Dead Rising 3 gameplay details - 6-10 possible endings, more flexible levelling system

You'll be able to play beyond the normal timeline, Capcom confirms

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Ksar1659d ago

Getting better and better. I think it's the best exclusive on next-gen so far.

Septic1659d ago

Well I don't think its best by a long mile (subjective of course) but it sure looks like a lot of fun.

I am kind of disappointed that they didn't stick to the serious tone as shown in the original. I know a lot of people wanted the wacky nature of the series to continue but I prefer a more serious approach, otherwise the 6-10 possible endings won't really have that much of an emotional impact.

thetruthx11659d ago

Wow 6-10 different endings, the game world is bigger than DR1 and DR2 combined, hundreds of weapons

So much replay value. I hope this is a new trend next gen

No_Limit1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Day one! This game is sounding more and more like one of the funnest and best launch titles in recent memory. 6-10 possible ending?, wow!

Foxgod1659d ago

Awesome, and thanks to all the crazy items you can make, the replay value is very high.

Looking forward to playing trough all of them!

rela82me1659d ago

Does this game have a time limit like the other ones? I hated that and always felt I never had enough time to explore.

Sarxblade1659d ago

You can play with the time limit on or off it's up to you.

urwifeminder1659d ago

Nice yeah the time limit does sneak up on you I have had to start again so many times in DR2 game looks great.

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