Metal Gear Solid 5: a stealthy Grand Theft Auto - VG247

Metal Gear Solid 5 might look familiar at first glance, and yes it contains healthy doses of MGS DNA. But while The Phantom Pain and its prologue Ground Zeroes may share a genus with their predecessors, they are most definitely not the same species.

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BattleTorn1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

"A stealthy Grand Theft Auto"

Yup. That's what I think whenever I think of Metal Gear Solid...


"You could, for example, walk around the outside of the base to the side opposite where you began and start your mission from there. It’s a true sandbox in that sense. Without the linear funnels we’ve come to expect from Metal Gear Solid and the stealth genre as a whole, you’re responsible for figuring it out on your own."

Being able to go about the missions however you decide does not make it a "true sandbox."

Irishguy951717d ago

Don't care how they describe it, game looks awesome so who cares.

s8anicslayer1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

I guess GTA5 is Kojimasan inspiration MGS5. I recall him praising Rockstar on GTA a few weeks back on such a perfect game it is. And if MGS is indeed a GTA then I can't wait to jack a Metal Gear and shoot a missile up Ocelots Arss.

dcj05241717d ago

imagine metal gear online with metatl gear mech fights lol.

s8anicslayer1716d ago

That would be sick in fact I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't a reality for multiplayer.