'Gamers will choose between Xbox One and PS4 after Gadget Show hands-on'

33,000 gamers will attend this year’s Gadget Show Live at Christmas, says organizer Upper Street Events.

And the firm says that 86 per cent of attendees will use the show to decide between PS4 and Xbox One.

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mewhy321441d ago

73% preferring PS4 sounds about right. That is being reflected the world over. What person in their right mind would pay 100.00 for less? Nuf said.

OlgerO1441d ago

PS4 deserves those sales after being the champion of gamers and saving next gen

blackbeld1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )


PS4 is dominating the world! Time to switch side. PS4 FTW.

Eat this ┌П┐(•_•)┌П┐Microsoft.

creatchee1441d ago


"PS4 is dominating the world! Time to switch side. PS4 FTW.

Eat this ┌П┐(•_•)┌П┐Microsoft."

You're really taking great steps to perpetuate the notion of mature, Sony-only gamers. :/

dmeador1441d ago

Lol, please say any of that stuff a loud to yourself in the mirror, and then to anyone and see how you sound.

warewolfSS1441d ago

At least you don't sound like a lunatic......

FATAL1TY1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

★ PS4 = PS2 ★

NatureOfLogic1441d ago

Xbox One will not be as successful as the Xbox 360. More people are switching to PS4 rather than sticking with Xbox. And if the Xbox fanboys think casuals will save the day, I have news for you, I don't think so. At a high price and no games to showcase the highly touted kinect 2.0, casuals will not flock to Xbox One like some are hoping. MS gave up the core for an attempt to get Wii casuals on Xbox. They failed. Now their asking for core gamers forgiveness, but the damage is already done. MS has shown their hand.

kickerz1441d ago

Ps4 - 73% Xbox one - 69% interested
LMAO guys getting all GeeD up over 4% is quite pathetic really . How about we get excited about games n tech n stuff, you know gaming things not stupid percentages.

XisThatKid1441d ago

^LMFAO one bubble I see why thoughsorry off topic.

This new gen is going to be/is very interesting. This is the first time that rivaling consoles release so close together. I must say that I'm not surprised at the PS4 preferences though.

Freedomland1441d ago

PS4= Agree

X1= Disagree


NatureOfLogic1441d ago

To all the Xbox fanboys below saying "It's closer than we think it is"

Looks at this......

No It's not. Xbox fanboys won't to believe It's closer like they believe Xbox One and PS4 is equally powerful. Two words, denial and delusional.

SolidStoner1441d ago

73% should now agree then :)))

SHORYUKEN1441d ago


Agreed, Microsoft deserves the fingers. I not gonna trust Microsoft at all. They will for sure reverse their policies again once they have a big instal base.

tawak1441d ago

ps4 actually gave the xbox fanboys a favor, not for ps4, xbox might be still stick,ing to their policy.

MazzingerZ1441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

It shows that of those 80 millions many were RROD, backup consoles and so on

All those Kinetec sales to kids will probably won't follow to the X1, that's the risk when targeting just one demographic, those kids got bored of the X360 and switched to iPad or similar

Lots were old PS2 gamers now back to PS4 just because it feels like the PS2 all over again and no one forgets those great gaming moments

The SONY customers are more solid and stable and the proof is that people says N4G is full of SONY fanboys, maybe they are just more in reality, if there are so many X360 gamers why sometimes it feels like they don't exist?

PS3 surpassed the X360 since a while back, can't imagine how things will look this gen, maybe X1 owners will benefit from it, maybe MSFT acquires some studios to develop more 1st party games, who knows

Raf1k11441d ago

Not this silly Gadget Show. These idiots had a total Xbox fanboy to do a section on the PS3's YLOD making it look worse than it was. They even mentioned in the show that he was an Xbox fanboy.

The presenters of this show really don't seem to be very tech savvy to me either though it's a show aimed at the average Joe consumer.

nosferatuzodd1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

indeed ps4 allday everyday and twice on Sundays

nukeitall1440d ago

From article:

"Upper Street research says that 73 per cent of visitors are currently planning to buy a PS4 – higher than the 69 per cent considering an Xbox One."

What that says is that these are most likely hardcore gamers that plan on getting both consoles as the overlap is huge.

The battle of the casuals hasn't started yet, and seemingly the PS4 and Xbox One is actually closer than we think contrasting the 3 to 1 polls earlier. That is about two months, and I wonder what another two months will do?

zeee1440d ago (Edited 1440d ago )

ps4 will do great and way better than xbox but I believe ms will also sell loads of consoles at least in the beginning. this is going to be very interesting. ultimately that $100 difference is going to win. economy is still not that great you know.

sorry for any typo. sent from my phone

mcstorm1440d ago

@nukeitall wow had to read down to your post before I found someone who is not a fan boy. Why do people on here care so much about which console sells the most? You don't get anything for it. Buy the console you want and enjoy it and let people buy the console they want and enjoy that. This site has just turned into my dad is bigger than your dad rather than talking about the amazing games we are getting the back end of this year on the Xbox one, ps4, Wiiu, 3ds and Vita.

At the end of the day we buy a console for games not because of its sales.

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GmIsOnPt3601441d ago

We gotta remember this is a high percentage of people who are preferring the ps4 are the forum goer, the non stop article reader , the devout fan. the avg person who has xbox 360 will buy the x1 and likewise for ps4. if you think they are going to outsell by that margin....

PlayStation_41441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

No, the average person will buy whatever their friends buy.

If PS4 has the lead on the core gaming front, then Microsoft will be in trouble unless they somehow bring it back.

EDIT: I know lots of people who are jumping over from 360 to PS4 also... Only a hand full of people getting an X1

MysticStrummer1441d ago

"the avg person who has xbox 360 will buy the x1"

That's definitely not what I'm seeing and hearing, but I don't claim to know enough people to make a statistical judgement. I know one person who wants a One, and it's solely because of Forza.

1441d ago
ForgivenZombie1441d ago

Not really, me and my friends are switching to Ps4, we're tired of MS lackluster customer support and games for gold was the final insult, plus most people we ran into on live were very immature, so we're hoping PSN will be different.

Elit3Nick1441d ago

Exactly, it's the exact same with polls, most people that vote on polls are those that purposely seek them out. And @PlayStation_4 I don't know any of my friends that are skipping the X1 this gen, even a few are switching over because most of their friends are on Xbox live. That just shows how little polls and opinions on sites like this matter.

x713hitsquad1441d ago

I'm going to get both like always. Why do people care so much about sales?? Let's just enjoy whatever console we get.

Jaqen_Hghar1440d ago

How many cases has a user heard of a PS3 fan jumping ship?
Ok now how many Xbox fans has a user heard of jumping ship?
A man rests his case.

PS: If Sony beat Xbox losing the price war by $200, being a year late, and having to build their online up this gen what does a user think will happen when Sony is winning the price war by $100, is launch at the same time, and already has a network that works fine? A man doesn't see the logic in saying that Xbox will simply repeat the success of the 360. It would be one thing is 360 had dominated, but it STILL got beat with all the major factors going for it. With those factors now evened out or being advantages for PS4 a man doesn't see the logic of arguing that Xbox has a chance.

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ZHZ901441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

Lol you forgot to mention PS4 is also with more power and great variety of games.

ZHZ901441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

What is the disagree?

This is my opinion, I am just excited for PS4.

ZHZ901441d ago (Edited 1441d ago )

EDIT: @Mods, could you delete this, that was double post accidently.

Elit3Nick1441d ago

The great variety of games is a good opinion, but having more power isn't, until both are compared side to side after release, you can't be sure that one is more powerful than the other.