A Cry for Home

It's an interesting situation: by keeping the current version of Home locked behind a closed beta Sony have managed to raise hype levels to massive highs. Updates aren't advertised, known features are kept to a minimum and the enigma around just what's behind those doors is just too enticing to contain. Home is set to revolutionise the way we think of consoles, chat and social gaming, yet very few people have access to the system and even fewer are willing to talk about it.

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Hellsvacancy3871d ago

its a fu<kin game man wot r ya 2 fat and ugly to go out and find sum REAL friends COME ON!!!

gambare3871d ago

Home it's not a game, it's a virtual PSN.

chaosatom3333871d ago

there is a home beta trail,
wow i didn't know this.

my favorite feature would be the arcade machine. I hope they have lots of arcade games.

EZCheez3871d ago

That's how long we've been waiting.

MikeGdaGod3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

the arcade machines are one of the things i comment on the most on to sony in my beta reports.

the way it is now, there are about 4 differnt arcade games and you've never heard of any of them. they don't save your top score either so after a few plays you probably won't bother much.

i've requested for more well-known arcade games and saved game scores. i also requested that games on the HDD bought from the PSN should be able to be loaded into the arcade machines. that way you can play SuperstarDustHD or PS1 titles in the Gsmespace and never have to leave Home at all. i've also requested that we'll be able to have arcade machines in our personal Home Space.

if you guys have any request i'd love to pass it on. EZ i know i passed a few of yours to them.

Spazztic20033871d ago

I agree totally, Sony is making such a giant hype out of this!

And a great thing that is, too. When Home is released, sales are going to skyrocket.

I'm sure it'll be out before May. Hopefully to god it's next week!

barom3871d ago

lol did you not get what the article was trying to say? Sony didn't hype it up, we did (as in the general public).

Nitrowolf23871d ago

i really want it now
but sony will know wen to realeses it
they dont want to rush it they want to make sure its perfect wen launched
i just hope that there prepared for everyone

PS3forTheLose3871d ago

This hype is only going to stir up the FAIL of Home, there is no way that sony can live up to what we expect.

myothercar3871d ago

Nice avatar. :rolls eyes:

Ri0tSquad3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Maybe if your name wasn't "PS3forTheLose" and your avatar wasn't telling everyone your bias, you could of had more credibility. You'll post on this site and you'll pretty much always be disagreed with. Until you grow up, oh well, on ignore you go. BTW, I don't see how Sony is hyping this at all. Were dying for more information yet people says there hype?

znu3871d ago

like how u said "we" and not fanboys

gambare3871d ago

We heard the same song many times before, and guess what, the PS3 outsold the 360

chaosatom3333871d ago

he has a score of 190, and already has 5 ignores. Do i say need to say more?

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The story is too old to be commented.