No strings to hold it down – we review Puppeteer [Gaming Trend]

Editor Ron Burke: "In the middle of console launches, next-gen swashbuckling, futuristic otherworldly conflicts, and other fantastic distractions is a little title called Puppeteer. Developed by SCE Studios Japan, the PlayStation 3 exclusive may very well be one of the most unique games I’ve ever played, and one you absolutely should not ignore despite the deluge of incredible entertainment headed our way this holiday season."

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Knightshade1751d ago

I was rather surprised at how cute, and yet disturbingly dark this game is.

xYLeinen1751d ago

I just now finished the demo, and I've never played anything like it. Sure you can compare LittleBigPlanet but Puppeteer really stands alone in the presentation as a "live Japanese theater".

Knightshade1751d ago

Yea, like a Bunraku play. It's very much like that.