Eve Online Source Code Leaked

Full source code for the client for popular MMORPG Eve Online was made available recently via BitTorrent on The Pirate Bay. Along with the torrent, the user posts a chat transcript with a representative identified as [IA]Morpheus from Eve's developer and publisher CCP. In the lengthy and scatological exchange, the poster of the source code attempts to get some answers about CCP's much maligned security practices, particularly concerning the rife issue of bots and scripting in their flagship game. The conversation was a little less than professional.

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TheEndzor3895d ago

I played Eve online for 3 years.

The Devs are the most corrupt people i ever had a chance to experience.

Its horrible when Devs play the game with alt accounts and give unfair advantages(Rare equipment, money etc..) to certain groups of people...

JoelR3894d ago

Eve Online is banning anyone who downloads the code from PirateBay