Microsoft Xbox-Nokia N Gage resurrection?

A Microsoft buys Nokia for $7.2billion could this signal the resurrection of hand-held hybrid, the N Gage series?

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Vip3r1228d ago

From Microsoft's current state of affairs, two negatives won't make a positive.

Bundi1227d ago

Clearly you didn't do science at school...or maths...or grammer.

TomShoe1227d ago

The N-Gage was a good idea in concept, poor in execution. The games were sparse and of poor quality, and the thing was awkward to talk into. So no.

But M$ can just absorb $7.2 billion because of Windows. No wonder.

latincooker2141227d ago

I agree with you DirtyPimp well said man. DAMN 7.2Billion. WOW

thrust1227d ago

The n gage is a waste of money yeah, buying Nokia is not

mewhy321228d ago

I seriously doubt it. I think this was all about cell, and the windows phone market. Nintendo has a strangle hold on the handheld market anyway. It would be really hard to break that hold, not to mention expensive.

Axonometri1228d ago

No way.. that thing had a seriously bad design.

Bundi1227d ago

Because they'd have to stick with the same design right? I mean it's the law! What self-respecting company would repeat a design that was bad in 200X in 2014?

That would be like keeping the design of...I dunno, a controller from 1996 and not changing it for the better half of 2 decades or something totally ficticious like that and not in any way a real reference to a real life situation.

Axonometri1227d ago

It's just my opinion man. You don't have to get all worked up about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.