GTA IV Taking LAX By Storm

Usman Ihtsham of WhatIfGaming writes:

"It would seem that GTA IV isn't only making a huge debut in Canada and New York alone."

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LightningPS33836d ago

I thought they said the advertisment was gonna be 360 only.

chaosatom3333836d ago

Sucks for Microsoft, playstation logo takes more space than xbox logo.

thereapersson3836d ago

I see both the 360 logo and the PS3 logo in plain sight. Don't be stupid.

vloeistof3836d ago

lol now i see 2 the ps logo is there 2 you would think all that money ms payed you would see there logo only.

only 2 week !!!!!

SUP3R3836d ago

I can really go for some ihop right now.

kingOVsticks3836d ago

i'll go for some ihop any day of the week.....I LOOOVE PANCAKES*drool*

assjacket3836d ago

In the past 3 weeks I have seen two places where you can learn Krav Maga! The fighting technique that Niko uses. I'm waiting for one of them to put it on a advertisement 'Learn to kick ass like Niko!'