Jinni Selected as Xbox One Video Discovery Engine

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a press release that confirms that Jinni will power the video discovery engine on the pending Xbox One.

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Bigpappy1559d ago

Yea, interesting indeed. If your are going to go something, do it right. No halfass implementation.

P0werVR1559d ago

I believe it's these very intuitive and subtle yet effective intricacies that will set either consoles apart.

What needs to be considered also is that Jinni is a R&D software from Microsoft Israel in "Silicon Wadi", and what better opportunity now that to implement it into the Xbox One.

I believe this will be a great addition that most people won't even notice.

JokesOnYou1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Great additional service, but not giving this biased site or author hits.

FamilyGuy1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

This sounds good in a way but I've never really been a fan of those "Things you might also like" sections/ads. They're great for some people though and they help developers get more exposure for their games so it's definitely a positive thing that this Jinni software/engine is so thorough.

I personally like word of mouth, asking my friends about certain games they're playing or excited about. I can also just scope out streams of the game play, or download a demo sense every game will have a demo.

I don't really get this discovery thing, I read names, might see a picture, if I'm interested I watch a video/trailer, if it looks good I see if there's a demo, might check out some reviews then if it really seems like it's for me and at a price that makes sense for the content I buy it.
Sounds like a long process but it's really not and prevents a lot of "buyers remorse".

rainslacker1558d ago

They're not bad if you search for specific things. On youtube I search up MEP's and AMV's and stuff and the suggestions are generally pretty decent. Too often though most of them put ads in there which have very little to do with the content, and that's really annoying. If you're just randomly browsing stuff, I find them to be useless, unless they track your viewing habits over a period of time, which MS is reportedly wanting to do.

Garethvk1559d ago

I saw a thing today about how the first tv commericals for the system do not feature much about gaming. I wonder if this is going to fuel the fire of those who say that the Xbox One is not a gaming first system and is more focused on non gaming entertainment content. I know they have several games announced but it is interesting to see.

drsfinest721559d ago

no matter how you put it, it plays videogames. anything entertainment not related to gaming is EXTRAS for example the nfl stuff & random apps.

christocolus1559d ago

I sure liked the nfl tv ad...people don't get it..the console does entertaiment(games and tv) and it will do both in a great way)as far as games are concerned take a look at all the number of games for launch(core aa titles),take a look at the deals ms has with major publishers, see the awards xbx one games got at e3(more than the competition) even the positive articles then see how much ms is throwing in to develop games (1bn + dollars) and people still argue the machine aint for games...and also know that ms major titles are still yet to be revealed....I saw the article yestrday about the xbox one not being for games and i knew it was a desperate attempt to draw negativ attention to it by biased media and fanboys....its always been xbx one for me and a lot of gamers out there...and nov 22 couldn't come soon enough.

BallsEye1558d ago

Everyone knows XO is a gaming console. You don't need to advertise it. What you need to show is what it can do that others can't. Whoever think XO is not a gaming first machine is a tard.

GrandpaSnake1559d ago

This sounds like good news. I dont know how to feel about it though do you guys think it will be integrated with that rep system the xboxone is implementing?

kingdip901559d ago

Things like this and pandora would be great if I have a monotone emotional palate... if I always wanted a similar movie or tv show experiance it would be awesome but I don't. I often want different, unique and surprising enterntainment.

That said I can honestly see how things like this appeal to people and its a good move, I hope the xbox's competitors have something similar in mind.

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