'No European retailer' will ship GTA 5 before Monday, September 16

No European retailer will ship Grand Theft Auto 5 prior to September 16,Simply Games has revealed to

Responding to concerns of receiving Grand Theft Auto 5 in time for the September 17 release date, Simply Games sad:

"We can confirm 100% that we guarantee to ship your copy(s) of this game on Monday September 16th. Every online retailer in Europe will be shipping this game on that specific date – not any earlier."

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nrvalleytime1558d ago

So one retailer confirms that all European retailers won't release it early?

Am I missing something, or does it seem that a single company can't legitimately make this claim?

Adexus1558d ago

I think SimplyGames just want a bit of attention for GTA V since it's priced higher than everywhere else there, it's even £10 cheaper on Amazon.

majiebeast1558d ago

News story: Polish retailer leaks GTA V 1 week before release. Its bound to happen people.

ichdich1558d ago

where do you get this info from?

majiebeast1558d ago

it always happens some eastern European country leaks a game before release its a matter of time.

ape0071558d ago

here in middle east everything comes early

i got the last of us 12 days before release date

CaptainPunch1558d ago

If you can get GTA V early hook a bro up?

StoutBEER1558d ago

I'm moving to the Middle East.

M1chl1558d ago

It was here (Czech Republic) just like this for many year, then GAME from UK came here and started screaming at all those "villain" retailers, who put their games out before release's pretty annoying because in EU you have to wait few days after game gets released in US and many times spoilers come sooner than game in my country too : (

-Foxtrot1558d ago

Rockstars Warehouse better ship mine off in time for the's the only day I get free a week because of Uni and work.

tigertron1558d ago

I do hope Gamestop UK deliver this to me on the 17th, though I doubt it as I went with standard shipping.

Rampaged Death1558d ago

The shop where I work will be getting and selling it on the 16th.

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The story is too old to be commented.