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On Metal Gear Solid 5's Quiet: Kojima, You Can Do Better

Gameranx: "Kojima can do better with Quiet's design." (Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

krontaar  +   506d ago
Enough with this crap. This is why nobody takes game journalism seriously anymore.
Nitrowolf2  +   506d ago
people are really making this into a huge issue aren't they? MGS series has always been known for this stuff. MGS1 has this moment:
MGS2 has fortune butt shots, and Raiden running around naked
MGS3 has tons of Eva moments
MGS4 every single B&B Boss, and Johnny turding everywhere. http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Ocelot kissing Snake http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Is this really a surprise? I mean we know nothing of the character either
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Shadowstar  +   506d ago
Well... honestly? MGS4 was actually a bit much for me with all the B&Bs and the way he dealt with the other ladies. I've always associated MGS with strong women, and MGS4 was... er... a little too much on the sexy, too little on the substance, ya know?

MGS3? Eva had the Boss to counterbalance her, and she was going for the specific Bond-girl trope anyways.
MGS2? Fortune had the rather unsexy (but cute) EE, and Rose.
MGS? Meryl claimed to be asexual, for goodness' sake. And any sexy there was balanced by all the women in support roles: Nastasha, Naomi and Mei Ling never struck me as particularly hot in gameplay.

That's the reason I'm a little concerned with Quiet. Kojima's had a good track record, but the comments, plus how he did MGS4, plus the attempt to get more of the American audience by changing the voice actor...? It makes me a little worried.
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Nitrowolf2  +   506d ago
the issue really here I think is just Kojima early comment. I mean why didn't an article like this arrive right after the E3 showing? I mean clearly in the trailer we see the exact same outfitting. I just think people are picking at it because it's the hot thing to do right now. We know nothing of the story still (least in depth), we still got other female characters like Amanda, and I am sure an age version of Eva will appear, Rose might be in the game or at least another medic female like always.

People just need to realize that MGS has always had a sexy side to it. Sure it's not always great, but it's always been there and there's usually enough characters to make it balances.
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Shadowstar  +   506d ago
Well, the obvious reason to have not worried about this during E3 is that we were all still upset about Hayter!
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   506d ago
I think the worst thing about this design is it just comes across as really lazy.
I'm a huge MGS fan love all of the games and play them religiously but this design is just kinda....bland. Here's a women...look at her boobs. Sell more copies.
Thing is the MGS series doesn't need to stoop to that level and neither did Final Fantasy.
I know I'm jumping the gun a little because we don't know anything about her but this is what Konami has chosen to release to the fans first and we all know why that is.
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hiphopisdead  +   506d ago
haha... sexism articles make me laugh

There's nothing wrong if rockstar wants to sexyfy their GTA ads with a pic of a hot girl chewing bubble gum, or a studio creating DOA, or... a very reputable franchise wanting to have a sexy character

personally i'm glad there's some eye candy... something extra I'm used to that comes with metal gear's great games!
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PrimeGrime  +   506d ago
Lol what?
I don't think he can do better. MGS4 was the last good MGS and now MGSV is looking terrible even in terms of the voice acting.
Nitrowolf2  +   506d ago
um WTF are you talking about? MGS5 looks to be possibly one of the best MGS to date, and not just graphically speaking. It's complete stealth freedom this time around. I have a feeling this will take MGS3 for the top MGS for me.

Are you just mad that Snake is being voiced by someone else? Also Have you even played Peace Walker?
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Snookies12  +   506d ago
MGS4 was the last good MGS? To be able to say that you'd have to have already played MGS V. That's lucky... You're lucky... -_-
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Lionalliance  +   506d ago
GTFO troll
MightyNo9  +   506d ago
She's ugly as fuck. She has a weird face. Her body is ok but her head looks like it belongs to a fat lady.
Shuyin  +   506d ago
HeyImBen11  +   506d ago
Are you fuc'ing serious? She's probably 100x more sexy than any woman you'll ever touch.
Lionalliance  +   506d ago
....wtf are you talking about?
sevilha82  +   506d ago
Yea bro she´s hideous,totattly wouldn´t tap that if i had the chance...

(sarcasam here)
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Irishguy95  +   506d ago
The real one is much hotter than the Video game one.
DeletedAcc  +   506d ago
Yes she looks much better in real indeed

But she looks also good in the game hehe
Chaos_Raiden  +   506d ago
To Gameranx: I don't see you guys can design better than him or his studio, so don't complain.
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GameCents  +   506d ago
I better not ever see you complain about anything on this site unless YOU have produced a better game/console/studio...mkay?
Shuyin  +   506d ago
Honestly, this is already getting on my fking nerves...
Some people apparently don't have alot of hobbies, jeez.
Enemy  +   506d ago
Her face is ok, her ass is ok. I would have preferred a girl with Meryl's butt to show it off that well.

It is weird to see a main character dressed like this in MGS but I have no real objections.
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My_Outer_Heaven  +   506d ago
She looks great in my opinion.. hows making a woman look beautiful sexiest really? Would they prefer a really ugly female character instead?
Enemy   506d ago | Immature | show
GameCents  +   506d ago
Because a woman is can only be portrayed as beautiful when she's dressed in nothing but stockings and a thong...right?

It is gratuitous. Simply there for people to ogle at.
Christopher  +   506d ago
Yeah, beauty must equate to how little a woman wears.

I know my wife isn't beautiful until she's wearing practically nothing, is in 3" heels, and spent a day at the spa to look good for me.

What's somewhat sexist is their portrayal of a woman in a military position. You can do the exact same thing with the exact same model, just have her wear something reasonable for the role in which she is put.

The whole point of this design, though, is to sell more figurines.
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slimeybrainboy  +   506d ago
Elizabeth, Bayonetta, and Lara Croft were hot, and women still have the right to vote I think. Quit whining.
Sketchy_Galore  +   506d ago
People need to take another look at previous games before getting too into this. Every Metal gear solid game develops into a surprisingly deep meditation on the evolution of information technology or free will etc but they always start out with the typical gruff macho heroic male, the jittery science nerd, the silly girly girl and the sexy femme fatale or similar types. Kojima goes interesting places with his stories but these interesting places are always built on the basis of adolescent seeming action movie clichēs. It's just his style.

Look at Eva from MGS3, the way she was pushing out her boobs through her open jumpsuit actually looked uncomfortable. To maintain that look for real she would've had to walk around with her back twisted in and her chest jutting out to hold the tight jumpsuit apart, like how you have to constantly jut out your jaw if you're wearing a tight raincoat with the hood up and don't want it covering your face. I mean, feel free to criticise Kojima's style but at least recognise that it's always been his style.
I usually just roll my eyes at this kind of stuff. Certainly am tired of female characters only appeal being there sex appeal. Look in any article about Ghost and all it is is people talking about how "she could be cuter" or "her butt is too flat". You never see this about male protagonists.

This industry is never gonna mature.
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arronax-1  +   506d ago
Quit bitching about nothing.
If you don't like my opinion then there is an ignore function you can use. But no I will not stop. You have the right to be offended by it though.... by all means exercise that right.
Summons75  +   506d ago
I love how people are complaining about nothing. I can't wait to see this characters arc in the game. Kojima always has strong characters and great back stories. Even someone of the B&B girls from mgs4 made me feel for them (crying wolf).

I know I'll be calling out of work the day this comes out, marathon it.
despair  +   506d ago
Pretty sure this is just promoting the game more than hurting it. People think they're complaining about something when they are really just giving it free advertisement. Go protest a porn site if you have a problem with this and leave games alone.
SovereignSnaKe  +   506d ago
Did people make this big of fuss when Kojima released the Character design for Fortune in MGS:2? The Quiet's outfit looks like a mash up of a shirtless (sexy) Big Boss in Metal Gear Solid 3 and Fortune. -That is all.

Edit: I HIGHLY Recommend a tanned Charlize Theron play Fortune in one of the Metal Gear Solid Movies, I guess we'll find out circa 2016...? ^_^
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Bercilak  +   506d ago
Sure, he could've done better. He could've given her a slightly better ass.

I've always been a leg-and-ass man, m'self.

Blacklash93  +   506d ago
Not much more stupid than most things in MGS, if you ask me. If MGS was ever even remotely concerned with being even a little believable on any level, then I'd have more of an issue. But nanomachines, scantily-clad women assassins with strange personalities, and cheesiness all around are commonplace in the series at this point.
quenomamen  +   506d ago
Those who can create kickass epic videogames do it, those who can't talk about those who can and act like they're smarter than the ones making said games.

Put out a good video game Gameranx, then run your mouths.
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lunatic0001  +   506d ago
people still bitchin about this!!!! not even dead or alive extreme beach volleyball gets so much attention and they have some very exotic bikinis in that game....its an mgs game..people should be used to seeing shit like this by now...just look at mgs4 with its beauty and the beast bosses...wait until the game comes out and see how it fits in the story then you can talk about how disappointed you are..everyone is making it a bigger deal then what it really is
Eyesoftheraven  +   506d ago
Her writing/back-story is likely phenomenal (far better than this 'journalism') so STFU and wait for the game to release before spouting more nonsense.
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DanielForth  +   506d ago
better? you mean completely nude?
mastershredder  +   506d ago
Yeah...'cause santly clad women make so much sense in combat scenarios. Seriosuly, this is a huge departure from strong woman figures in the MGS universe and entering the pure eyeandy/erotic realm. What are we gonna get next? Metal Gear Rex 2.0 with stalkings, garterbelt and a strap-on?

The character models look great and all but this is kinda Final Fantasy fashion silly. Eitherway I think I'll love the game if it is minus the ridiculousness of a Sonny juvinille-basic-cooking-challe nged-genius and beer-drinking monkies with shiny underpants.

Yes you can do better.
medman  +   505d ago
I want to know how a scantily clad woman is going to survive the heat of the desert and skin killing sun by day, and the frigid cold of the desert at night. Throw sandstorms that will peel your bare skin right off and the design is just plain stupid. Anytime you put someone in an environment without the proper tools or equipment they need to survive, it's just bad game design, simple and plain. Make all the excuses you want fanboys, those are the facts.

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