Swedish Shop sells GTA IV PS3 Bundle for $0.16

PSBeyond writes: The Swedish shop, Webhallen, has a special offer for the first ten people to buy Rockstar's latest GTA; they receive the game and a PS3 for $0.16...

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Fishy Fingers3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

How much is a plane ticket to Sweden??

Edited. lol cheers bro. Have a bubble for the heads up o_O

Infernus3869d ago

A ticket to Sweden?

That'll be 10 more PS3 owners and they'd have got an unbeatable deal. This game is big enough to sell PS3's anyway, these bundles are far more potent than the DLC. Sony have put together a great counter to the DLC, they have a GTA4 bundle that'll draw people away from the 360 and completely eclipse the DLC decision for those not in the know.

xhairs3869d ago

I still don't get why everyone thinks DLC is a big deal period.

Playstation 3 is getting exclusive DLC as well as the XBOX 360. DLC was well balanced, the fact is the PS3 has the bundle and 360 doesn't. Plain and simple.

sonarus3869d ago

Where are you getting your info from?
No mention of ps3 dlc. PS3 will probably get their own form of dlc later down the line and it could be exclusive too but by then it will be too late to market it as a selling point so no real point.

I still believe ps3 hardware will outsell 360 when GTA4 comes out. Not like it isn't already outselling now anyway:D.

LightningPS33869d ago

how can they give away the first 10?

sonarus3869d ago

I don't think the bundle is affected by the shortages.

heyheyhey3869d ago

sour candy or PS3 GTA4 bundle??????

someone help me decide

MrWonderful3869d ago

wtf! come on wal mart match this

JadeTyrant3869d ago

lolololololololololololololol. ..yea right don't we all wish!

TruthBTold3869d ago

lucky gamers, thats the best deal I have seen in like...ever. I would keep the game and sell the console, already got a 60GB, so I could put the money from the other console to better use. But to those who have been waiting, this is worth camping out.

TheEndzor3869d ago

lol i would keep the system.

i want all my to include a ps3 in all my bedrooms.

TruthBTold3869d ago

I would but only one TV worthy of using the PS3 LOL, I would have to buy another large LCD for it... but I would definitely keep it if I had another large tv to play it in like a game room.

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The story is too old to be commented.