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Final Fantasy XIV Will Support Remote Play On PS4

According to recent reports coming from Famitsu, Final Fantasy XIV will support remote play on the Playstation 4 console which has been a topic of discussion as of recently on social networks. Originally back in February Sony revealed that the remote play functionality would be available from day one, whether that is still the case remains to be seen. Earlier this week Square Enix announced that early Final Fantasy XIV players will receive compensation for their horrendous server troubles, and this remote play news could be an excellent thing for next console players, Square Enix Origin has more from game director Naoki Yoshida. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PS4)

sinncross  +   811d ago

i wonder what happened to the possible FF11 PSV release.

guess it might be dead. Would love if they could have made like a ff12-esque version of that for PSV.

But hey... FF14 remote play is sweet. I would love to see how the streaming translates with na online game.
mewhy32  +   811d ago
Man the news for PS4 just keeps getting better and better. No 180's, no trying to screw the indie developers, no trying to screw the gamer, no working with the NSA to put spy cameras in your living room, superior hardware, superior exclusives, superior first party developers. Wow. What a great time to be a playstation gamer.
warewolfSS  +   811d ago
You feel better ?

Got that out of your system?

Ps- I have 4
Playstation 4 for sale pm me if your interested.
Snookies12  +   811d ago
Oh man.... Um... I might have to get a second copy for PS4 then... Playing ARR on a handheld? Heck yes!
MetalProxy  +   811d ago
Yes, awesome indeed! Its gonna be really really hard to stop playing now lol. Not complaining. Lovin the game.
Donnieboi  +   811d ago
This is great for the japanese audience too, since they like their games on the go. And pulling-off a mmo on the go is hard to do, but with remote play it's possible.
abusador  +   811d ago
Glad i waited, now ill be playing this on my ps4 and vita.
GribbleGrunger  +   811d ago
"Final Fantasy XIV will support remote play"

How long is it going to take for people to understand. It's NOT the game that supports remote play, it's the PS4 hardware that makes it standard. Developers don't have to do a damn thing ... it just works. The only games not capable of remote play are those that use the camera or MOVE, for obvious reasons. Are we going to get an article like this for every single PS4 game that uses a standard controller?
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Stsonic  +   811d ago
They have to map the buttons and I guarantee there will be some out there that won't even do that!
GribbleGrunger  +   811d ago
It's mandatory for all developers to map PS4 games to the Vita buttons, but that's ALL they have to do.
blackpanther25  +   811d ago
I was just about to say the same thing....Remote play is being handled by the ps4 so every game for the ps4 will have remote play regardless of how the devs feel about it (unless its a move game)
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strigoi814  +   811d ago
wow that is sweet, FFXIV will be awesome if scrolling items and pulling of skills will be layout well on the touch screen..
Stsonic  +   811d ago
Honestly I tried to play this game with a controller after playing a lot with keyboard and mouse and gave up within 5 minutes. Navigating the menus with a pad in this type of game is Tedious.
Swiftcricket  +   811d ago
They actually did very well with the controller mapping, I'm actually faster with a controller than I am with a keyboard on this game in combat. Which is definitely not normally the case for a MMO. But yeah the menus aren't going to be as quick so I use a combination of both at times.
corvusmd  +   811d ago
Oh, I thought remote play applied to every game, I didn't realize the developer had to decide.
PrimeGrime  +   811d ago
They don't, as said before many times by Shuhei himself. The PS4 hardware supports remote play, all the developers have to do is create a control layout obviously since the Vita doesn't have as many buttons as the DS4.

It was also stated that it will be mandatory that all developers with games that can use remote play create a control scheme for the PS Vita.
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corvusmd  +   811d ago
I never paid attention to it, as it's not important to me cause I don't have a vita. Why would someone downvote my original point? What, they disagree and thought I did know that????
Heisenburger  +   811d ago
I have to strain my eyes as it is just to read some of the tiny text.

But I love A Realm Reborn and I am very excited to play other games on Vita via remote play!

Some cool news for fans.

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