Updated GTA 5 Site Brings Attention To Real Life Police Brutality, Animal Cruelty Incident?

Rockstar Games and GTA 5 may be attempting to bring attention to this incident of policy brutality and animal cruelty by telling the story of a nearly identical real-world situation on the game's site.

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Snookies121659d ago

Yep, I spotted that as well.

konnerbllb1658d ago

Why is there a question mark in the title?

I'm Ron Burgundy?

Majin-vegeta1659d ago

That stupid cop shouldn't have tried touching the dog in the first place.That's why he jumps at that retarded pig.

GarrusVakarian1658d ago

Yeah i saw the video, such a shame that mistakes of humans resulted in the death of an innocent animal.

The guy being arrested should have wound up his window and the cop shouldn't have been so quick to use deadly force.

HammadTheBeast1658d ago

Yeah the dog wasn't doing anything, just trying to get to his owner.

Actually, the owner wasn't doing anything either, filming police is completely legal, meant f for situations like this.

coolbeans1657d ago

Sure, filming police is legal. But pulling over, cranking up the music in your car with the windows down, and deciding to film police near the vicinity of an active armed robbery response because reasons can pin you with an obstruction of justice charge.

waltercross1657d ago

Did they get him for Obstruction? I think he could fight it if they did.

Axonometri1659d ago

Does Rockstar have an issue with law enforcement? This has me thinking about the report of their use of gang members for voice work.

itspeaks1658d ago

This is why I love Rockstar; it's why we all love Rockstar. They have their own voice and they are devilishly good at creating their art with it.

spike1658d ago

This really happened like 4 months ago in Hawthorne California. Ten minutes away from Los Angeles.

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