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Studios that are using PS4 right – the developers pushing next-gen in the right direction

OPM: With the PS4′s arrival now imminent, we look at eight studios pushing next-gen potential with more players, faster frame rates or just damn good ideas to bring PlayStation gamers something new. (Battlefield 4, Destiny, PS4, The Crew, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Watch Dogs)

ZBlacktt  +   630d ago
You could have added Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag in there as well. I mean it's one of the best looking games coming out on Next Gen. It also has exclusive game content on the PS4. If that's the console we are mainly talking about here in this story.

Another thing worth noting is Bungie, Dice and Ubisoft all use the Dual Shock 4 in developing those games they are putting out.
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MWong  +   630d ago
Hmmmm @ DICE, the article says BF4 at 1080p and 60fps. DICE has not confirmed BF4 will be running at 1080p yet.

I wouldn't say this article should've mentioned 1st party titles. Only reason is because 1st party studios from Sony 99% of the time push the console in the right direction and beyond. Case in point the Uncaharted series and The Last of Us, now onto Killzone Shadow Fall and inFamous Second Son (2 of the most beautiful next-gen titles announced from Sony).

They should have mentioned Tequila Works "RIME." That game looks visually STUNNING. I can't wait for Watch Dogs, while it looks beautiful. I still just wish it looked like the E3 2012 version. The Division, The Crew, RIME, Destiny and BF4 will be my fav games once they are released. Those 5 games are going to consume my life.
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TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   630d ago
Only mentions thirdparty games and some are cross generation, doesnt mention 1st patty titles such as infamous killzone driveclub which are by far some of the most next gen looking titles. All of the titles they listed are definitely next gen looking but some are cross generation like battlefield 4 for example if they weren't making 360 ps3 versions to they would have more resources for ps4 Xbox one and pc they would be able to improve it more without being held back by the current gen hardware
hakeem0996  +   628d ago
People's Logic sometimes amazes me .Both XBONE and the PS4 are PC based now, but for some reason you guys think the PS4 is the lead on 3rd parties games not the PC from which they derived from ?
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   627d ago
Were the hell did you get the idea that I was referring the ps4 as the lead console did I write that in my comment no, I was simply stating the article above has only mentioned third party and crossgeneration game's.
burgerboy780  +   630d ago
Housemarque is doing fabulous job with resogun.
Hicken  +   630d ago
The more I see of it- even when it's the same gameplay- the more I really want Resogun.
naBs  +   630d ago
'Destiny’s take on multiplayer starts with co-op, with two players playing splitscreen' Eh? So does this mean Destiny does have split screen or..o.O
breakpad  +   630d ago
you forgot Capcom with Deep Down the only real next gen game that deserves attention after MGSV
HeyImBen11  +   630d ago
There isn't even any DD gameplay yet...how would you know?
sigfredod  +   630d ago
I will remove Watchdogs from the list not because i think the game will not be great actuallt i´m very pumped for it, but since the games is also on the current gen and accordling to tthe developer is the same experience with only a few boost, other title i will remove will be NFS nothing i have seen from the game so far screm next gen
2cents  +   630d ago
I want to see the last guardian on the PS4

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