Grand Theft Auto V Official Site Update: Security, Fitness & Entertainment

The Los Santos & Blaine County Visitors Travelogue has just been updated with special new sections highlighting why this west coast destination is a fitness buff's paradise, along with an overview on law enforcement and security for your peace of mind, and previews of the exciting music and television entertainment in store this fall...

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TrevorPhillips1724d ago

Can't wait for this game only 10 days! :D

YNWA961724d ago

God the anticipation for this game is too much... got the shakes!

Outsider-G1724d ago

I was wondering when they would update.

Axonometri1724d ago

Great talent, zero morals.

FRAKISTAN1724d ago

The Game is already available in the Pakistan city of Peshawar.The store owner posted a video online showing it.LOL

Angels37851724d ago (Edited 1724d ago )

He posted a video of a box with some really fake and unofficial box art (carefully held them so as not to show the back of the box) and no gameplay. If they were legit copies he would have ripped one open and shoved the disk into the ps3 sitting right near him on video for proof. but he didn't........did he? If you were trying to prove that to the world...wouldn't you want to leave no doubt?

Angels37851724d ago

Plus he says in the video "here is the US and UK" versions and the box art is different. Everyone knows that rockstars box art is THE SAME for all regions....

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