considering that Sony Cambridge are the first dev to make a FPS on a handheld that controls like a home console, I think it's pretty praise-worthy. And it's graphics are slick.

ftwrthtx1596d ago

It gets hype because it looks great, plays great, and is worthy.

MightyNo91596d ago

I'm playing it now and it's crap. And if you want proof I have it I'd be happy to tell you my PSN name so you can see.

dcj05241596d ago

Hey Taro how about me and you a......account share eh? I can't take that Killzone off your hands if ya know what i meanhehehehehe. hit me up PSN:dcj0524

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Lord_Sloth1596d ago

You mention freaking DIVEKICK but not Kingdom Hearts HD? Not even Dynasty Warriors 8? Lame list.

andrewsqual1596d ago

That's me I won't be getting it. .............Annnnnd Kingdom Hears 1.5 HD Remix isn't even on that list which is the only game I will be playing the next few weeks.

GryestOfBluSkies1596d ago

i wont be playing any of those games. i do however, have a large list of backlog games to catch up on

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