25 Things Every Gamer Should Do Before They Die

Before you croak, make sure you enjoy these 25 pleasures of gaming.

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Storm233871d ago

Ok, that first one just pisses me off. They say, everyone should play EA's Portal. Are you serious?

Don't get me wrong, I agree that everyone should play Portal, but why the hell EA is in that sentence is beyond me.

Ovidius3871d ago

"25. Beat the Halo trilogy and then play it online at least once."

WTF? I think playing and beating FFVII should be the #1. I mean, you can't call yourself a true gamer(atleast playstation gamer) if you haven't played or beaten a PS1 FF. Maybe 25 oughta be beating ALL the FF's. So far I've beat all of the ones released in the US. If that's not an accomplishment.........

Ureval3871d ago

Dude, Im sure Ill get buried under a ton of disagrees for this, but it takes a certain type of gamer to appreciate the FF series. Not my game at all, and try as I might I just couldnt get into it.

Bnet3433871d ago

Go make your own list then cry baby

Ovidius3871d ago

I knew i'd get disagrees for saying you're not a true gamer if you haven't beaten FFVII. And yeah I kinda take that back, but FF is among one of the most revolutionary and inspiring games out there. Halo isn't my kind of game, and I complained about it, and Reasonable complained about my list. Completely acceptable. Most gamers out there appreciate FF though.

RecSpec3871d ago

Why are you complaining about the Halo one, jeez I think I broke a blood vessel before getting to ten.

Ovidius3871d ago

Yeah, that list was pretty bad. Alot of them are pointless, and things everyone does in their teenage years. I'm 16 and have done most of those, including the arcade machine thing. I just needa attend a press conference and beat halo.. apparently >.>

Ureval3871d ago

Oh, dude, I dont necessarily agree about Halo either. I think they are great games, and I might say Halo 1 deserves a place on this list, but I guess its kinda iffy to put any specific series on a list like this cause its not gunna appeal to everyone.

Having said that Halo is perhaps one of the biggest things to happen to gaming and on that merit alone perhaps it is worth playing through at least once.

Kinda like watching Star Wars. Like it or not its kind of a requirement as a human being just to check it out.

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EZCheez3871d ago

When it comes to stuff I want to do before I die.

BigKev453871d ago

Getting head while you play GTA IV, lol.

LKane3871d ago

That would be like the holy grail.

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