Rockstar, Master of Pre-Release Hype recently ran the world’s first hands-on demo for Grand Theft Auto V. Such a story that points out the exclusivity of a reveal or the first one-on-one interview is a fairly common thing to see in games journalism. But a world’s first hands-on just a few weeks before the game launches? That’s quite a bit rarer.

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Enemy1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

This is definitely true. They don't even have to show anything for the game and they'll sell 2 million in one week. They've made their name and earned everyone's respect over and over again. "By Rockstar" is all I need to know.

Man2bFree1563d ago

more like 10mil! US only pre-orders are over 3mil!

Dirkster_Dude1563d ago

It will be significantly higher than that. From the GTA 4 Wikipedia page: "The game sold more than 3.6 million copies on its first day of availability, while also selling 6 million copies in the first week of availability (garnering $500 million in sales)."

r1sh121563d ago

yeah. Rockstar have made good games, and they have many triple A titles.
The controversy around the games is what sells them.
I mean wait for the release day - it will be in the news and there will some annoying physiologist talking crap and a youngish person who is doing well for themselves arguing the games legitimacy.

BTW I do not believe psychology is a real science and is based on observation only. Just my opinion

Mr_Butata1562d ago

Thats what happens when you put enough time and dedication to a game.

And dont try to ship out every 12 months a half-baked game... I'm not making a reference to COD, of course thats an example but theres many others!

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JoshEngen1563d ago

God. Just reading this article makes me want to buy GTA 5 more.

hop3lessfray1563d ago

We should spend all day Monday watching the trailers.

Philoctetes1563d ago

I think I may be the only person whose expectations are still tempered based on my experience with GTA4. I'll probably still this title as something to hold me over until the PS4 releases, but the hype is way out of control.

Duddy1011563d ago

Theres new vids gone up on YT really funny ones

BattleTorn1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Hey GTA fanatics - I have an OT idea...

Do we know, or not, whether the 'special abilities' will be in GTA: Online?

Imagine if when we create our Online character, we choose between shooting/driving/flying as our special ability.

Red Dead had Deadeye Online, Max Payne 3 had Bullet time Online. Why won't GTA have the 3 special abilities in Online.

All the hiests (in SP) have been designed to incorperate the three abilities. Maybe in Online, players will have to coordinate who has which power, and who does which postion.

have the "driver" driver, the "pilot" control the copter, ect.


inmusicutrust1562d ago

Dunno about the special abilities but I have already seen several people offering their services in specific areas of the game such as security/protection, sniper, driver, ect for the right price. The special abilities would only further this skill based market. Amazing the online economy they are attempting to create, for example stock market.

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