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Submitted by Prcko 883d ago | news

'Gamers will choose between Xbox One and PS4 after Gadget Show hands-on'

33,000 gamers will attend this year’s Gadget Show Live at Christmas, says organizer Upper Street Events.

And the firm says that 86 per cent of attendees will use the show to decide between PS4 and Xbox One. (PS4, Xbox One)

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mewhy32  +   883d ago | Well said
73% preferring PS4 sounds about right. That is being reflected the world over. What person in their right mind would pay 100.00 for less? Nuf said.
OlgerO  +   883d ago | Well said
PS4 deserves those sales after being the champion of gamers and saving next gen
negative  +   883d ago | Well said
oh god
blackbeld  +   883d ago | Funny

PS4 is dominating the world! Time to switch side. PS4 FTW.

Eat this ┌П┐(•_•)┌П┐Microsoft.
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creatchee  +   883d ago

"PS4 is dominating the world! Time to switch side. PS4 FTW.

Eat this ┌П┐(•_•)┌П┐Microsoft."

You're really taking great steps to perpetuate the notion of mature, Sony-only gamers. :/
dmeador  +   883d ago
Lol, please say any of that stuff a loud to yourself in the mirror, and then to anyone and see how you sound.
warewolfSS  +   883d ago
At least you don't sound like a lunatic......
FATAL1TY  +   883d ago
★ PS4 = PS2 ★
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NatureOfLogic  +   883d ago | Well said
Xbox One will not be as successful as the Xbox 360. More people are switching to PS4 rather than sticking with Xbox. And if the Xbox fanboys think casuals will save the day, I have news for you, I don't think so. At a high price and no games to showcase the highly touted kinect 2.0, casuals will not flock to Xbox One like some are hoping. MS gave up the core for an attempt to get Wii casuals on Xbox. They failed. Now their asking for core gamers forgiveness, but the damage is already done. MS has shown their hand.
kickerz  +   883d ago
Ps4 - 73% Xbox one - 69% interested
LMAO guys getting all GeeD up over 4% is quite pathetic really . How about we get excited about games n tech n stuff, you know gaming things not stupid percentages.
XisThatKid  +   883d ago
^LMFAO one bubble I see why thoughsorry off topic.

This new gen is going to be/is very interesting. This is the first time that rivaling consoles release so close together. I must say that I'm not surprised at the PS4 preferences though.
Freedomland  +   883d ago | Well said
PS4= Agree

X1= Disagree

NatureOfLogic  +   882d ago
To all the Xbox fanboys below saying "It's closer than we think it is"

Looks at this......

No It's not. Xbox fanboys won't to believe It's closer like they believe Xbox One and PS4 is equally powerful. Two words, denial and delusional.
SolidStoner  +   882d ago
73% should now agree then :)))
SHORYUKEN  +   882d ago

Agreed, Microsoft deserves the fingers. I not gonna trust Microsoft at all. They will for sure reverse their policies again once they have a big instal base.
tawak  +   882d ago
ps4 actually gave the xbox fanboys a favor, not for ps4, xbox might be still stick,ing to their policy.
MazzingerZ  +   882d ago
It shows that of those 80 millions many were RROD, backup consoles and so on

All those Kinetec sales to kids will probably won't follow to the X1, that's the risk when targeting just one demographic, those kids got bored of the X360 and switched to iPad or similar

Lots were old PS2 gamers now back to PS4 just because it feels like the PS2 all over again and no one forgets those great gaming moments

The SONY customers are more solid and stable and the proof is that people says N4G is full of SONY fanboys, maybe they are just more in reality, if there are so many X360 gamers why sometimes it feels like they don't exist?

PS3 surpassed the X360 since a while back, can't imagine how things will look this gen, maybe X1 owners will benefit from it, maybe MSFT acquires some studios to develop more 1st party games, who knows
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Raf1k1  +   882d ago
Not this silly Gadget Show. These idiots had a total Xbox fanboy to do a section on the PS3's YLOD making it look worse than it was. They even mentioned in the show that he was an Xbox fanboy.

The presenters of this show really don't seem to be very tech savvy to me either though it's a show aimed at the average Joe consumer.
Locknuts  +   882d ago
nosferatuzodd  +   882d ago
indeed ps4 allday everyday and twice on Sundays
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nukeitall  +   882d ago
From article:

"Upper Street research says that 73 per cent of visitors are currently planning to buy a PS4 – higher than the 69 per cent considering an Xbox One."

What that says is that these are most likely hardcore gamers that plan on getting both consoles as the overlap is huge.

The battle of the casuals hasn't started yet, and seemingly the PS4 and Xbox One is actually closer than we think contrasting the 3 to 1 polls earlier. That is about two months, and I wonder what another two months will do?
zeee  +   882d ago
ps4 will do great and way better than xbox but I believe ms will also sell loads of consoles at least in the beginning. this is going to be very interesting. ultimately that $100 difference is going to win. economy is still not that great you know.

sorry for any typo. sent from my phone
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mcstorm  +   882d ago
@nukeitall wow had to read down to your post before I found someone who is not a fan boy. Why do people on here care so much about which console sells the most? You don't get anything for it. Buy the console you want and enjoy it and let people buy the console they want and enjoy that. This site has just turned into my dad is bigger than your dad rather than talking about the amazing games we are getting the back end of this year on the Xbox one, ps4, Wiiu, 3ds and Vita.

At the end of the day we buy a console for games not because of its sales.
GmIsOnPt360  +   883d ago
We gotta remember this is a high percentage of people who are preferring the ps4 are the forum goer, the non stop article reader , the devout fan. the avg person who has xbox 360 will buy the x1 and likewise for ps4. if you think they are going to outsell by that margin....
PlayStation_4  +   883d ago | Well said
No, the average person will buy whatever their friends buy.

If PS4 has the lead on the core gaming front, then Microsoft will be in trouble unless they somehow bring it back.

EDIT: I know lots of people who are jumping over from 360 to PS4 also... Only a hand full of people getting an X1
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MysticStrummer  +   883d ago
"the avg person who has xbox 360 will buy the x1"

That's definitely not what I'm seeing and hearing, but I don't claim to know enough people to make a statistical judgement. I know one person who wants a One, and it's solely because of Forza.
N4G_IS_SONYS_WHORE   883d ago | Spam
ForgivenZombie  +   883d ago
Not really, me and my friends are switching to Ps4, we're tired of MS lackluster customer support and games for gold was the final insult, plus most people we ran into on live were very immature, so we're hoping PSN will be different.
Elit3Nick  +   882d ago
Exactly, it's the exact same with polls, most people that vote on polls are those that purposely seek them out. And @PlayStation_4 I don't know any of my friends that are skipping the X1 this gen, even a few are switching over because most of their friends are on Xbox live. That just shows how little polls and opinions on sites like this matter.
x713hitsquad  +   882d ago
I'm going to get both like always. Why do people care so much about sales?? Let's just enjoy whatever console we get.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   882d ago
How many cases has a user heard of a PS3 fan jumping ship?
Ok now how many Xbox fans has a user heard of jumping ship?
A man rests his case.

PS: If Sony beat Xbox losing the price war by $200, being a year late, and having to build their online up this gen what does a user think will happen when Sony is winning the price war by $100, is launch at the same time, and already has a network that works fine? A man doesn't see the logic in saying that Xbox will simply repeat the success of the 360. It would be one thing is 360 had dominated, but it STILL got beat with all the major factors going for it. With those factors now evened out or being advantages for PS4 a man doesn't see the logic of arguing that Xbox has a chance.
ZHZ90  +   883d ago
Lol you forgot to mention PS4 is also with more power and great variety of games.
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ZHZ90  +   883d ago
What is the disagree?

This is my opinion, I am just excited for PS4.
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ZHZ90  +   883d ago
EDIT: @Mods, could you delete this, that was double post accidently.
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Elit3Nick  +   882d ago
The great variety of games is a good opinion, but having more power isn't, until both are compared side to side after release, you can't be sure that one is more powerful than the other.
Kuse  +   883d ago
I would rather pay 100 more bucks for premium services than sub-par mediocre ones (glares at PSN), not to mention when I'm purchasing a new console I'm all about the games, and not just 30 indie titles, I'm talking AAA Blockbuster titles.
mxrider2199  +   883d ago
ooo so you want to play forza and ryze some great AAA games with lots of replay value....
cloak365  +   883d ago
If you are talking about playing AAA titles then would easily pick ps4. Sony has a history of great games and continued support for their consoles well into their life times (TLOU). PSN service is just as good and in some cases better then XBL maybe not early on but it definitely is now.
Brix90  +   883d ago
Ps4 and X1 at this point are almost providing the same services and most free unlike the X1 and PS+ gives a variety of free games while they only give you guys once a month. Not to mention that Killzone and Infamous look better than any game on the X1 lineup. I will give to Dead Rising though probably be the only exclusive game I would get if I was getting an X1. Don't get me wrong though X1 will have some good games next summer like Titanfall but so will PS4. Point I'm trying to make is your argument doesn't justify your claims of premium service, I guess why MS has a pay wall do that people like you that are paying for it think their premium.
Skips  +   883d ago
"I would rather pay 100 more bucks for premium services than sub-par mediocre ones (glares at PSN)"

*I would rather pay 100 less bucks for premium services that give you much more value for your money (PS+) than sub-par mediocre ones that do nothing but just put everything behind pay walls... (glares at XBL)

"when I'm purchasing a new console I'm all about the games, and not just 30 indie titles, I'm talking AAA Blockbuster titles."

*when I'm purchasing a new console I'm all about the games, and I'm talking true AAA Blockbuster titles like Killzone SF and Infamous SS that ACTUALLY LOOK NEXT GEN. Not scrapped 360 games (Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct) that were used to fluff up the launch lineup, not some useless camera that nobody wants, not Kinect shovelware games that'll be all that MS provides for the later half of the gen, not TV, not Sports...

...And anyways... you must've hated MS for the past 4 years then. XD... 1-2 AAA exclusives then they throw in the towel for the year. lol

What good AAA 360 exclusives have you bought since Gears Judgement??? (Which turned out to be terrible)

Or upcoming AAA 360 exclusives will you be playing till next gen hits???
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UnHoly_One  +   883d ago
"PSN service is just as good and in some cases better then XBL"


No. Just No.

To this day, PSN is not even comparable to where XBL was when the 360 launched 8 years ago.
Brix90  +   882d ago

You obviously can't compare the two because PSN is free on ps3 and Xbox isnt on 360 but next gen will be different because both require subscriptions for online making it better. The facts that PS+ gives free games how can you even argue with that and that it's great features are free with no subscription. So I guess you can say that XBL doesn't compare too the features PSN offers.
#1.4.6 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(3) | Report
UnHoly_One  +   882d ago
PSN doesn't give you free games, it's a rental service.

XBL actually does give away free games now, if you want to make those comparisons.

But honestly, that isn't the type of thing I was talking about. I'm talking about the features of the online service itself, how smooth it works and how easy it is to hook up with friends, etc...

XBL is light-years beyond PSN. Those of you disagreeing have either not used XBL very much or you just have your Sony blinders on.
---stone---  +   882d ago
Kuse + 3h ago
I would rather pay 100 more bucks for premium services than sub-par mediocre ones (glares at PSN), not to mention when I'm purchasing a new console I'm all about the games, and not just 30 indie titles, I'm talking AAA Blockbuster titles.

Then have fun with your glorified cable box...and Ryse.
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moparful99  +   882d ago
@unholyone I'm suspecting you haven't used or have barely used PSN.. Aside from some obscure or minor social features(x game chat) PSN and Xbox live are identical.. PSN runs great and in the case of first party online games have dedicated servers..

My KDR with shooters is actually better on PSN than it is on XBL. Don't feed me some non factual argument that there are better players on XBL because that's unfounded and basically just conjecture. For me personally the Dualshock 3 controller works better for gaming in general than the 360 pad and lends itself to my being better in shooters on the platform.

As it stands today(especially with the PS4) PSN and XBL have parity, we can sit here and argue for either one having an advantage but the fact of the matter is that when it all comes down to personal preference. There really is no technical advantage that one has over the other.. PERIOD.
Brix90  +   882d ago

Ps+ games aren't rentals they can be downloaded to playstation and be kept in your download list forever they can be used only with a PS subscription comparing to Xbox live they give you 1 game a month and nothing good.

Back to what you were saying though as far as multiplatform games online was better on 360 but when you playing online on Killzone 3 I experience no lag and smooth gameplay online. I can't vouch for your experience but I own both consoles and agree with you in how it's easy to connect to friends an such but my experience Sony doesn't seem far behind. To each is own I guess.
PickAShoe  +   882d ago
@ UnHoly_One Expand your etc... cause there's nothing more than that.
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DigitalRaptor  +   882d ago
@ UnHoly_One and every other silly little Xbox fanboy with weak arguments:

You guys are exactly like the Xbox fanboy in this video below who says things, makes claims about certain areas of superiority, takes hearsay statements that fanboys have been using for years as your own, but can't actually back it up apart from a couple of limp points and add "ETC." on the end to make it appear that you have loads of points to definitively tell us why something is better. But you can't.

PlayStation fans keep pointing out EXACTLY where you're wrong about PSN, but you think that "LMFAO" is any kind of response?

You are exactly the same as these fools: Embarrassing.
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Evilsnuggle  +   882d ago
XBOT myth that xbox live is better than PSN. I own a 360 and PS3 i play xbox live Gold and PNS and PNS+ . There is no difference between PSN and xbox live please tell me the difference. More game demos no psn and free to play games.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   882d ago
Someone hasn't used PSN since 07 a mean sees. Also 20>15 (number of first party titles in the first year)
N4G_IS_SONYS_WHORE   883d ago | Spam
pyramidshead  +   883d ago
Be careful, the majority who attend gadget show live are predominantly sony fanboys and therefore this live poll after hands on impressions on both consoles was clearly rigged to favour the PS4. /s
Jaqen_Hghar  +   882d ago
Where don't you guys think it's all just Sony fanboys? Seriously a man sees this argument on IGN, Gametrailers, Facebook, Amazon, N4G, VGChartz, and just the internet in general lately and now this show? Sounds to a man like there's just more Sony fans out there lol
warewolfSS  +   883d ago
You been trolling hard latley bud? What's up? You ok?
kickerz  +   883d ago
LOL. How convenient you left out the whole statement the article says
-research says that 73 per cent of visitors are currently planning to buy a PS4 – higher than the 69 per cent considering an Xbox One.
That's like a total of 4 per cent. holy crap this is totally amazing. -_-
Dude getting excited about that is pretty lame.
lawgone  +   882d ago
@blackbeld and OlgerO...seriously. What are you guys? 10 years old? Please tell me you are no older than that.
princejb134  +   882d ago
Lol i chose ps4 before it was even announced
Not technical accessory is gonna make me change that
DigitalRaptor  +   882d ago
This is the worst reason to say what person would or wouldn't get an Xbox One.

A more pressing and relevant reason: The company themselves.

1) How can any sensible and self-respecting gamer/consumer trust and support Microsoft after what they tried to do less than 6 months ago. Are people really that stupidly forgiving to put on their blinders? The company had planned all this anti-consumer crap for years and years and despite them claiming not to have anticipated the reaction they got from gamers, they knew EXACTLY what they were doing, and had the many anti-consumer measures gone ahead as planned, we would've been screwed as gamers and consumers. Not for a generation, but forever.

2) DRM is still in the console at launch and requires a patch to remove it. This makes no one suspicious? Well, of course they are just insuring themselves to be able to bring it back.

3) They carry on making ridiculous and insulting statements like this to save face, when we all know the opposite: http://www.computerandvideo...
Telling people what they want, what is "ahead of them", and what's "best" for us isn't how you treat paying customers. You don't hide your product behind smoke and mirrors BS marketing campaigns and buzzwords like they've done for years and years. They didn't EVER explain any of their proposed ideas clearly enough for people to "get" them - and it was all overblown corporate spin from the start, and fanboys putting their own spin on it.

4) They have 90% of their features behind a paywall, including mostly free ones. This is insulting enough, but they recently they have claimed that the TV features that don't require XBL will not be behind the paywall. Meanwhile, 80 other features that don't require Gold, are still behind the paywall. This is disgraceful. Who supports a company who even THINKS of doing this??

5) As a consumer, Microsoft have given you no choice but to pay an extra $100 for Kinect, something you may not want, and now we know for a fact that despite it supposedly being integral to the system and Microsoft coming out and saying that "Kinect IS the XB1", you can play games and use it without the $100 camera, the choice is even more obvious.

I hear the phrase "it's all about the games", and "true gamers play everything". But no. True gamers stand up for their rights and don't support sh*t companies, who don't have their best interests in mind, and especially don't try to screw you over. When any company is even considering system-wide DRM we should be worrying, but a company that tries to do it and smiles whilst telling you they're going to enjoy it? Instant anti-consumer disgrace. Refusing to support anti-consumer corporations is not illogical or fanboyish - it's the most logical thing you can do in this given scenario.
#1.11 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
MicDude  +   882d ago
The thing is MS tried to do something different and it turned out to be extremely unpopular. MS changed their plan around because of this. MS had a vision and that vision required DRM and they told people that. That doesn't mean they tried to screw you. Screwing you would telling your customers "This console is DRM free" and you go home and turn it on...and there is DRM. (In which case MS cannot be trusted because they flat out lied.) You see what I mean?
Olympus  +   882d ago

A person who considers shooters and online competitive gaming more important. Lets face it, Xbone is superior in online gaming than PS4 with 300,000 dedicated servers and COD will utilize it and PS4 wont. Xbone is best for shooters. COD & BF4 map packs early on Xbone and Xbone is the only next gen console to get Titanfall...the next big thing.

Xbone also has best exclusives unlike PS4 which has too many indies that are not appealing and will come out for Xbone or already out for PC or will do. I don't think console gamer's buy console to play side scroll's and other indie crap that look as though they are designed for tablets, at-least most of them do.

U now have to pay to play online for PS4 which means they can be compared directly as everyone WILL have to pay and playing multiplayer is the most important feature of a console. Sure PSN+ u get indie and old games for free but on XBL u get "DEDICATED SERVERS." I can't stress the advantages for Xbone multiplayer games. No more lag as we know it. Bye Bye Peers to Peers, u complain about dying allot on COD...u now know u suck.
#1.12 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DigitalRaptor  +   882d ago
"Bye Bye Peers to Peers"

So.... you've been paying for Xbox Live since 2002, and it has been using nothing but Peer to Peer connectivity since day one. *slowclap*. Do you realise Sony has been using Dedicated servers for their first and second party deployment since the PS3 came out?? Do you realise Microsoft had just as many indies (and not big budget ones either) coming out for their 360? And you guys ate that up and used it as a bullet point as to why the 360 was better. Double standards.

You are exactly the bonehead type of consumer Microsoft is going for. There's been nothing but buzzword PR from Microsoft about 300,000 servers and their advantages, but you sit there and believe it, especially after everything Microsoft has said and done over the past few months? The straight up lies they spouted, and that were proven to be lies.

Developers of shooters were consulted for DS4, so it's a perfectly amazing controller for shooters. Timed exclusive DLC lasts for a month. Sony secures much more for its consumers. It has actual exclusive content that is FAR, FAR more than just map packs for shooters.

Too many indies? Your statement has just proven how little you know or appreciate indie developers. More creative, original, unique and fun than most AAA games have the budget or support for. Do you realise that there is as much AAA shovelware than there are bad indie games? There we go.

PS4 exclusives: Killzone: Shadow Fall, DriveClub, Knack, inFamous: Second Son (stomps all Xbox exclusives we've seen so far in every category), The Order: 1886, Deep Down, and the inevitable Naughty Dog and Santa Monica productions that will stomp the competition. and that is where it begins.

Outlast, Rime, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Shadow of the Beast, A Machine For Pigs - just a brief overview and small selection of the bigger indie games that are getting AAA support and were designed for consoles/PC. And if you THINK they were designed for tablets, then BEST OF LUCK trying to play them on tablets, because the controls would flat out suck.

Try and play RESOGUN on a tablet (which would have a hard time running it) and you'd lose every time you tried to play. Try playing Spelunky on a touch interface, you'd die at all times, more than normal. These games need buttons.
#1.12.1 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
DigitalRaptor  +   882d ago
"PSN+ u get indie and old games for free"

See what I mean? You numbskulls know nothing about what you bash. Not even able to get the name of the service correct. Old games? How old are we talking? A year? Two years? That isn't old. Indie? There have been prolific AAA games on PS+ as much as indie games. Let me list a selection of the "old" AAA games for you:

Sleeping Dogs, Hitman Absolution, Spec Ops: The Line, Uncharted 3, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Lego Lord of the Rings, Battlefield 3, Gravity Rush, Xcom: Enemy Unknown, Catherine, LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet Karting, Saints Row: The Third, Assassin's Creed III, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, inFamous 2, Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, Jak & Daxter Trilogy, PayDay: The Heist, Demon's Souls, Mortal Kombat, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning, Lord of the Rings War in the North, Okami HD, Rayman Origins, Dead or Alive 5, Mass Effect 3, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

Yeah old games, and indie games. /s

"Titanfall... the next big thing"

Just like COD4 was, and look how that series turned out. Titanfall will be coming to PS4, and even the most insecure of Xbox fanboys know it. Historic trends pretty much tell it. PlanetSide 2 is pretty much as big and ambitious as Titanfall. Titanfall is new... that is all. PlanetSide 2 isn't, but it's a superb game that won't be coming to Xbox One. In fact, for all it's "DEDICATED SERVERS" i'd like to know if XB1 will even get a MMOFPS that can compare to the scale of PlanetSide 2.
#1.12.2 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
Olympus  +   881d ago

When did i say i was using XBL since 2002. I own both system 360/ps3 and i have been a subscriber to live since 2006. MS have been using dedicated servers for first party and second party titles and it already has 15,000 dedicated servers powering Xbox 360 which all makes Xbox 360 a much better online service than PS3. If your referring to XBLA i don't give a fuck, i dont care about indies and XBLA games. Most Xbox 360 gamer's are mostly in it for shooter games as they make much of the sales in the industry.

You are $onybumboy, 3000,000 servers will allow dedicated servers and the Xbox service to improve significantly. Why is COD dedicated server on Xbone and not PS4? because Sony doesnt have the money or the servers to match Microsoft, Activision certainly wont pay for it.

Having a month or more of DLC is huge if u love shooter and online. Fans wanna play COD maps early and get the exclusives of FIFA on Xbone offers.

U said that PS4 exclusives will stomp all over Xbone. Aahahahaha lol, typical Sonybumboy. Xbone has hell of allot more and better AAA exclusives as apposed to Sony having mainly indie and free to play bullshit that u can get on PC for free.

Xbone exclusives such Crimson Dragon, Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, Halo 5, Dead Rising 3, D4, Killer Instinct, Quantum Break, Forza 5, Black Tusk project all are AAA games. See that i haven't mentioned crappy indie and other not so exciting games such as Below, project spark ect. Xbone kills PS4 in exclusives.

The $onybumboys told us that MS will have kinect games on E3 and no good exclusives lol and when E3 came, M$ showed us the goods. They showed us the best games, not even a kinect game in sight. lol $ony bumboys like urself said PS4 will use full 7GB RAM and now we know they will use less than 5gb and now no sony fanboys talk about this advantage lol. Sony's so called more powerfull in paper spec is gonna rape Xbone yet Xbone had the best looking game over all with more awards. I bet PS4 will not look much better than Xbox One. Look at PS3, it was supposedly more powerful than X360, yet most couldn't tell a difference. The original Xbox was more powerfull than PS2 and yet console gamer's couldn't tell. PS4 spec's mean nothing in real time performance.

All the games PSN gave for free are old games, i mean i played games like Uncharted 3 and BF3 back in 2011. Now its 2013 they are made free lol. Its pointless when games get old, they aren't worth much. I bet next gen they will give u more indie crap than AAA games. I rather have better online service with dedicated servers. Sony will never give u games that are year old, NEVER. Most of the games that have been made free are crap any ways. If i had PSN+ i wouldn't even touch most of them as i'm only interested in mostly playing online which will no longer be free for PS users.

Most of then games $ony will give free on PS+ for PS4 are indie crap and Driveclub aahahahaha lol and its not even a full copy of the game, just a down scaled nasty game.

Oh my god, not this MGS4 will come to Xbox 360 fiasco again. Titanfall will not come to PS4. M$ will make sure of that. M$ will have bags of cash to make sure it doesn't come out on PS4.
Olympus  +   881d ago
Since COD 4, COD has outsold all games. Every game since then has hit 20 plus million. People continue to buy COD and it dominates most played on XBL/PSN. It will only take like for like game to conquer COD and Titanfall will be it...

Planetside 2 is a nasty game. I have a PC with intel i7 and Radeon 7850 and i can tell i have played free to play games like PS2 & Blacklight and they are crap. Free to play are nasty games and they truly not free. Especially planetside 2. Doesn't even come close to games such as Halo or COD.

Microsoft has listened to its costumers and got rid of the DRM bullcrap. At least they listened to the fans...why aren't $onybum boyz protesting about Sony charging for multiplayer online hey? maybe they will listen if they did.

Xbox One has COD timed exclusives with "DEDICATED SERVERS", FIFA exclusives, BF4 timed exclusives. Titanfall, Halo and Gears of War. In my account, Xbone has the best and most important franchises in gaming, Sony only has Uncharted which is only worth for its great campaign and multiplayer suck which is most important overall. Rest of the other exclsuives are not good at all. The best place to play competitive shooter online and FIFA. If u love shooter's and football, Xbox One is the best place to play ur games. Added to that, the last big exlcusive franchise that sony were known for.... Metal Gear Solid series will now come out for Xbox One. M$ have probably even brought some Exclsuives DLC stuff aswell.

The only thing stopping Xbox one killing PS4 is the price difference. I'm sure M$ will rectify this before or after launch.
#1.12.4 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Docknoss  +   882d ago
Me I'm the 27 0/0
Rageanitus  +   882d ago
try saying that to the apple crowd...

Its all marketing, both will be decent machines just like last gen. I chose ps3 last gen due to gran turismo, god of war, and blu-ray...... the other games came later on just like what happened to xbox.

PPL should really grow up, its gonna be very similar to arguments about who has more triple AAAAAAAAA titles like it means SOMETHING.
#1.14 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Prcko  +   883d ago
so 70% ps4, 30% xone sales
Kuse  +   883d ago
For that small margin of people it would seem like it.
user7402931  +   883d ago | Funny
ps1 started the war ,ps2 made the terminator, ps3 got the chip from skynet, ps4 brings judgement day.
#3 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(52) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
sigfredod  +   883d ago
lol perfect fit quotes you did bubbles up
YNWA96  +   883d ago
In that case I hope no PS5! I'm scared now! :)

No, after judgement day, is wastelands, dead humans... and so on... did you not see the movies? Then I have to travel back and make love to a strange woman... ah this is too much.... I am getting both PS4 and Xbox1.. always have had both systems, I feel sad for those who take this too serious, really winning... are you counting? And to those who miss out on great games because its on the other system... that is sad.... Have a nice day ZHZ90
#3.2 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
ZHZ90  +   883d ago
PS5 will be a monster!

EDIT: You must be sad because you want Xbox One to win.

Anyways PS4 for me. :)

EDIT: I thought you are an Xbox Fanbiy because of One Bubble.
Anyways no I don't think I can also own another console but not intersted to own more than console right now why?
900$/Euros with games and taxes, clearly 400$/Euros is enough for me with games and taxes.

Have a nice day for throwing money away then you'll leave one of your least favor console collecting dusts.
#3.2.1 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report
sigfredod  +   883d ago
PS4 is dominating in the public opinion in all this events, the attendees not only respond PS4 but also add phrases like "of course" "all the way" lol
yellowgerbil  +   883d ago
ps4 is better. They system the games the image the message.
Greatness awaits my thumbs Nov 15th.
strigoi814  +   883d ago
So its gonna be

70% PS4
30% XB1 mixed with WiiU??
#6 (Edited 883d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(17) | Report | Reply
stage88  +   883d ago
Pretty much.
dmeador  +   883d ago
"69 per cent [are] considering an Xbox One"
Godmars290  +   882d ago
Sadly the Wii U has had it's time.
Dakriz  +   883d ago
Makes sense anyone deciding before trying is a fool.
mhunterjr  +   883d ago
Oh...the myth that the Xbox One will crash and burn. The PS4 will likely hold the lead for a while, but the Xbox One will be plenty successful. Both consoles are pre selling better than the previous iterations.

I'm not sure why hardcore gamers think that the typical gamer thinks the way they do...
MicDude  +   882d ago
Because the gamers who are on websites like this are kids. All these hate comments on either said are from kids.
Roper316  +   883d ago
Not surprising that the gamers prefer the PS4 seeing the terrible support the 360 has had the last 4 years from MS, couple that with all the lies, spins & outright BS MS has spewed the last few months.

They went from my secondary console to not even in the mix with all the crap they tried to pull.
ZHZ90  +   883d ago
Same here, MS even ushed games that were supposed to for X360 like DR3 and Ryse to X1. While Sony didn't do that to their games like TLOU pushing them from PS3 to PS4.
condemmedman  +   882d ago
What terrible support are you talking about? Please explain? I don't remember in the seven years I've owned the 360 that I've been bored one minute. I've finished loads of games on the 360 and I have plenty more to finish, I think you are not a gamer but a sad angry individual with an agenda pretty much like all the sad fan boys on this site. Anyway good luck wishing ms demise and sonys dominant return.
Roper316  +   882d ago
no new 1st or 2nd party core Ip's in over 4 years is terrible support imho. Charging people for free apps or services they're already paying for the right to use is terrible service imho.

If your happy that is great and you enjoy but you're definitely in the minority when it comes to thinking MS does a good job or any job at all.

What you should say is that 3rd parties have given you support the last 4 years while MS was busy planning how they could ripoff their customers next.
PrimeGrime  +   883d ago
Cool, I love the Gadget Show. I have watched every single episode and all their live shows.
Angeljuice  +   882d ago
The show is good for tech news but as cheesy as a wotsits factory on overdrive. Jason Bradbury (I think that's his name) is the most irritating sub-human nerd-tosser on television. He's like a bald Timmy Mallet ( mind you the chick is hot).
PrimeGrime  +   882d ago
I really don't get involved too much with any person on a show. I base what I like to watch on how good it is overall.

Gadget Show is one of the best tech shows I have ever seen.

They get their hands on some of the newest most unseen things around that will be used far in the future and that is just one thing I love about their show. I remember it was years and year ago they already had 4G and were showing that off before it was even released anywhere. The same thing with 4k TV's, they had their hands on those so long ago.

They also are an awesome little group, they always have those giveaways where you can run through an entire house filled with extremely expensive electronics and grab as much as you can within a time limit. I mean how freaking cool is that? Seriously, you can't find any show like that here in America, one that takes tech so seriously let alone is willing to give back so much to its fans.

I really respect the entire team at the Gadget Show because of that. Who cares if some of them are annoying, bottom line they do their job very well.

I also love how they really put the tech to work through serious testing. They don't just rate it or judge it they actually make full on challenges that compare each piece of tech and which one is the best.

Like seeing which phones are actually most durable by just blowing them all up lol, which is a few of the really crazy thing they have done on the show.

The show is really entertaining. They just all have a real passion for new technology and I love that about them.

Well about Jason, I don't think he is so bad. Yes he gets very excited, probably more than anyone on the show but he has also contributed a lot to it. I remember when he made that ridiculously huge FPS gaming center thing, where you actually walked to control your character, had projections set up to give a fixed POV that follows the person, they rigged up a rifle to be a controller also and they set up paint ball guns to fire at you when you got shot in the game.. God damn that was cool.

They even had a real soldier come in and test it for them and even he was amazed at how immersive it was.

They do some really amazing stuff on that show.
#10.1.1 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
NatureOfLogic  +   883d ago
Playstation domination. I think Xbox One will only sell as much as the original Xbox. MS won't see 360 like success with the Xbox One. Going head to head with Sony is a big mistake on their part.
dmeador  +   883d ago
Elit3Nick  +   882d ago
Despite the fact that they have more preorders than the 360 did...

Edit, wow, I didn't notice that it was you, I shouldn't have bothered commenting to one of N4G's biggest trolls
greenyboi  +   883d ago
Bore the shit out of me articles we get it already ps4 is god xbox one is
The devil can we not get back to what make these consoles the games and get more info on them instead of this shit
NobleRed  +   883d ago
Smart people don't need a hands on with the x-bone to know that It sucks.

Don't be stupid buy the ps4.
DigitalRaptor  +   882d ago
The Xbox One clearly doesn't suck. It looks like a great console.

But the company that designed it is a proven anti-consumer disgrace. No amount of policy reversals, damage control or corporate spin can change what they've done over the past few months from the rumours to the reveal and insulting messages from the start. And the ridiculous crap they are still doing.

They've proven how little they think of the consumer and the years and years of effort and focus they put on controlling consumers, removing their ownership and basically screwing them over, as well as how that would have carried over and impacted the whole industry.. yeah. Even statements like this show that they're still dishing out insults to people they want to attract:

Anyone who doesn't support them buy not buying the XB1 is smart and self-respecting, and anyone who supports them is either a supreme fanboy, a loyalist, an apologist or an ignorant consumer. That's pretty much how it is.
#13.1 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
LogicStomper  +   882d ago
Only stupid people buy before trying thank you very much. Also, please explain why I am stupid for wanting the Xbox One.
NobleRed  +   882d ago
Paying more for weaker hardware makes you look stupid.

Crapgamers will never understand logic.
LogicStomper  +   881d ago
"Paying more for weaker hardware makes you look stupid. "

How does it make me stupid for buying what I want? Since when was buying gaming consoles about power? What's the point in power when there is no joy to be had with it? Like I said, I enjoy the Xbox so I want the Xbox, so what right do you have to tell me what I want?

From the way you speak to people with feeble attempts at belittling their views, it is obvious that the console itself doesn't really bother you. What bothers you is your lack of control on the community at large and how they enjoy playing.

Give it up. You aren't in control of how others play their games. I know it might be difficult to accept the fact that others are doing what you disapprove of but its your problem, not theirs. Also, the time spent arguing and contemplating why your console's superior, could be spent actually enjoying games. And guess what? Your problem would be solved. But that's not what snobs want. They want everyone to play the they do. They're 'purists' and those who don't agree with their views suffer from stupidity right?
#13.2.2 (Edited 881d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
dmeador  +   883d ago
I know reading is tough, but if you do then you can see that only 4% more people are considering a PS4 over X1.
Lboogieskells  +   883d ago
Only 4%? Your smarter than that, do you beleive those numbers?
N4G_IS_SONYS_WHORE   882d ago | Spam
Barbarian212  +   882d ago
Haha. You clearly aren't smarter than that. It's "you're" and "believe." Also, he is correct. You clearly don't do well in the reading comprehension department.
Lboogieskells  +   882d ago
@Barbarian212, it was a serious question
and thanks for making fun of my dyslexia.
hollabox  +   883d ago
Gamers will probably by both, maybe a Wii U as well depending on style.
BattleTorn  +   882d ago
I just sold my Wii U.

I had to face it - between GTAV, and PS4, and XB1 - I was likely to never give it my time.
hollabox  +   882d ago
Yeah allot big hits coming out this year, hell I still have a crap load of games I've not finished yet like Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 6, God of War Ascension, Hitman Absolution, and Far Cry 3. Darksiders 2, and LA Noire not even installed, too many games and not enough time with my work schedule.
LoneWolf019  +   883d ago
I chose the PS4 from my hands on at Gamestop Expo. I will get a Xbox One when Halo 5 comes out and they make a bigger controller. X1 is to small in my opinion, doesn't feel perfect like the 360.
lawgone  +   882d ago
But the PS4 controller (and PS 1, 2 and 3) are smaller than the 360 and X1. Just saying.
LoneWolf019  +   882d ago
Actually the ps4 controller is bigger.
mt  +   883d ago
already made my choice, PS4 <3
sandman224  +   883d ago
Sony needs to make more consoles available in the USA. I can't find anyone that will take a preorder. It looks like Microsoft will sell a bit more consoles due to the fact they are still available for pre order. Does anyone know when or where you can get a pre order in for ps4?
N4G_IS_SONYS_WHORE   883d ago | Spam
BattleTorn  +   882d ago
Hey everyone, let's not actually read the article!!!
lawgone  +   882d ago
Seems most people didn't bother to read the article. (Sad that 4 sentences constitutes an article these days.)

"And the firm says that 86 per cent of attendees will use the show to decide between PS4 and Xbox One....and Upper Street research says that 73 per cent of visitors are currently planning to buy a PS4 – higher than the 69 per cent considering an Xbox One."

And don't forget, 14% said they would not use the show to decide on buying one. We don't know the breakdown of those 14%. They could fall into a) already made up their mind b) using another source to make their decision, or c) not buying one in the near future. Based on that and the only 4% difference between respondents that said they are using the show to buy one or the other, you can't draw any conclusions either way.
Angeljuice  +   882d ago
As I said before "Planning" and "Considering" mean two completely different things.

If I'm planning on buying a console, I've already made my decision. If I'm considering buying a console, I'm just thinking about it.

I am, of course, nit-picking here, but you did propose that people read the article, and that is what it says.
#20.1 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
lawgone  +   873d ago
OK, since you mentioned your previous statement I'll include it here:

[Hate to do this (genuinely), I know I'm being anal but;

"Upper Street research says that 73 per cent of visitors are currently planning to buy a PS4 –higher than the 69 per cent considering an Xbox One."

Planning to buy and considering are two very different things!!

(even though I concede the likelihood is that they are meant to be referring to the same thing in this statement).]

If you concede they were likely using two closely related words to mean the same thing, then why bring it up in the first place and why bring it up again here? It's really immaterial to my comment or the comments of others that say this article hasn't been read by most of the commenters here.
Ben12  +   882d ago
lets let ps4 rule and take out MS that way theres no competition and sony can start screwing over everyone. sounds good.
BaldyMcBruiser  +   882d ago
Preference will fluctuate between the two consoles as time goes on - just as it did with the Xbox 360 and PS3. History repeats itself.
DanielForth  +   882d ago
#23 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Buenoblue83  +   882d ago
I was all for ps4, then heard bout dedicated servers on x1. Not only is this gonna eliminate host advantage but free up 10% CPU power for multiplayer. Along with the dedicated sound chip in x1 freeing up 5-10% CPU. Plus now x1 clocked 10% higher than ps4. That's up to 30% CPU increase for x1 over ps4. Also I believe directx will give a performance boost over the ps4. Spec on paper favours ps4 but I don't think it's as cut and dried as that. Driveclub,knack and killzone look mediocre to me.
Metfanant  +   882d ago
if you had a clue as to what you were talking about, you might be dangerous
Tooly  +   882d ago
lol He Just ramblinq lol haaaaaaaaahaaa only if he knew
Akuma2K  +   882d ago
1+ million PS4 pre-orders.......gamers have already chosen.
beerzombie  +   882d ago
There's 7 billion people on the planet gamers haven't chosen, and two the ps4 isn't even out yet. a preorder isn't a sell.
MadforitUK  +   882d ago
i've owned all current gen consoles and due to MS and a lack of games and all the 180s then they can keep their xbone.

I've got a a wii u and ps4 in november to look forward to ;)
Metfanant  +   882d ago
sales are going to be lopsided this gen IMO...the gap in North America is going to shrink GREATLY this generation, and really that was the only continent that favored the 360 this current generation....

I feel like sales will break even in North America...while Sony holds on to their advantage throughout the rest of the world
clouds5  +   882d ago
I wont care about PS4 or Xbox1 for at least 2 years until there is a solid game library. I've got a nice PC and a WiiU. I'm set.
#28 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Metfanant  +   882d ago
they make games for the Wii U??
clouds5  +   881d ago
Wii U already has a very decent library. And great games coming out every month. But i don't feel like defending the system. If you don't want it don't get it.
But its a simple fact that by the time ps4/xb1 releases WiiU will have way more games than those two... Especially the ps4 line up seems very weak to me. But i guess here on n4g everyone is so hyped about either ps4 or xb1 no one seems to care about facts anymore.
So you get the ps4 day one and play through killzone in 2-3 days, thats how it usually goes for generic shooters. And then what? Wait for infamous that is supposed to come in February?

Of course there are multiplats but for those i really dont need the ps4. I either buy them for PC (if I want amazing graphics) or the WiiU (if I want amazing touch screen controls).
By all means get the ps4 or the xb1 (I will eventually get one of them as well i think) but if you don't you are really not missing much this year...
Metfanant  +   881d ago
the Wii U is an underpowered console that lost its gimmick and casual appeal...Nintendo tried to cash in on the success of the Wii and they have failed hard...

I would EXPECT a console that has been on the market for over a year to have a better game library that consoles that are not even going to launch for another 2 months...

we all know the Wii U has nonexistent third party support, and that will continue...its on life support based only on the carrot of Nintendo's first party catalog being dangled in front of its loyal fanbase...

both the PS4 and Xbone will catch and surpass the Wii U in sales very, very quickly...
clouds5  +   881d ago
WiiU third party support is fine... Batman, Assassins Creed, CoD Ghosts, Rayman, Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, all the important titles are on WiiU.
The WiiU definately has its upsides over the other consoles and people who can't see that are just plain ignorant.
Ps4/xb1 surpassing sales quickly? Let's just wait and see instead of trying to predict the future. Of course the nerds here on n4g are hyped about the new consoles and of course they are going to buy the ps4/xb1, but they are not the big masses. You can never predict how well something is going to sell based on how hyped the hardcore fans are.
GoodnessGreatness  +   882d ago
PS4. This should really be common sense people.
mochachino  +   882d ago
Maybe being unpopular will make MS change their ways and remove needless pay walls to free services like YouTube and stuff you've already paid for like Netflix.
#30 (Edited 882d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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