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Submitted by JumpToGamer 886d ago | news

Xbox One available in store at Launch Confirms Microsoft

Microsoft Game Studios vice president Phil Spencer has confirmed that stocks of the Xbox One will be held back at launch to ensure that the consoles are available in store. This means that if you haven’t pre-ordered, you will have the chance to at least be able to pick up an Xbox One in store at launch. As to how many other people have the same idea would determine your success, but that is definitely Microsoft’s aim. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

allformats  +   886d ago
Someone makes a story about a next-gen console being available in stores at launch? Come on, man.
JumpToGamer  +   886d ago
Well as someone who hasn't pre-ordered an Xbox One yet, the fact that you "may" be able to pick one up in store is quite big, especially considering how popular it has proved to be with everywhere selling out of pre-orders, so there is still chance to be able to pick one up at launch. That's the premise behind writing the story.

If it's a Nintendo 2DS I would agree, but since it's gonna be pretty hard to pick one up, this is quite big. My thinking anyway, would be a crazy world if we thought the same eh? ;)
mewhy32  +   886d ago
Well of course there's going to be stock at the store. I mean the pre-orders for the bone were so poor that all that production has to go somewhere. Now they're trying to make a spin on the bad sales by saying that now you'll be able to buy this thing at the store. LOL. You won't be able to buy PS4 at the store because it's "SOLD OUT" before it even releases. But there will be tons of stock for the bone since it's selling so poorly compared to PS4.
vulcanproject  +   886d ago
Selling out seems like a bad thing in terms of profitability but it can be priceless in terms of media coverage. It creates a sense false or real, it doesn't matter, of a product in extreme demand.

This creates excitement in consumers when they manage to capture the product, buy it and get it home and open the box.

Seeing boxes and boxes sat on shelves not long after launch can easily generate negative PR.

Remember Tretton famously saying he would give anyone $1000 who could find a PS3 on a shelf after launch?

This was clearly a statement to attempt to create the idea that PS3 was in massive demand.

Believe it or not, companies want that concept they are 'sold out' when they launch their machine. Its much more preferable than seeing racks of unsold units.
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thrust   886d ago | Immature | show
abzdine  +   886d ago
normal, pre orders aren't that high so the rest of the consoles will be shipped to stores.
StanSmith  +   886d ago

You do realise that Sony are doing the same thing with PS4?

Quote from the article "And some machines WILL be held back so that stores have something on shelves come launch day at the end of the year.

One retail source told us that Sony “doesn’t want consumers who couldn’t buy PS4 to buy Xbox One instead”."
tokugawa  +   886d ago
allformats you are dedicatedtogamers alt account. 100%

come on admit it
dumahim  +   886d ago
I'm sure some stores will have some in stock on launch day. Problem is, people are going to be camping out over night, or longer to nab those. To anyone relying on walking into a store on 11/22, good luck.
GraveLord  +   886d ago
It's not selling out because its popular, its selling out because there aren't that many up for pre-order to begin with.

Anyway everything will have stock in stores are at launch. How much is the real question.
rainslacker  +   885d ago
All companies hold back supply to have it in store. Particularly for the holiday season. It's just really bad not to have a single unit available in stores, with no hope of getting one. Even with the massive shortages of the Wii or the moderate shortages of the PS3, they did pop up in stores from time to time.


Exactly right. Nintendo was saying how the Wii U was completely sold out for launch. within a week every store was saying how they just happen to get some stock in, then people realized it was readily available no matter where you went.
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GameCents  +   886d ago
After SONY fans demanded to be told about FCC approval (when they hoped it hadn't gotten it), MS is now just trying to be open and give you people obvious useless information that you so desperately seem to crave.

There you go.
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rainslacker  +   885d ago
Or maybe they're just trying to ease the worries of those that weren't able to secure a pre-order? I know for a fact that there are people that were unable to secure a pre-order, or aren't the type to pre-order, but still want an X1, and perhaps MS doesn't want them looking at the competition.

I'm not a huge fan of MS right now, but I didn't take their statement as something really to be used as fuel for the console war.
"Xbox One available in store at Launch Confirms Microsoft"

hakeem0996  +   885d ago
My friends and I don't put money on shit we never seen or held .I've never preordered anything in my life so it's a good news for me .Once i've held both system and see what they both have to offer ,i would like to be able to make a purchase ,i'm happy that both MS and Sony will have more than the preordered box available at lunch
ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
Kind of says their pre-orders sells didn't crush them like it did Sony. I mean Amazon and Gamestop both stopped taking orders for PS4's. Like 2 and 3 times each....
CustardTrout  +   886d ago
Sony are doing the same with PS 4...
ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
Sony has also said they are working their warehouses 24 hours a day to meet the demand. Yet some are being told their orders might not be exactly launch day. If they pre-ordered on the 2nd and 3rd rounds at Amazon. Lets not act like this is new news now, lol.
SilentNegotiator  +   886d ago
Amazon is probably handling a million pre-orders alone; you really think they're going to be able to get those ALL out on the same day?
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QuickdrawMcgraw  +   886d ago
Shhh ZBlack you will up set the masses here on N4Xbox.
ZBlacktt  +   886d ago
People obviously don't read much news or the stories put out. You could post a direct fact on here and kids would still click disagree. Everyone and their mother is aware PS4>X1 in pre orders by a million miles. It's not even a question.
tcozzens  +   886d ago
I work at a Gamestop and to be completely honest, both of the preorders sell right out of stock as soon as we get them in. (and at my store particularly, and some others in my region have more xbox one preorders than PS4). Both have been sold out and both stopped taking preorders more than 2-3 times each haha
WeAreLegion  +   886d ago
Calling BS on a store having more XBO pre-orders than PS4. Sony had significantly more available.
tcozzens  +   884d ago
@wearelegion, I will print out a reserve sheet and post it as long as my boss allows it. Also, I said in my store in particular, we are a xbox heavy store, but yes its by like 5-6 more.
T2  +   885d ago
Both companies will hold stock so that news outlets will report on black Friday of stampedes of people crushing each other to get an xbox, ps4 ... Sadly its great press
demonddel  +   886d ago
Hey does Americans get a free game with the Day One edition
FITgamer  +   886d ago
No need to give more bait to to fish already on your hook.
demonddel  +   886d ago
All because I asked do we as Americans get a free game like the European markets
nosferatuzodd   886d ago | Off topic | show
Vip3r  +   886d ago
Wow, what a world we live in whereby I can actually walk into a shop and buy a console when it's officially released.

Such luxuries spoil us.
Hicken  +   886d ago
Most unnecessary remark ever.
GameCents  +   886d ago
I'd bet my kidney you were one of those that had something to say about the FCC approval not being publicized and yet here you are being given useless information and you're complaining...
Hicken  +   886d ago
Actually, I DID, because FCC approval is a hurdle to getting the system sold in the US. And the US is critical to the XB1's success.

So having no word of it passing FCC certification was worrying.

That's actually a lot more useful than saying, "The console we're releasing will be in stores on launch day, when it should be in stores."
GameCents  +   886d ago
Why was it worrying you? I don't recall Nintendo announcing FCC approval, did you worry then?

Did MS make a big deal about the 360 FCC approval? Were you worried 8 years ago? What about PS3? PS Vita? PSP? Did you have sleepless nights when Sony didn't announce FCC approval?

Seems to me FCC became an issue when you Ponies believed Xbox One hadn't gotten it. You used it to fan rumours that there were production problems.

Sony announced FCC approval for the PS4 and FCC became the new buzz word here, almost like it was a feature the One didn't have. Sort of like when you all latched on to huMA...
Hicken  +   886d ago
There weren't rumors of production problems for the Wii U, unless I missed something. And those rumors existed quite a while before anything about any console's FCC certification. The fact that no one could find any such certification for the XB1, when said certification is available to the public.

8 years ago isn't now. And, again, those devices didn't have rumors of production problems... well, the 360 did, but it seems we didn't hear of those until after launch.

Funny thing about time: information seems to be more readily available as it goes by, and we seem to be more interested in that information. Furthermore, when information that SHOULD be available ISN'T, that sends up flags. Perhaps not red, but the curiosity is there.

It didn't help that MS wasn't exactly being forthcoming about the inners of their system, especially when similar info was readily available for both its competitors. After their recent gaffes and communication "issues," it's only natural that people start wondering what's going on with Microsoft's system, don't you think?

No, you don't.

You think anybody who questions Microsoft- even when they deserve it- is a "Pony" because you can't stand the idea that people don't just eat up their BS like you do.
XboxFun  +   885d ago
"So having no word of it passing FCC certification was worrying."

You were worried Hicken? Because I was under the impression that you would never buy an Xbox One because of MS's "greedy" practices and forcing Sony to charge for their own online service.

"You think anybody who questions Microsoft- even when they deserve it- is a "Pony" because you can't stand the idea that people don't just eat up their BS like you do."

Actually we think that certain people who comments on things that have no bearing or interest on the console is just trolling.

Sort of like how you demand to see a person's Sony tag or accuse someone of not actually owning a PS3 or Vita whenever that person questions or says anything bad about a Sony game or it's system.

Hypocritical of you don't you think?
GameCents  +   885d ago
There was nothing to question though. They'd had their approval months ago, they just hadn't made a big deal about it. And when they revealed that they had, you people still insisted it wasn't so.

FCC approval SHOULDN'T be a big deal because it doesn't affect you one way or the other.
NateCole  +   886d ago
And here i thought it will be available digitally only.
LuvBurger  +   886d ago
Well, if this is true, I am justaboutthisclose to packing up my 360 and all its games to trade in for one. I just assumed that there would be none in stock aside from the pre-orders, much like the PS4, which thankfully, I already pre-purchased.
snake_eater  +   886d ago
What kind of news are these?
No_Limit  +   886d ago
It is normal N4G news. :)
TheDarpaChief  +   886d ago
Didnt xbox one pre orders "sell out"? Lol
Wikkid666  +   886d ago
Read the article. What it said was they allotted only a certain number of consoles for preorders so they could have some on the shelves.
TheDarpaChief  +   886d ago
Thats a lie and you know it
Wikkid666  +   886d ago
If you think that there is anyway that every single unit won't be sold out at launch you're lying to yourself.
Christopher  +   886d ago
Wikkid, that makes no sense.

They want every single pre-order they want so they can be sold out and so that when they come in stock, people will rush to buy them.

It's called demand, and perceived high demand is the best tool one can have over giving the perception that there isn't any by having stock in the stores on Day 1.

So, no. If Microsoft _is_ doing this, they just became one of the worst businesses in the world for marketing and selling a hardware product by not serving up a high level of demand for their product.

The _only_ way they would have any supply on hand is for those stores they know they will be having midnight releases for and will want to advertise it. And, even then, it will be like 10 Xbox Ones for the event to get more people there than just pre-order people. To create a long line for 10 Xbox Ones. That is the only reason I could see.

If their product is on shelves at every store on day 1, they failed at creating demand.
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Wikkid666  +   886d ago
cgoodno... It's funny how you can answer why they would do it, but still think that they wouldn't. Stuff like that creates huge amount of buzz. Look at the lines for iphones, etc.
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Christopher  +   886d ago

From the article: "You want people to be able to walk in the store and buy one on day one, so you’re trying to manage the inventory that isn’t pre-sold, It’s not a yield problem, it’s us trying to manage the hardware side."

That is pretty much lying if they only make 1-5 available in stores or 10 in certain spots. That's lying about what their goals are entirely.

But, I'd rather they lie and have a good business plan to incite demand than be stupid and actually have 20+ in stock at each store.

To be honest, I just think they aren't getting the pre-orders they want. I say this because they have had a very rough rocky start and they went in with their pre-order amounts long before they finished production processes.
Lucreto  +   886d ago
I wonder if this is due to lack of pre-orders. They are supplying more than there is demand.

My Gamestop said depending on the supply they get from Sony they could be waiting until the New Year before clearing all the pre-orders.
stuff  +   886d ago
Why not just allow more pre-orders? I guess that they will conveniently release this stock the night before Black Friday.

I really don't get it. -- A system sold is a system sold. Maybe they want to give non-gamers a chance to get one this holiday too.
SpitFireAce85  +   886d ago
Maybe its to prevent to many consoles ending up on
ebay for twice the price.
rainslacker  +   885d ago
Not having any stock available is bad, particularly during the holidays with desperate parents looking to get their spoiled brats a console.

Even the Wii when it was "sold out" was still sporadically available if you looked hard enough, or got lucky. If people thought there would be absolutely no chance of getting the system, they wouldn't try, or would go through Ebay scalpers, or just pick an alternative.

Selling out of pre-orders, and having low supply adds to the perceived demand of a product. When something is perceived in demand, it gets more notice due to the sheepish nature of people to latch onto the most popular thing going at the time. It's just a way of marketing that doesn't cost them much. If someone wants the system, they will get it regardless, but if people don't know about it, or are on the fence, the chance to get one when no one else can subconsciously sells the system for them.
Animal Mutha 76  +   886d ago
Er so what's the point of a preorder then? A preorder historically was meant to reserve a product in a short supply situation....
warewolfSS   886d ago | Off topic | show
Volkama  +   886d ago
Just sounds like a properly managed launch. Some boxes on store shelves because retail presence matters. It won't help or hinder immediate sales numbers, but the attention still matters.

Sony will probably so the same.

If either company fails to meet pre-orders they probably should have managed those better (though they can't be entirely accountable if retailers take orders beyond their allocation).
#15 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Christopher  +   886d ago
Cannot disagree with this enough.

If retailers sell out of product through pre-orders, that means they are going to want more on their shelves and they are going to want to devote more shelf space to the product (games, accessories, etc.).

If there is product on the shelves on Day 1, then that means they are questioning how well the product will do in the long run.

A properly managed launch means nothing available on Day 1 with talks of rushing more products out every week or two. Likely weekly during the Holiday season.
Volkama  +   886d ago
And if the boxes they have set aside for shops all sell out (highly likely) then they have achieved what you just said, while also getting that presence in the mind of the shopper.

I think that's probably the idea anyway.
JokesOnYou  +   886d ago
Yeah Volkama I agree, I dont see whats so hard to understand about it. They hold just a few so that all those casual customers who see everybody picking up their preorders line up hoping to get 1 of the 10 on hand it just creates more attention because otherwise those folks wont bother waiting if the store says they only have preordered consoles available. A sale is a sale but this is a ploy to create buzz among just casual shoppers who dont usually preorder, then it helps the next shipment sellout faster due to more people are trying to get one.

Its creating your own hype. If theres no chance to get one except for preorders thats fine because of course you're still seelling alot but having a few in store for non preorders generates hype from non hardcore who otherwise never pay attention enough to preorder, regardless these small on hand units arent going to impact launch day totals much and they will sellout too.
#15.1.2 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
mt  +   886d ago
that is like university confirming school starts at the first day of school.
BLAKHOODe  +   886d ago
Having been one of those people that showed up day one to buy something, only to discover it was already sold out... I respect Microsoft's approach in wanting the X1 on store shelves. It's good business and, for once, it seems like they are getting something right.
Wikkid666  +   886d ago
I definitely think it's an old school approach. Like the days of having to wait in line for concert tickets.
chito1016d  +   886d ago
So the people who are ordered this console get to be in an even longer line.
tcozzens  +   886d ago
If stores, such as Gamestop (where I work), were smart they would allocate one register for preorders only (for the loyal gamers) and one for the walk-ins. Better yet if they have 3 registers like my store does, just allocate one register for the preordered systems.
rainslacker  +   885d ago
I'd rather go to a midnight launch where everyone is there for one thing and it's all streamlined to get everyone through quickly. If there is a line, then I hope they separate the two. My local GS lets you pay everything before midnight, then they just hand you the stuff at midnight. It's pretty efficient.

OTOH, my closest GS isn't one of the busier stores, so it probably wouldn't be that bad either way. I've never seen campers around here for anything, and long lines are rare.
Phoenix76  +   886d ago
The real truth is that the pre-orders were so low compared to the amount they are producing that there will be plenty left out on the shelves.
xDHAV0K24x  +   886d ago
I think its irrelevant to pre orders. Why the fuck wouldnt they stock up their own store to sell their brand new product? Glad majority of u dont own a businees...jeeez
vigilante_man  +   886d ago
Good news for those who have not pre-ordered or who only hear about the XB1 from the TV advertising launching soon.

I am glad I ordered my PS4 in time but its great to know they will be in stores as well.

Another bonus for all us XB1 or PS4 launch day recipients - our delivery people will now NOT get mugged on the way to our homes!!
#21 (Edited 886d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
AnthonyF123  +   885d ago
Hello I was wondering in a non fanboy way why you are choosing the Xbox one. I myself am picking up my PS4 on launch with KillZone Shadowfall, Knack, Driveclub, Ghosts, and whatever the free stuff on ps plus are. I might decide to pick up an Xbox one somewhere in a couple years as I just don't see the value in the $500 system that has only 1 interesting exclusive and more expensive online service. So what I am asking is what is your reason for picking xbox one plz no fanboy answers I just wanna hear your reason. Thank you and happy gaming
Nik_P757  +   885d ago
This makes no sense to me. You're selling out of pre-orders but you will be able to find it in stores day one? Let's just call it what it is. Pre-orders aren't as strong as they would like. Doesn't mean the console is doomed, no need to try and twist it around MS.

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