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Turn Based, The RPG Podcast 21: Is Pay-to-Play for TESO a Good Idea?

The Koalition writes: "On this episode of Turn Based, the RPG Podcast we welcomed Kenneth Seward Jr. from United Front Gaming. We spoke in length about the subscription model for The Elder Scrolls Online (TESO) and our gripes with it. Although we feel Bethesda could have tried a different business model, we do believe that the monthly subscription will correctly compensate Bethesda/ZeniMax for their hard work. But Is it a good idea? Will it eventually go free-to-play? Let us know how you feel about it."

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Community1506d ago
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mewhy321506d ago

Of course it's not a good idea. There are too many F2P games out there now. The should at least have F2P up to a certain level and then have you pay something to advance further or stay at that level just like Uncharted's multiplayer system.

MrKennedy1506d ago

This is a good podcast about RPGs.

TheGrimReaper00111506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

No it is absolutely not!
The only Pay-2-play mmo that ever succeeded was WOW
I never played WOW, but even I heard that it worked
What other game is pay-2-play and worked?
Besides, one of the nice things of skyrim or obilivion was that you could do things at your own pace.
With a P2P model, I'll always feel like i HAVE to do everything as fast as possible, because im paying monthly for it!
Not only that, but after Guild Wars 2, people pretty much are done with P2P games. Guild wars 2 is huge, has updates, dlc and all that, but its pay once, play forever
So please, try and justify the need for a P2P model, because the game wont be a budget price either
So it will be 60 euro (based where i live) wich is a bit more than 60 dollars, 10 - 15 euro's each month to even play and then 15 euros for dlc
Bend me over and fuck me in the ass!
Rayman legends just came out I payed 45 euro, thats it
When guild wars 2 came out, i payed 50 euro, thats it
When Borderlands 2 came out, i payed 60 euro, thats it
Why do i have to pay for something that i already payed for
Unless the game grows every single month, where you get new lands and quests, weapons, enemies, storylines, it's not fucking worth it. Skyrim sold MILLIONS and doesnt even have online
I seriously think it's gonna be the next star wars old republic
And anyone saying im ranting, Im sorry, but im tired of paying more and more for less and less!
I am not paying for this bullshit, no fucking way!

sorane1506d ago

Ultima Online, Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Asherons Call and plenty of others succeeded pay to play. I don't think this one will though. Hard to pay to play now with Guild Wars 2 out there.

TacoTaru1506d ago

FFXI is still going as a P2P mmo at this time. FFXIV is getting rave reviews and full queues with it's P2P model. I'd rather pay than deal with the kiddies who want free stuff anyway.

Flipgeneral1505d ago

Couldn't agree more

As long as the quality warrants the $15. I'm paying premium to get a premium product. Just like most things in life

Saryk1505d ago

I don't have a problem with it. I refuse to buy a product then subscribe myself. I prefer to download the game and get a week trial then sub!