Analyst: GTA IV Can't Be Judged on Sales

Everyone's trying to predict how many copies of GTA IV Take-Two will sell, but what matters most is the attach rate, said Ben Schachter. "Investors cannot define success of the game in terms of units of GTA IV sold compared with prior GTA titles. This is because the game can only be sold to consumers who own a console capable of playing the game. To that end, the success of the game is defined by the attach rate (or tie ratio) which equals the number of units sold / the installed base of applicable consoles (in this case Xbox 360 and PS3)," he explained.

He also said a delay is "extremely unlikely," contrary to comments made by Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter recently.

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Hagaf223812d ago

While I understand his point, it's not the way the gaming world works. This game, as is with all others, will be judged by sales. There will be those who hate it and those who love it, but in corporate America the video game business is just that, a business. Like a business its judged on its sales.

MK_Red3812d ago

He is right and he's words are wise. The attach rate should be the true judge but indeed as you said, in reality and these days, everyone goes for the sales and not the attach rates.

Fallen_Angel3812d ago

Well I think something to remember is that this game will most likely continue to do well in sells even after the 1st few weeks/months. As more people get new systems they are goin to be looking for good games that are already out. For the 360 that be games like gow, halo, bioshock and mass effect. For the ps3 you have uncharted, mgs and r&c. Both systems have cod4, gh3 and soon gta.

CumQuats3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

When the PS3/MGS4 bundle goes on sale I'll buy GTA IV also on that same day.

LightningPS33812d ago

there's not gonna be a delay. I mean there's signs on buidlings already with April 29th.

Martini3812d ago

Patcher is wrong so many times it's not even funny anymore.

TheEndzor3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

I personally am looking for Hardware sales around the GTA4 time frame.

North America has a bigger Console base then PS3 so simple logic suggests More Xbox = more Xbox Software sales in North America. However Ps3 will outsell it worldwide.

I am more interested in how many ps3 systems will be sold due to the Game.

Oom3812d ago

Its a perfect game and it will rape saints row 2. It already has an average acore of 100% so therefore its perfect and will beat halo 3's record on its relase dats.

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