‘GTA 5’ Xbox 360 frame rate, pop-up and anti-aliasing discussed

Several general visual details have been revealed for the Xbox 360 version of the upcoming multiplatform video game, “GTA 5.”

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zyphee1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Thats because they played a debug kit version, the final code hasnt been put in yet.. the final retail version has never been played, both systems with have smooth edges and pretty much the same graphics.

ThatEnglishDude1557d ago

So no one has played the final builds, but apparently you have...

zyphee1557d ago

No but I go to school and develop games, the final build always looks and runs smoother then the debug version. Debug isnt meant to look pretty just meant to run code and render neccesary textures

Hydrolex1557d ago

Keep fooling yourself Zyphee !

Hydrolex1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

If you were going to school on how to develop games, you would know that PS3 has an advantage over the 360 when it comes to hardware, especially the cell. Depends on what the developers can do with the cell. Naughty Dog for example took good advantage of the cell... I remember reading Sony helped Rockstar with GTA V, trying to maximize the cell usage.

starchild1557d ago

"The first hands-on details have been revealed for the Xbox 360 version of the upcoming multiplatform video game, “GTA 5.” According to a preview article by PC Games on Sept. 3, the latest “Grand Theft Auto” title seems to be running very well on Microsoft’s current-generation console with a very minor issue."

"PC Games mentioned that “GTA 5” is a huge jump from the last mainline release of the series, “GTA 4,” which came out for the same system in 2008. Despite the increased details, the publication did not notice any frame rate and texture pop-up issues."

"The biggest issue for “GTA 5” on the Xbox 360 is the anti-aliasing. PC Games noticed that the edges in the open-world action-adventure video game are not very smooth."

So, poor anti-aliasing then. This is pretty normal for console games.

mario191557d ago

First of all the game has gone gold and to say no one has played the final code yet is pretty stupid.

Second I do not go and develop games but based on what you said, it is just speculation

Enemy1557d ago

With PS3 being lead platform, and us being given nothing but PS3 footage, you could bet Rockstar is more confident in the PS3 version.

christian hour1557d ago

I've been saying this for months, and quite a lot today actually but of course I get instant disagrees and down bubbled.

Everything Rockstar have shown so far has been running on a PC. There are zero multi-platform open-world sandbox titles this gen with AA and shaders as good as what we've seen in the official videos released so far.

Sure they might try and fool you with those PS3 face buttons on the HUD, but I know my games, and I know for a fact its just not possible to achieve that clarity on current gen consoles.

Hearing the 360 version has these issues has just further clarified my skepticism. It's exactly what I was expecting and I'm expecting similar issues from the ps3 version. But I may as well be talkign to the walls here, this is the same site where I had received angry messages from some members when I said that the initial watchdogs reveal was running on pc and would never look that good on consoles. Fast forward a year, we've had new consoles announced and so far we've yet to see watchdogs running on ps3 or 360. Hmm, I wonder why that is?!

Just because rockstar have yet to announce a PC or nex-gen version, doesn't mean what we've seen so far hasn't been running on PC. You're in deep denial about the capabilities of your platform if you think otherwise. Even The Last of Us, which I consider one of the greatest games this gen in both graphics and gameplay, didn't have AA or Shaders as good as what we've seen in gta5, and that was a very linear game.

PoSTedUP1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

lol christian. mgs4 was one of the most well polished games, no jaggies whatsoever. "dont let them fool you with the ps buttons on the HUD" what are you a conspiracy theorist? paranoid? you obv dont know your games. this is the game to take full advantage of the ps3 and to end this generation with a Bang. of course its gonna look spectacular on the ps3 with such money and tallent at Rockstar games. gtaIV 360 had discusting pop-up issues while they were still learning the ps3 devkit, its clear that they have fullly understood how to utilize its power by what we see now.

ProjectVulcan1557d ago

At this point MSAA is a bit too steep when a game is pushing these consoles so hard.

So I can only hope they will have some sort of FXAA. But in the end as long as the framerate is nice and smooth and the pop up isn't too severe, it'll be alright.

These consoles are absolutely ancient, and with luck we'll get next gen and a PC version sooner rather than later.

YNWA961556d ago

Hydrolex, state your expertise on this subject. You know about the powa of the cell? You program on 360 or PS3?

Anon19741556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Ok, that's just wrong. "Debug" copies of games aren't dumbed down somehow. They might not be final, but they're not dumbed down. What would be the point? When you're testing you need to have everything maxed out so you can see how the game runs under stress. So you can check performance issues. That's where problems show themselves. Whenever we test our games it's with everything maxed out and then features are tweaked or removed while testing if problems start showing up. You don't test with a dumbed down copy this close to launch.

Paytaa1556d ago

@Enemy Or Sony is paying Rockstar to market GTA V on PS3. Rockstar didn't go to Sony, Sony came to them.

betan211556d ago

hhahahahahaha good point.

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InMyOpinion1556d ago

Rockstar games have a history of running better on the 360, so I wouldn't worry too much. Red Dead Redemption anyone?

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mario191557d ago

Lol you sound like you own the game. Apparently you do not

zyphee1557d ago

I just said the final version was never played

a_squirrel1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Does no one remember the BF3 beta or alpha screenshots? Everyone was like Ewwww, but itw as at like 600fps. It wasn't showing it's full potential, like zyphee says, it's meant to test code.

Besides, talking about PS3 and 360 comparisons is stupid. Of course there'll be jaggies everywhere.

Foxgod1557d ago

Zyphee is right, judge the final version, not a debugging version, its called debug for a reason.

How simple can you people be to troll someone that states a fact.

aliengmr1557d ago

Except its not a fact. Its speculation.

It doesn't say, either in this article or the "PC games" article, that they were playing a "debug" version.

It also doesn't make any sense to do that as the retail version is complete. It makes even less sense that if issues were encounter to NOT mention that. So no, its just a wild guess supported by no evidence at all.

MORE IMPORTANTLY than all that, after reading both articles its safe to say there isn't even an issue to begin with.

All they said was there was slight AA issue on the 360.

ziggurcat1556d ago

... and yet to constantly troll on about xbone games looking better. based on what? the final retail version?

funny how any criticism about any xbox game is automatically, "bu-bu-but it's not the final version", but you're quick to judge, and make large, unsubstantiated claims (that you have not proven to be true) about PS3/PS4 titles even though *they're still in development as well*.

the fact is, both X360 and PS3 versions will look (and play) great because R* has done an amazing job at achieving parity between the two systems since L.A. noire.

EximiusNebula1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

You must have never heard of Zone of Enders HD Collection.

zyphee1557d ago

The ps3 was the lead platform obviously its debug version will have more anti aliasing, I laugh at all these kids thinking they know about developing games, its funny cause I own a ps3 and I have to defend the xbox

YodaCracker1557d ago

As Rockstar themselves have stated, there is no lead platform. Both versions were developed simultaneously from the ground up:

And I don't understand why this has to turn into a PS3 vs 360 war either. The Xbox 360 version is what Rockstar used for the recent hands-on previews. This isn't comparing performance between the two consoles. Any issues in the 360 version are likely to be the same in the PS3 version.

1nsomniac1557d ago

I agree with the other guy. To think the full retail game has never been played & the game went gold last week is all that needs to be said to show that your a complete moron who actually has no clue what he's talking about!

Gardenia1557d ago

Playstation always has been the lead platform for Rockstar games

Chrisgamerguy1556d ago

Oh that's why gta 4 dlc was released on xbox 360 first

romancer1556d ago

would you mind citing sources for that statement, preferably from Rockstar?

It's more important to provide proof than express an opinion.

ziggurcat1555d ago

not the whole time. GTAIV and red dead redemption was (i think) X360.

i believe L.A. noire was the first R* game where PS3 was the lead platform. i also think that PS3 was the lead for max payne 3 as well, and it wouldn't surprise me if PS3 was GTAV's lead platform. .

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kingPoS1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Umm... wasn't the leaked version the final build...?

Ahh who knows... I wouldn't be all that surprised if R* went for a day one patch for both consoles. If it fixes any perceived hitch or problems I'm all for it.

soniqstylz1556d ago

Yes, but no one "played" the final version, they just opened up the files.

Shadonic1557d ago

games gone gold bro dont see why they would be playing on a debug dev kit version when there games already in the wild.

3-4-51557d ago

uhh, they are already shipping out games, I'm pretty sure the final code is in.

You do realize this game releases in 9 days right, and that it takes time to manufacture these discs right?

snipab8t1556d ago

IGN said they experienced very little frame rate drop, only the occasional pop in on the xbox 360 version.

zyphee1556d ago

OH YOU THOUGHT THIS WAS OVER.... gtav isnt coming to next gen, if it does it will just be released in the marketplace on psn or xbox live for past gen, why port it to next gen when you can just make a brand new gta specifically for next gen. PC is obviously gonna come out, just a little later to avoid mass piracy.

Gamer19821556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Erm no its not a debug version its probably a final version. The game went gold a few weeks ago and sent out to a few places even IGN has a copy, if anything it would have been a near finished version but I am thinking its a finished copy. People have to realize just whats inside those consoles and the scope of GTA V, something has to be cut somewhere. People don't understand how technology works these days I feel and just thinks we can get next gen quality games on current consoles no problem because there a top developer, ignoring the limitations of the consoles.

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luisvideogames1556d ago

you're good at getting 100+ disagrees....tell me, how do you do it?

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LiQuiZoN1557d ago

Not to be a Debbie downer but we won't know nothing until reviews hit

kevnb1557d ago

reviews will tell you nothing you dont already know, wait until people actually have the game.

B1663r1557d ago

We know that GTA games have ~never~ been about cutting edge graphics...

Which makes the graphic whore fanboys doubly funny in this thread.


Did you just say "Debbie Downer"? Lmao you should trademark that fast!!!

Rhaigun1556d ago

I hope you're being sarcastic. That saying has been around longer than I've been alive. And, if anyone as going to trademark it, it would be Saturday Night Live. They had a skit that ran every other week about Debbie Downer.

STICKzophrenic1556d ago

While he's trademarking that, I'm going to trademark "Negative Nancy"

1556d ago
kevnb1557d ago

i didnt expect much aa, or even a good framerate. im sure it will be playable.

Fishy Fingers1557d ago

They need to announce a next gen version. I'd wait.

TrollCraftTales1557d ago

I would buy a current gen version, a next gen version, a PC version, screw it, even a super Nintendo version... This is going to be a game we will all remember, and tell our grandchildren while they are playing GTA 26, "Hey, I played the 5th one, and it was awesome..."

Studio-YaMi1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Probably a GTA 26th would have a "much better" lead over the 5th one in the series,don't you think so ?

That is if we live that long or if they ever reach that number lol.

koh1556d ago

Yeah, that's exactly why they won't be announcing a next gen version until after the holidays.

brianunfried1556d ago

Rockstar has never released a game across generations, so I wouldn't hold your breath. Expect GTA VI in four or five years.

Oschino19071556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I guess that makes sense considering... Oh wait, that's right it doesn't make any sense at all unless we ignore GTAV and only look at the older games.

In case you live under a rock let me fill you in. There is this new thing called GTA Online that is part of GTAV and will continue to grow and update seperate from the main game. Its MMO like on current gen and Rockstar have hinted for years at their ambition towards a GTA MMO bringing together the "world" of GTA.

Now considering all the MMOs and similar styled games comming to next gen including a few cross gen from devs much smaller then Rockstar why would Rockstar just sit around 4-5yrs hoping people stay playing on PS3/Xbox360 when they could go cross gen and keep full steam ahead on all platforms between major #ed releases or spinoffs.

GTAV likely and Online guranteed will be next gen sooner then later, albeit mostly graphical updates to start (unless they hold off for something big) but Online being the one that truly shines and becomes the main focus for Rockstar.

My_Outer_Heaven1557d ago

Pop up probably wont go away no matter what... because the game's engine will need to be able to handle how much can be seen on the screen at once to keep a good frame rate. I was playing Saint Row The Third and noticed a lot of pop in even on the PC version which was really annoying especially when flying a helicopter because cars and people would just disappear from view when your at a certain height.

GTAV I hope it comes to PC but I hope pop in gets fixed or tweaked for the PC version. It would be great if GTAV came to PS4 and Xbox One.. feels like such a waist bringing that game so late when new consoles are about to be released.

cyguration1557d ago

Yeah that's why I gave up on current gen games... the cut corners to accommodate the hardware makes a lot of stuff unplayable (for me).

I'll wait for GTA V to land on next-gen consoles... I just can't stand poor framerate, poor LOD, poor draw distance and the aliasing, which is going to obviously be present in the 360/PS3 builds.

ANd before you all say "But The Last of Us looked great!" that's because it was LINEAR!

KonsoruMasuta1557d ago

You might be waiting forever.

My_Outer_Heaven1557d ago

It could be a long wait unfortunately perhaps too long.