The Elder Scrolls Online to have 16 regular dungeons, 6 master dungeons at launch

GameZone writes, "With every MMORPG, there's always concern among players that there won't be enough end game content following launch. For The Elder Scrolls Online, there will be 16 regular dungeons and 6 master dungeons at launch, we were told by Bethesda at PAX Prime this past weekend."

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Trenta271562d ago

Stress test today for anyone actually interested in it. I'm excited to try the game out for the first time.

mewhy321562d ago

Doesnt matter. Pay to play is a losing proposition from the get go. I don't see this game getting much of a following early. They really could have hit a home run with free to play on all the platforms and they are missing out on what could have been a huge success. Oh well RIP.

TNTgamer1562d ago

How many dungeons did we have in Skyrim at launch, 200 odd right?

Roccetarius1562d ago

How many of those were recycled? :)

GarrusVakarian1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

None, actually.

Similar yes, but each one was hand crafted. They never "recycled" caves or dungeons.

modesign1562d ago

hate to be captain buzzkill lukas but alot of the content is recycled, all the props are just color variations of 1 box, or 1 door, same with the dungeons, you make a corridor and replicate it but add different turns or various props inside.

warewolfSS1562d ago

I got banned from the beta for selling my code on twitter.

warewolfSS1562d ago

I would have given it to you. I beta test zenimax products quite a bit

despair1562d ago

not exactly the most genius idea was it?

thekhurg1562d ago

When it includes a subscription-free play model, then let us know about the game.

Until then, just hurry up and fail.