Metal Gear Solid and Gender Equality: Daughters of Liberty

Gameranx: "How one gamer experienced positive reinforcement for women in the Metal Gear Solid series."

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gaelic_laoch1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Kojima uses woman as sexual objects with big guns to satisfy his own fetishist fantasies!

gaelic_laoch1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

arrghhhh apologies!!!!!!!!!!! :( that phrase means something completely different were I come from!

xHeavYx1748d ago

Here is what I don't get.
You have Snake and Raiden running around almost naked and nobody says anything, then a female character shows some cleavage and everybody goes crazy, people start "are games sexist?" stories, etc.. SMH

_QQ_1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

does he also like looking at snakes perfect ass in his tight spandex and liquids bare Pecs too?

360ICE1747d ago

Sorry, I have terrible humor. Usually, it means what you said.

Chaos_Raiden1748d ago

I feel that Metal Gear Solid series feature very strong, realistic and likable female characters. Each of them have very unique personalities that distinguish themselves than other female characters in other series.

My favourite female MGS characters would be: Meryl, EVA, Sniper Wolf, Big Boss, Olga, Naomi, Beauty and the Beast members, and Paz.

CrossingEden1748d ago

There is absolutely nothing realistic about the women of metal gear solid. They don't act anything like women do in real life.

wishingW3L1748d ago

it depends. There has been a few strong ones like Meryl, Olga and Boss. Eva was just sexy and Naomi too but then we have the questionable ones: Beauty and the Beast and now the quite sniper of MGSV that looks like a prostitute.

She's literally sniping people while wearing a black pantyhose and a thong. Even joke games like Onechanbara have more respect for women than this. Like seriously, just give some stupid pants with holes instead of a black pantyhose....

MWH1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

gender equality is a myth and is unattainable, a word of just used for devious ends. it's a fact.

a woman, like a man can be courageous, confident, qualified, responsible and professional, but there are clear distinctions between genders that cannot be considered as equals, instead, they compliment and complete each other.

understanding this from the ground up makes the coexistence with each other a complete living experience.