IGN - Second Hands-On Exclusive with GTA V

IGN return to Los Santos for two missions, which reveal how powerful GTA's character-shifting mechanics can be from a storytelling perspective

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TrevorPhillips1564d ago

10 days people, only 10 days :D

Scarface71563d ago

I can't fudging wait to play you man!

Deeloc1563d ago

10 long ass days man.oh yeah my b-day on the 17

3-4-51563d ago

I feel like Cartman on South Park when he "HAS" to have a Wii or GTA China Town Wars. lol

I'm going to attempt to not think about this game until release.

There is midnight release for this at Gamestop right ?

Outsider-G1564d ago

The replay value of this game is through the roof. Also, the fact you can replay missions is a joy to my ears.

PinkFunk1564d ago

Pff.. let me have a look at this... "game".

I'll be the judge 'o it.

PinkFunk1563d ago

Ah who am I kidding. Can't...wait..for...this.. .

despair1563d ago

Didn't read ( I want no spoilers) but so excited for this.

metalgod881563d ago

I read a little bit and there is definitely a few spoilers, but from what I read( mostly the final paragraph), we're in for a real treat. I don't want to give anything way, so I'll just say, yeah, this game is going to be leaps and bounds better than any other GTA we've ever seen.


MightyNo91563d ago

You get to kill Roman from GTA4 on this. And the last mission is a shoot out on a boat with a chinese drug lord. That sounds kinda lame but whatever.

Duddy1011563d ago

Scutter from your mouth my friend

koh1563d ago

If the last mission isn't a low speed submarine battle with torpedoes I'll be disappointed. Kidding, but only kinda.

SchwoererBear1563d ago

I really hope that is not true. you should clearly mark major spoilers in your comments.