GTA 5 already 'feels next-gen to us', says Rockstar

Grand Theft Auto 5 may not be confirmed for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One yet, but Rockstar believes that the game already "feels 'next generation'".

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Jovanian 1722d ago

The gameplay? Nothing really new except bowling 2.0 in the form of pointless scuba diving and what not

The graphics? The game is hideous and suffers immensely by the decade old console technology, and we haven't even seen the performance of it yet first hand

not much 'next-gen' about this game imo

Golden_Mud1722d ago

So a gameplay and graphics that is even better than other game coming out on the PS4 and the Xbox One is BS ?

Jovanian 1722d ago

I already addressed gameplay is same old stuff, but graphics better than all upcoming PS4 and Xbox one games? That my friend is absurd. The game looks hideous, every screenshot is sub-hd and yet still displays aliasing out the patoot, poor textures, poor details, bad view distance...this game looks anything but good

Deadpoolio1721d ago

Yeah NO, just NO....Neither system especially the 360 has anything left.....This game wont touch what will be possible at launch of PS4/One80 or what they will do down the line...

Golden_Mud1721d ago

@Deadpoolio ; fanboy ? looks like it cause your calling the 360 unpowerful no more and your also calling the Xbox One an Xbox 180 .
And yes this game have smoother gameplay and graphics than most next generation games I saw

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CaptainPunch1722d ago

I see no valid points made, troll harder...

GadgetGooch1722d ago

Yea what Scarface7 said, Go fuck ur self!!!

extermin8or1722d ago

Well I don't think the game looks as bad as you make out HOWEVER ign etc have said the trailers and stuff look better than the game does in the flesh although it still looks good for the hardware it's on. R* games are never the pinnacle of graphics anyway although I think many people will be dissappointed by what it actully looks like when you have it.

GarrusVakarian1722d ago (Edited 1722d ago )

"not much 'next-gen' about this game imo"

That's because you are looking at the statement from a graphical view (which is still very impressive given that it is running on current gen). In terms of ambition, size, scope, detail it is definitely next gen. I think people take videogames for granted these days and are so quick to judge and bad mouth without thinking about how privileged we are to play games like GTA, games in which the devs put years of their lives into to create detailed and authentic game worlds.

And then the only thing you can notice are "poor textures" and "poor details" and "bad view distance" without being able to notice how fun the games looks and how lucky we are to be able to play these games. Sigh.

GarrusVakarian1722d ago (Edited 1722d ago )

Pointless scuba diving?

In what way is it pointless? Its a feature in the videogame, completely optional. If that's pointless then i guess skydiving is too, or driving a car, or a plane or a boat.....but guess what? Those things MAKE UP THE GAME!

Just because YOU think something is pointless doesn't deter from the fact that millions of people (myself included) are going to love scuba diving and finding shipwrecks at the bottom of the ocean, sounds anything but pointless to me.

I wonder if you would love the game if it was announced for PC, i think that if it was, the thought of you being able run the game on "ultra settings" would suddenly change your opinion on the game.

yezz1722d ago

-__- Tell me, what games are good then ?

Kayant1722d ago

When you start talking about "Sub-par HD", "poor textures" and "poor details" about 7+ year old hardware then it's oblivious consoles are not for you.
And how is gameplay the same when you hadn't played the game yet. SMH.

My friend stay on your ultra powerful PC because am sure if GTA V was announced for PC and was a good port your tone will be different.

FlyingFoxy1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

Hopefully the multiplayer isn't half baked when it comes to PC, and exactly like or better than SA-MP is, with at least 64 players for that big map.

thetruthbomb1722d ago

I think ur a drunk! This game looks like anything but what u said! Solid gameplay great freaking characters and a great storyline. The online from the looks of it is almost never ending awesomeness! U must be doing something if u don't think so! Or u must be an xbug/xbot!!!

Truth1722d ago

Not sure if you're trolling or you're going for stupidest comment ever posted on N4G which wouldn't be quite that big of an accomplishment.

Scrivlar1721d ago

Haha shut the fuck up loser!

CuddlyREDRUM1721d ago

That isn't going to go well with the fanboys...

3-4-51721d ago

Uhh Artists can draw around the bad tech.

Hence the shaded look.


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chrissx1722d ago

This game is looking to be literally the best game this gen

CuddlyREDRUM1721d ago

Because most of what they have shown is off PC.

Theendgame1721d ago

A Pc with the specs of 7yr old consoles.... or maybe the consoles themselves.

_QQ_1722d ago

Because "Next Gen" won't be that different.

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